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Packaging Machine Slip Rings

Case Study: Rotary Fillers


Create a cost effective power and signal slip ring with a stainless 303 enclosure suitable for wash-down and high reliability

Did You Know? BGB supply a variety of major OEM’s in different industries all over the world, with over 150,000 slip rings working tirelessly in all seven Continents


Stainless steel cased slip ring with thru bore hand built one off’s.

BGB systems can also include optional features like: Condition Monitoring, Limit Switches, Encoders, Lightning Protection, Fibre Optic Swivels (FORJ) and Hydraulic Joints

Repair service under extended warranty

Enquiries should include the following information where possible:- > Number of ways required > Load per ring (amps and voltage) or details of signals to be carried by slip rings > Speed of rotation > Mounting flange required and cable gland entry > Ambient working temperature > Cable gland entries required in base > Voltage


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