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The Month of May: Then and Now

Whenever I see that May is coming up, I usually get a little excited. I will be honest, May has always been one of my favorite months. Besides May Day, Mother’s Day, and Memorial Day, I look forward to great weather and longer days. As a kid growing up in Montana, May meant that the gloom of winter and heavy rain of April — with the possibility of snow — was finally over or coming to an end. May also marked the end of the school year and the official start of summer. May was that near-perfect month with school winding down. Everyone seemed happier, there was great weather, and the hard ranch work of summer was still weeks away. It was exciting and fun. I looked forward to summer, even though it meant that I’d be out working on the ranch with rigorous rules and responsibilities. Every year, since we were a little older, Dad would let my brothers and me do a little more than we attempted the previous summer. However, those issues seemed so far away as we enjoyed May. I remember the month starting out with May Day. In school, we would make the May Day baskets and bring them home to give to our moms. After school, my brothers and I had about a quarter-mile walk between the bus stop and our house. We walked home, then would veer off into the fields and start picking

wildflowers, putting them in our baskets. She would see us and just watch while we fought over the best flowers — each of us wanted to have the best basket for our mom. As a young boy, Mother’s Day was an exciting time, and we were eager to impress our mom by making her breakfast in bed. As I think back upon those special meals, maybe we were more excited about them than she was. We would wake up early in the morning and make this huge breakfast that was created with love, but which failed in its execution. We would take our creation into the bedroom, and Mom would put on a smile, genuinely thanking us while slowly eating parts of each item on the tray. We had the good intention of not wanting her to cook, but we would make quite a mess of the kitchen. I’m sure when she got out of bed and walked into the kitchen, it probably looked like a war zone. But like any loving mother, she never once complained. When comparing my memories of May as a kid to my memories of the month as an adult, May is still that ideal month for me. It has this almost Christmas-like sense of anticipation in the air all month long. Now, minus the tornadoes, May is almost a perfect month in Oklahoma — not too hot and not too cold. Things are starting

to dry out, but the struggles of another hot Oklahoma summer haven’t hit us yet. It’s one of the best times of year to play tennis, and we can play nearly every day of the week without it being miserably hot or cold. My wife Estelle is out there playing in a half- dozen leagues right now and having a great time. May also brings perfect Oklahoma evenings for grilling or spending time outside with family and friends. Start thinking about your summer plans now. Let the excitement and anticipation of those plans build through May, and let this be the year you do something you have always wanted to do but never seem to find the time for. Take a real three-day weekend over the Memorial Day holiday, and do something amazing. Stop what you are doing, book that vacation, and let May be the kickoff to summer it has always been for me. After you get back from your amazing vacation, don’t forget to send in your photos to so that we can feature one of our favorite vacation submissions from our readers in an upcoming issue. - Lee Berlin


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