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When people ask why I became a physical therapist, I often tell them that I didn’t know I wanted to pursue physical therapy for a good chunk of my life. However, I did know that I wanted to help people in my career, and I wanted to serve others using my hands, rather than from behind a desk. In high school, I was involved in a community service organization, which sparked my passion for helping people. Then, during my sophomore year of college, one of my fraternity brothers suggested that I look into the exercise science program. I did some research and realized that I could continue onto physical therapy school with a degree in exercise science. After graduation, I could fulfill my dream of having a career of helping others. Today, I love working with my patients to improve their mobility, and I strive to provide my patients — and potential patients — with opportunities to learn more about their ailments and the ways that physical therapy can improve their lives.

public. Around 15 participants learned about the causes of their back pain and what our clinic can do for them. Afterward, I was able to sit down with some of the attendees to discuss their individual needs. We even scheduled quite a few people for free screenings. I am so thankful that I pursued a career that allows me to educate people on the benefits of physical therapy and to serve my community firsthand. Going forward, I intend to put on more workshops to help the local community with a variety of injuries. Specifically, I plan to host a knee replacement workshop, a balance and falls workshop, and a shoulder pain workshop. If any of these could benefit you or someone you know, I encourage you to keep an eye out for specific dates

— you can like us on Facebook for timely information — and sign yourself and a friend up! After the workshop, you will have an opportunity to talk with me about your injury, and we will set you up with a free screening to see what physical therapy can do for you. At the end of this month, you won’t see me in the office. Taryn, the kids, and I will be enjoying a short vacation at Long Beach Island with friends and family. We plan to hit the beach, visit the amusement park, eat tons of seafood, and ride bikes. It should be a great time.

In April, Flex PT put on a lower back pain and sciatica workshop for the general

In high school, I was involved in a community service organization, which sparked my passion for helping people.

See you soon!

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