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A Personalized Bamboo Cookbook & Tablet Stand ($36.99) would be perfect to display a traditional family recipe while also being used for a tablet stand. ( Cabernet Sauvignon Wine Making Kit ($65.00) . What is better than recieving wine as a gift? Being able to make it yourself! This unique gift will be a hit for sure. ( Margarita Pitcher Set ($52). Calling all margarita lovers! Not only does it look great on display but it will be a big hit when you are hosting holidays and celebrations. Skip the gifts and plan a vacation instead ! Whether big or small, it is always nice to get away for a little bit and see the world. Wordle The Party Game ($19.99) . If you haven’t heard of Wordle by now, where have you been? It is a word guessing game that was initially just online. Now you can play in person with family and friends. This will be a fun, competitive game to bring to the holidays or a night in with family and friends. (Available at Walmart, Target, and Amazon) Personalized Classic Monogram Woven Blanket ($199.99) . Available in many different colors. A gift that will be cherished for years, this personalized blanket adds a warm and comforting touch to any room! (













A. Hidden Pocket Scrunchies – Set of two ($20) . Perfect for a night out on the town when you don’t want to carry a bag around all night. Keep everything in a scrunchie and you’re good to B. Fix-It Kit ($30). A staple gift that everyone should always have handy. C. O'Keeffe's Working Hands Hand Cream ($8.99). For those hard at work outdoors, this will make all the difference for their dry, cracking hands. D. Womens Fuzzy Socks ($13.99). Who doesn’t love a pair of fuzzy socks? The more the better. E. Hair Wax Stick ($12.99). If you haven’t heard, waxing back your hair is the big trend right now and this is the go-to product. A classy and elegant look, in place all day thanks to this hair wax stick. F. Aztec Secret Bentonite Clay Face Mask Set ($19.99). A personal favorite, this face mask will leave your skin feeling deeply cleaned. It absorbs all excess oil, shrinks pores and reduces redness.



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