The Vision Matters

The Call

The Core The Ranch needs a Welcome Center that provides a place for volunteers and staff to work effectively and that makes the challenging terrain of the Ranch more accessible. The importance of expanding volunteer and service programs, and retaining capable employees cannot be overstated. It requires a tremendous amount of staff work to arrange retreats, conferences and camps. This element will be central to the viable future of the Ranch. With a core, functional hub of the site in place, the Ranch can offer its special hospitality to all guests from the first moment they arrive, and throughout their stay.  Provide space that allows for the expansion of volunteer and service programs  Establish a central gathering area for guests and a ‘hands-on’ kitchen garden  Improve accessibility from Ranch lodging to the Refectory  Expand the dining area and Refectory layout to provide more flexibility for various groups  Provide the foundation and ability to expand services to a more diverse community  Create more opportunity for people to benefit from access to nature, wholesome food and a nurturing place  Create critically needed working space for staff The Welcome Center core project will:  Begin hospitality at the moment of arrival, and establish a welcoming place of reception  Remove physical barriers to arrival

The call is to carry the mission into the future. Over the past three decades The Bishop’s Ranch has increased service and effectiveness by renovating existing facilities, adding crucial new structures, expanding the land preserve to 360 acres, and has developed inspirational programs that increase the ways people benefit from time at the Ranch. These intentional and incremental improvements led directly to the current high level of use and demand and the overall positive state of the facilities. The Ranch has demonstrated that it is uniquely situated to fulfill an identified need for a place of renewal, education and discovery. Now, the Ranch has carefully crafted a new Master Plan to carry that success into the future. The implementation will improve our ability to welcome guests, increase connections within the community, and improve our stewardship of the environment. Preserving what we love about The Bishop’s Ranch is an essential part of moving forward, and has been well considered in the Master Plan. The future is happening now and we must create a sustainable one. In order to continue being a place of renewal, the Ranch needs to prepare. The long term viability of the Ranch will be linked to the ability to accommodate a wider range of people. To meet our call and extend our capacity to serve will require $10 million in three project phases. The goal is to construct Phases 1-2 together to reduce construction disruption and for cost saving efficiencies. To prepare the Ranch for the future we need your help.


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