Shelter® Operator Manual | SF2600, SF3100

Problem: Draft blower will not run. NOTE: Verify that the wall thermostat is in the “HEAT” position, and make sure batteries are installed. Possible Causes: Remedies: 4.

• This can be checked by turning the thermostat to a temperature setting that is higher than the temperature in your home. If the draft blower does not operate, the thermostat may be defective. Replace if necessary. • Move switch on wall thermostat to the “HEAT” position.

• Defective wall thermostat.

• Wall thermostat is in the wrong position. • Defective relay in transformer.

• Replace relay.

• Replace draft motor.

• Defective draft motor.


Problem: Excessive dirt accumulation surrounding air registers in the home. Possible Causes: Remedies: • Furnace is not connected to • Connect to return air duct system.

return air duct and is drawing dirt from furnace room floor and disbursing it throughout home. • Filter box not installed, or no filter in filter box.

• Install filter box on furnace. Install filter in filter box.


Problem: Smoke from the fire chamber is puffing back through the forced draft motor.


Possible Causes:

• Furnace is not connected to

• Connect to return air duct system. Or room may be too airtight, refer to “Location and Installation” section on page 3.

return air and is drawing smoke fumes from the flue.

• Excessively long run of stove pipe from furnace to flue.

• Relocate the furnace so the horizontal run does not exceed 5 feet and has a 2 inch rise per foot. • The run should not contain more than 2 elbows. • Replace with a larger flue providing a minimum of 50 square inches but not more than 100 square inches of draft area. If the flue is within these specifications, check the draft with a draft gage (manometer). Your flue should provide a minimum of .04 water column inches and a maximum of .08 water column inches.

• Too many elbows.

• Insufficient flue size.


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