PEN-Powered Activity Guide II


This is now my favorite simple and delicious drink; the key is using high quality green tea and tasty lemons. I like the Meyer’s lemons in Florida, but find what you can find. For the tea, it‘s best to have a high quality Gyokuro green tea. The idea is to limit the sugar through the high quality ingredients. Remember the quality of this preparation is limited by the quality of the tea. Teas are best selected by tasting, but you can now find high quality ones on-line. My favorite is Karigane Gyokuro which you can get from these nice people in Kyoto:  But find whatever you like.

STEPS For the lemonade: 1.

Squeeze lemons and remove seeds, but leave as much pulp as possible Pour water over lemon juice in a pitcher Add sugar and stir to dissolve

2. 3. 4.

For the green tea: 1.

Using a large Japanese teapot (holds six cups) boil water. Before adding the tea, pour water into the teapot. Let stand for 6-8 minutes.  The temperature should now be about 165- 170 F Add 6 heaping teaspoons of green tea (or several tea bags depending on what you have). Stir and cover Steep for two minutes and then strain and decant into another container. It can be stored later in the refrigerator for days Fill a tall Collins glass just under half way with the warm green tea Now, add four or so ice cubes. Fill with the lemonade to the remainder and stir Post a slice of lemon on the side for visual delight. Admire the emerald green color. Oh, and the taste! Making the drink:  1. 2. 2. 3.

INGREDIENTS For the lemonade: 8 lemons; 6 if larger lemons  2 quarts room temperature water  1-1/4 cups raw sugar For the tea: Six cups of water 6 teaspoons of green tea (or several tea bags)


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