Aberdeen Smiles February 2019

February 2019

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Giving Back to Your Community

Hello there!

Since I’ve spent most of my life in customer service, I know it can be a stressful job, but I love helping people. Even

My name is Tammy Swanson, and I’m the hygiene coordinator over at Aberdeen Smiles. I’ve lived in Aberdeen my whole life — born and raised, with no plans on leaving! This might be partly because I was terrified of flying for most of my life, but I also just love living in Aberdeen. All my family lives here, and there’s a wonderful sense of community that you can’t find anywhere else. As the hygiene coordinator at Aberdeen Smiles, my job is to make sure every patient who comes into the office has a smooth experience. I’m at the front desk greeting people as they come in, making sure

when I’m not at the office, I look for opportunities to help others and serve my community. That

often means I get to babysit my granddaughter Brooklynn, which I love to do. Not to sound biased, but Brooklynn is the cutest little girl in the world.

When I’m not babysitting, I do a lot of work with the confirmation program at my church. I love assisting all people, but I especially enjoy working with teenagers and being an outlet for them. That time of life can be a difficult one, and when these kids are having a particularly rough go of it, I want them to know they have someone in their corner offering support and cheering them on. I started out working with a small group of ninth-graders preparing for their confirmation. This grew into being a mentor for 10th-graders in the program. At some point, I found myself with the opportunity to do respite care for foster families through Northeastern Mental Health Center (NEMHC). How could I say no? This is my way of giving back to the community that’s been there for me my whole life. Aberdeen is a wonderful place that I’m proud to call home. I’m happy to have the opportunity to help out at my church, at NEMHC, and every day at Aberdeen Smiles. Tammy Swanson

paperwork is all in order, helping new patients fill out the forms, and managing the schedule. I also make a lot of phone calls. If you ever get a call from the office, it’s probably me on the other end saying hi! I love the people I work with, and our patients are some of the nicest people I’ve ever met. Being at Aberdeen Smiles can be a surreal experience at times because I worked here back in April of 2013, when Dr. Opp ran the office. After about a year, I got a new opportunity in a different field, but I always missed being at a dentist’s office. I’ve worked in customer service for over 25 years, and there’s something about dentistry I really enjoy. The team tends to revel in their work, and as a hygiene coordinator, I get to know people far better than I would while working in customer service in a different industry. It’s really nice to recognize people when they come in and be able to greet them by their name. I came back to the office in June of 2017, when it was officially Aberdeen Smiles.

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