Smith Wallis & Scott November 2018

NOV 2018




they have created a good atmosphere here. Isabel and Joseph became partners at the beginning of this year. Both are great attorneys and have really helped the firm. We have a great team. I enjoy serving my team so they can focus on their tasks. I tell each staff member, “If there’s anything I can do to make your job easier, please let me know.” I am here to provide support and assistance so they can focus on their roles and together we can all serve our clients better. Each department head and I meet to discuss the progress of their departments and find solutions to any problems they may have. I meet with each staff member to do employee evaluations, and as needed to discuss any concerns. I also replace or purchase everything for the firm from simple office supplies and software programs to anything for the actual office building. My role in finance encompasses payroll and bookkeeping. It has been great working for the firm and serving my team! Outside of work, I stay busy with my family and at our local church. My husband and I have been married for 16 years. We have three wonderful children. I’ve been lucky to call Carrollton my home for most of my life. I graduated from Carrollton High School and received a Bachelor of Business Administration with a Major in Accounting from the University of West Georgia. My husband and I enjoy traveling. We have traveled to Nicaragua, El Salvador, Colombia, Panama, Argentina, Spain, France, Italy, and Greece. Out of every place we’ve been, Greece is our favorite — the people are wonderful, and it’s a beautiful country. My husband and I also serve as pastors at Carrollton United Pentecostal Church. We spend a lot of time working for the church. We have a bilingual congregation. Occasionally I interpret for my husband when he preaches. I lead a Bible Study and Music Ministry class on Wednesday nights for children ages 9–12. I also assist in our Preteen Sunday school class on Sunday mornings. I serve in the music department, and I sing and play the piano. I’ve been playing the piano for several years, and I enjoy doing that.

As the Firm Administrator and Finance Manager at Smith, Wallis & Scott, I work closely with our department heads and staff to keep everything running smoothly. I’ve been with the firm since 2005. I started working for attorney Chris Scott and handled all Personal Injury cases and all our Spanish-speaking clients’ Workers’ Compensation cases. In 2016, I moved into the Firm Administrator position, where I am now responsible for overseeing the firm’s finances and administration. It has been a great experience to be involved with different parts of the processes at the firm, from working cases up from the beginning and having more client interaction to doing what I’m doing now with finance and administration. When I joined Smith, Wallis & Scott, I knew it was the right fit. I’ve enjoyed working with our three original partners: Ken Smith, Jim Wallis, and Chris Scott from the beginning. Mr. Wallis is now retired. He handled the firm’s books and finances for many years and I inherited that from him. They are great people to work for, and with the combination of our other partners,

–Gabby Rubio

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