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APRIL 2018


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If you or someone you know has been charged with a DUI or other crime, you may feel lost or overwhelmed by the legal process. If you have no experience with the law, you may not be sure how to proceed. The court system is vast, complex, and sometimes unforgiving. You owe it to yourself to be educated about what to expect so you can navigate through your case and avoid some common mistakes . I’ve written a free book answering some common questions, such as: • How do people unintentionally hurt themselves and their cases? • What are some common misconceptions about arrests in criminal cases? • What does it mean to be indicted? • How do your Miranda rights affect your case? • What happens after your arrest? • Can you get your record sealed or expunged? • And other frequently asked questions You can download the book for no charge and no obligation from my website at

An emerging tech company began to reach a plateau in their sales. In an effort to stimulate new revenue, the company decided to split their sales staff into two groups, each spearheaded by new leaders. Group 1 would be led by a longtime employee, Mike, who had an extensive record of shattering sales goals. His 10 years at the company gave himunparalleled experience with the product and even helped him establish new techniques. Group 2 was led by Andrea, who had been at the company for a little over a year. Her sales record was meager, but she always received great reviews from clients. Her extremely diverse background didn’t specialize in sales, but she found a calling in engaging with people. Their styles were very different. Mike barked orders from the iron throne, set unattainable goals, and pitted his teammates against one another. He tried to control each outcome and attempted to personally manage every aspect of his team. Andrea, on the other hand, collaborated with her team, set practical goals, and embracedmistakes. During the first month, Mike’s teambegan destroying goals and setting records. But the story slowly changed. Andrea’s team eventually surpassed Mike’s. By the fourthmonth, Andrea’s teamwas so far ahead that the experiment was canceled. Mike’s teamwas burned out, andmorale was defunct. Andrea’s teamwas excelling and enjoying their work more than ever. Despite their glaring differences in sales ability and standing within the company, they contrasted in one key area that made all the difference in the bottom line. Mike was a manager, but Andrea was a leader. MANAGEMENT VS. LEADERSHIP C oncepts T hat D efine H ow Y ou R un Y our T eam


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