The Vision Matters

The Bishop’s Ranch of the Episcopal Diocese of California

For 70 years, The Bishop’s Ranch has been a place where people find inspiration, strength and growth, and carry that enrichment with them into their home communities. Relationships with God, nature, family and community are reawakened, and the inspirational quality of the Ranch sets the stage for unique educational discoveries. For many families, an annual trip to the Ranch is a highlight in their life together. A week at summer camp is formational for children and teens, as are life- changing programs attended by people of all ages. The remarkable setting and community purpose of the Ranch regularly create lifelong friends, enduring memories, and transformational moments. The Ranch has welcomed thousands of groups and individuals of all ages and of diverse backgrounds who return home with renewed hope and purpose. As the world becomes more challenging, The Bishop’s Ranch has an opportunity to continue to inspire, and reach into the needs of our neighborhood, bridging cultural barriers to provide service to our diverse community. The Ranch’s functional capacity to continue this purpose is now stretched to the limit, and simply cannot be sustained. A two year master planning process identified specific recommendations in investment to improve sustainability and service, which will enable the Ranch to move forward, continue the mission, and improve outreach for the future.

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