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Community is important to us at Berman Physical Therapy, and something that connects so many people in the area, especially in Gainsville, is the Gators. I'm not talking about the ones you find in the glades; I mean the University of Florida Gators. I went to school at the University of Florida for nine years, and it’s still a huge part of my life. My grandparents lived in Gainesville, so I grew up visiting the area. It’s a college town with an electric feel that stems from the atmosphere on campus. It's such a positive environment. Everyone is trying to better themselves, whether by acing a class or volunteering in the community. Football gives them a common interest and connection. Everyone gathers to watch their peers go up against some of the top schools in the area, seeing the same students from their group projects score touchdowns in front of thousands of people. If you haven't spent a night in the Swamp, you haven't lived. If you're not familiar, the Swamp is the nickname of the University of Florida stadium. My first game at the Swamp was probably the best game I've ever attended. It was so cool to be in the place I saw on TV growing up. The love the fans radiated caused a kinetic energy throughout the stadium. Even if you're not a football fan on campus, you still root for your peers every game because the team gives so

much back to the school. The revenue generated by the program funds and promotes innovations on campus, like the Shands Hospital. The Shands Hospital is known for being one of the top 50 academic medical centers and specializes in 12 critical areas of medicine, including cancer treatment, cardiology, and heart surgery. During my time studying for my doctorate, my peers and I did regular rotations at Shands. It was so exciting to be part of the most innovative research and technology in the medical field. "If you haven't spent a night in the Swamp, you haven't lived." This season, I bet the Gators will go all the way. Our quarterback has grown a lot since the spring, and if it plays out as it did then, he's going to be looking good this season. Dan Mullen, our coach, is excellent. He was our offensive coordinator before he went to Mississippi State, and we finally stole him back. Last season went better than expected, though we're not used to losing. Still, in victory or defeat, we come together as a community, and that matters a lot more than any trophy.

Of course, it's always more fun when you're winning. When I was in school, Tim Tebow was our quarterback, and we were a serious contender, though we still had losses. The Monday after a defeat, the campus was a little quieter. That level of community importance is what I strive to bring to Berman Physical Therapy every day. When you stop by the clinic, we're on your team. You have an entire community of support when you need us the most. The best part is that we don't have to deal with losses. Sure, challenges arise during the course of treatment, but the second you start doing physical therapy, you've already won. As we head into football season, tell me about the game you're most looking forward to attending! I'm always excited to talk about Gators football.

–Jake Berman

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