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Trick or Treat?

What PT Is Really About

We get a lot of new patients at ELITE, and for many, it’s their first experience with physical therapy. Many have a painful orthopedic condition. Others have pain after surgery, like a knee replacement, hip replacement, or rotator cuff repair. Some have suffered an injury, like a twisted ankle. In other cases, people are experiencing pain and don’t know how it got there or where it came from, such as low back pain, shoulder pain, or knee pain. These situations can be especially frustrating. The intensity of pain naturally varies from person to person and condition to condition, but what these patients all have in common is that they want to get back to moving without pain. When people come in to do PT for the first time, they are often unsure and can have anxiety about what therapists are going to do. With something like a fracture or a joint replacement, people are concerned about the stability of the surgery and think the therapy will worsen the injury or make it more painful. I had one patient recently who was afraid of what would happen in each session. She came into therapy crying each day because she had not been resting well and was anxious about what we were going to put her through. Fortunately, we showed her that PT isn’t scary.

to hurt but to heal. We show them that with a consistent, structured approach, they can make significant progress. We utilize empathy and the skills we have learned with our years of experience to alleviate fear, apprehension, and anxiety. It’s means listening to our patients first and foremost and addressing their fears by walking them through treatment plans. Sometimes, patients have complications or issues that create more pain or discomfort than we would like, but again, with a carefully planned program, we try to reduce these complications as much as possible. A big part of the work we do with patients is to help them understand that what they do at home is often more important than what we do during the PT session. By following our programs, you can get

better. We understand that recovery from an injury or surgery is very difficult, and we want to do everything we can to make that ride as easy as possible. We think we do a pretty good job of it. In fact, at the end of their first session of PT, many patients tell us, “It wasn’t nearly as bad as I expected!” The “tricks” associated with an injury, pain, or surgery can be very difficult to deal with, but the “treat” of recovery is what we’re working toward together, especially on the challenging days. The staff members at ELITE PT are here to help alleviate your fears and develop the best course to recovery, no tricks involved. –Bart Jones & Don Cassano

A big part of our job is to calm those fears and show our patients that our job is not

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