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Our Bay Area community is becoming increasingly diverse. We are called to create new connections and lower cultural and physical barriers to an experience at the Ranch with personal outreach, staff training and recruitment, new programs and financial support. The Ranch began as a dream to provide access to nature for those bound to cities. As the Bay Area continues to urbanize, the Ranch has a great opportunity to provide direct contact with the natural world and to be stewards of this unique environment.  Build connecting accessible pathways between buildings, including down-lighting for night use  Lower cultural barriers to attending programs, making the Ranch available to underserved groups and individuals The Connections project will:

The St. Stephen’s Village cottages are a cherished part of the Ranch community and need to be restored. While the cottages are used for all ages, particularly serving as the hub for children and youth summer camps, many retreat guests find them unsuitable for their use. We must create more flexible lodging space so that this part of the Ranch is better utilized throughout the year. Restoring the St. Stephen’s Village community will:  Improve lodging options and make the cottages useful year round

 Provide lower cost lodging options close to nature

 Allow the Ranch to serve groups that are now turned away

 Increase the financial viability of the Ranch

 Improve emergency vehicle access and safety

 Redirect delivery trucks and vehicles away from play and pedestrian areas


Concept drawing of Welcome Center by Jon Worden

 Provide outdoor worship and green spaces

 Improve outdoor gathering areas, places of congregation

 Provide access to nature for those less mobile

Create flexible use meeting space

 Safeguard and restore the Ranch natural environment

 Protect the environment in high usage areas

 Integrate the natural lands and sustainability into daily Ranch life


* Preliminary estimates include design, permitting and contingency costs, and various projects needed to maintain access & operations during construction.

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