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I think it’s impossible to see Groundhog Day on the calendar and not immediately think of the Bill Murray movie of the same name. I haven’t seen the 1993 rom- com in years, but it’s just one of those films where the plot sticks with you. In a way, I think it’s a concept many of the people who come into our clinic can identify with. Even without seeing the movie, most folks know the central hook of “Groundhog Day.” Bill Murray relives the same day over and over again in and endless loop. It’s an out-there premise, but at the same time, it’s surprisingly relatable — especially when you’re in pain. Time and time again, I hear from new patients who feel like they’ve been trapped in the same daily cycle of pain and immobility. The reason for this is all thanks to one common myth. “Time heals all wounds,” is a nice but misleading sentiment, especially where chronic pain is concerned. While this saying may be true for paper cuts and broken hearts, many wounds and conditions require you to take action if you want to heal them properly. Sadly, I see many patients who’ve made the mistake of sitting on their injuries for far too long. Just the other day, I had a new patient come in frustrated over an ankle injury that just wasn’t going away. Initially, they’d gone to the doctor and got some medicine that simply wasn’t working for them — but after that treatment didn’t work out, they waited a full two months before coming into our clinic. That sort of thing kills me. There is no need to live in pain for that long without doing anything about it.

Those who have been waiting for time to heal them can often grow impatient when starting therapy, and I completely understand. For them, it feels like another day in pain and another treatment that simply isn’t making a difference. What I try to remind people in situations like this is that while they may have been hurting for a while, they’re just starting their recovery journey with us. It’s going to take a combination of time and effort to ease the pain and break the cycle. I’m going to test my memory of “Groundhog Day” one last time. In the end, Murray manages to break the loop, but it’s only after having worked on himself. With the help of Andie MacDowell, he takes the time and spends the energy to correct what’s wrong with him, and only then can he move forward. While Murray’s troubles were based on healing himself morally, the same lesson can be applied to healing physically. Now, physical therapy isn’t magic, and it’s not going to miraculously heal you overnight. It’s a process — one that can mean sticking to a routine that may feel at first like it’s own endless loop. But again and again, I’ve seen those who stick with their stretches and exercises beat out their pain and move forward with their lives. Being a part of that recovery is an experience I don’t mind reliving.

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–David DeLaFuente

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