Shelter® Operator Manual | SF2600, SF3100


Problem: Down draft on chimney caused by one or more of the following. Possible Causes: Remedies:

• Flue has a cold spot which

• This problem may occur in factory built flues because the insulation has settled or a seam has ruptured. In masonry flues, mortar loss may be causing seepage of cooler outside air into the stack. Check entire flue for structural integrity and leakage. Correct or repair as needed, or replace or re-line the chimney. • Remove obstruction.

inhibits exhaust discharge from rising properly.

• There is an obstruction outside chimney, such as a tree. • Flue is located too close to the peak of the roof or does not rise above it to provide the proper draft.

• Increase chimney height.


Problem: Odor detected in home during initial firing.

Possible Causes:


• There is an oily film that remains on the steel after the manufacturing process. Firing the furance has raised the temperature of the fire box to a level that is sufficient to vaporize the residue.

• The odor should disappear after a few hours of usage.

Problem: Excessive smoke discharge from fuel door during reloading. Possible Causes: Remedies: 11. • See #6.

• Excessively long stove pipe run from furnace flue. • Too many elbows.

• See #6.

• Insufficient draft.

• See #6.

• Excessive smoke accumulation.

• See #9.


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