King's Business - 1918-05

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| Get Your Tools Ready | God Will FindYou Work S * V IT IS A B IG RE SPON S IB IL ITY to be a Christian and own a Bible. It means no excuse for not being £ ____ “ thoroughly furnished unto all good works” — “ ap- o proved unto God, workmen who need not to be ashamed.” o Unless you know how to handle “ the Sword of the o Spirit” there can be no intelligent, effective service for < > Christ. Count the days lost in which you have not known o your Bible. | QU IT FIRING BLANK CARTRIDGES God is calling for “ laborers” for the great harvest^ fields— just “ laborers”—not necessarily ministers and evangelists*—but men who know-how to use the tools of 11 God— the Scriptures. ]| ^S tudy at home at your leisure under | competent B ible Instructors and get a | certificate from the Bible Institute o f Los Angeles I / ■ - _ ■ <► Strong, thorough, inspiring Correspondence Courses by Dr. R. ,A. o Torrey, Rev. John H. Hunter, Rev. T. C\Horton. Cost $3 to $5 a 0 course. Write for bulletin and circular, telling you how you can . easily conduct a popular Bible class in1your home city, giving 1 > instruction on fundamental doctrines, o ¡1 O BIBLE INSTITUTE OF LOS ANGELES i: CORRESPONDENCE SCHOOL O ' O 6TH AND HOPE STS. KEITH L. BROOKS, Secretary ♦

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