King's Business - 1918-05

The New Rodeheaver Song Book Used in the “ Billy” Sunday Revival Campaign It contains a few of the most popular songs of our recent hook. Songs for other new'ones that have been thoroughly tried out by M r Rodeheaver with Ms largei Billy Sunday Chorm we call attention to a few titles: “ Tell Jesus," “ Look in the Bible, Tell It To-day, Will the Ckcle Be Unbrokenr “ Let the Joy Overflow," “ How Would It. Be With You?" ‘Be a Hero. A new patriotic song by Mr. Gabriel entitled “ Columbia's Song," is a wonderful chorus. The book contains 256 pages, ^ issued in both roimd ^ d s^pwi notes and in three bindings: Cloth, Limp Cloth, and Manila. Single copy prices, cloth, 35c, Limp cloth, 25c, Manila, 22c. postpaid. Complete orchestration for ten instruments. RAISE IN PRICES. We had hoped to be able to continue original prices, notwithstanding the enormousrtfln0cr£“ i ^„^«rA ^naU v plates, paper, printing, binding and the many other items that enter into the manufacture of a book, but are nnaiiy compelled, with other publishers, to advance the quantity rates as. follows: ,. Quantities: Cloth, 30c; Limp Cloth, 22c; Manila, 18c, not prepaid. ■ - We believe our patrons will recognize the wisdom of this advance, and yield to us the justice due under existing conditions. SONG STORIES OF THE SAWDUST TRAIL. By Homer A. Rodeheaver. \ The Famous Trombone Soloist and Popular leader of the “ Billy" Sunday Tabernacle Choirs, with an Indorsement and/Foreword by Rev, William A. Sunday. . . Here is a new and unique book that any one will be proud to possess and which will prove immensely satis- fy ^ ew *m are humanly interesting material was published than the score of. dramatic stories which, while based on absolute truths, are as engrossing as a piece of good fiction. Eleven famous songs with music of the Billy Sunday Tabernacle which inspired reformation from which these stories are drawn or reproduced. The songs are presented complete alongside the tales of conversion connected with them. ^ Two hundred and eighteen pages, handsomely bound in doth, gilt stamped. $1.00 per copy, postpaid. OUR COUNTRY’S SONGS Forty-eight pages and handsome cover, old and new patriotic songs, folk songs, and gospel songs and hymns appropriate for patriotic gatherings. Ten cents per copy postpaid; $6.00 per 100, not prepaid. Substantial discount on 500 or more. ■Many patriotic citizens are distributing these books in- large quantities in soldiers and sailors encampments—a useful hint to you. JOASH. A Scripture Cantata for Choirs. The story of Joash is admirably told. Contains twenty musical numbers: Solos, duets, recitatives, choruses, etc. Fifty cents per copy, $4.80 per dozen. RODEHEAVER CHORUS COLLECTION. A splendid collection of old and new choruses. Contains “ The Heavens Are Telling," “ The Hallelujah Chorus," “ He Watching Over Israel," etc., also the best of such writers as Gabriel, Herbert, and others. Ninety-six pages, octavo size, bound in cloth, 50c per copy, $4.o0 per dozen. « ,» Among other popular publications we mention: “ Rodeheaver s Sunday-School Songs, Rainbow Songs, Rode- heaver’s Male Voice Collection," “ The Recharged Live Wire," “ Penny Object Lessons," etc. Send for our descriptive .catalogue. ' .-■ W E ’LL BE WAITING WHEN YOU COME BACK HOME Is the war song of the hourl | , _ It is^THE message the boys at the front and in the camp are longing to hear. The words are by Chas. H. Gabriel and the music by Homer A. Rodeheaver, who has siing it with such wonderful effect. Send a copy, to your brother, son, or sweetheart. If your dealer does not carry the sofig send us 15c and a copy will be mailed to any given address. ^ '

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