Leadership in Action – AUNZ English – 201603-201604

WrittenGoals and Resolve, a Combination for Success


Melaleuca continues to experience historic growth. We are thrilled to see so many families prospering, both in terms of health and financial security, because they use Melaleuca products. The more they use and share the products, the more wellness they create! The New Year has just begun, and we anticipate that more and more families will find real wellness this year. This is so exciting to me! They can have the balance of the wellness they’ve always wanted because someone shared Melaleuca products with them. Whether their goals are related to weight loss, physical health, debt, family togetherness, or intellectual growth, in some way Melaleuca can help

them reach their goals. The Peak Performance Pack and the profound results of the Freiburg Study are a great example of this. Consistent consumption of the Peak Performance Pack has had a considerable impact on the physical wellness of countless individuals. It has also contributed to the financial wellness of countless individuals and has helped us have the most successful year in our history! Throughout the years it’s been interesting to witness how goals have contributed to the success of many individuals. It’s thrilling to see how determined some people are in reaching their goals. Their determination is evident in their daily activities— they hardly ever let a day go by when they aren’t doing something to reach a goal. They have their goals written down. They have a plan. They know that although there are many things happening around them that they cannot control, they can control how they react to those things. They change



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