Biola Broadcaster - 1964-03

downstream to the Devil’s Hole. This boat is like the one true Church of the living God. She has passed through all the perplexing mists of this closing dispensation. There need be no fear of the world’s fall nor of approaching the Devil’s Hole. When things are darkest God w ill be nearest. The church’s extremity is Christ?s oppor­ tunity for he that shall come w ill come. In the words of our Saviour Himself, “Upon this rock I w ill build my church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.” * Don't think the Bible i< dry on the in­ side just because it may be dusty on the outside. . . . DID YOU PRAY? TODAY? Did you pray For that young man Who bothered you today; Who laughed and talked and wiggled And came to church to play? Did you pray? Today? * * For the others Who just didn't seem to care; Who poked the other fellow And maybe pulled his hair? Did you pray? Today? Did you ask God to help them? Did you plead; for every soul? And hold each one before Him A s you would call the roll? Did you pray? Today? If you haven't prayed yet for them Perhaps you don't recall The times someone prayed for you Until you heard His call. So will you pray? Today? — Doris Gainder, Delton, Michigan . . . The upper crust has been best defined as a bunch of crumbs stuck together by their own dough. 35 Did you pray For that young girl So impolite and rude With mouth so full of bubble gum Who sat and smacked and chewed? Did you pray? Today? Did you pray

It's an unfortunate time when in Chris­ tian work big men have to act so small. * * * God may bring you into deep water not to drown you, but to cleanse you. * * * OUR PROBLEM

We mutter and sputter, We fume and we spurt, We mumble and


Our feelings



We can't understand things, Our vision grows dim, When all that we need is: A moment with Him. * * *

Never throw mud. While you may hit the mark, you’ll always wind up getting your own hands dirty. * * * A PRAYER FOR THE KITCHEN God bless my little kitchen. I love its every nook And bless me as I do my work, wash pots and pans, and cook; And may the meals that I prepare be seasoned from above With Thy blessing, Thy grace, but most of all, Thy love. As we partake of earthly food when the table for us is spread. We'll not forget to thank Thee Lord who gives us daily bread; So bless my little kitchen, God, and those who enter in May they find naught but joy and peace and Christ the Lord, there­ in. * What the world needs today is not a new outlook on things, but a new uplook! * * * THE DEVIL'S HOLE Tourists visiting Niagara Falls tell about the■ interesting' spot known as the Devil’s Hole. Between there and the cataract itself there is a stretch of comparatively placid, c a lm water. There is a little steamer named “Maid of the Mist” which daily plies between the bridge and the falls. The ship never enters the falls neither does she drift * *

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