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March 2019


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S pring brings with it many wonderful things. I find myself spending more time outside, walking, and just enjoying my surroundings. I’m also doing a lot of prep work for the upcoming boating season. While the boating season officially opens in May, we like to go out in March, if it’s not too windy, and take advantage of the longer days. But really, I’m excited to get out on the water, no matter the time of year. With the longer days, and generally better weather, a lot of people are finding themselves outdoors. People are becoming more active after a winter of inactivity — or at least much less activity than they get the rest of the year. Because of this, injuries tend to go up during the spring months. People aren’t used to more strenuous levels of physical activity, whether it’s walking longer distances, biking, or playing spring sports. This is one of the reasons I decided March 15 was the perfect time for a fall and balance clinic! I want to make sure everyone’s ready to get back out there! Of course, with spring comes other yearly traditions, namely spring-cleaning. I’ve been watching a lot of decluttering shows, including the Netflix show “Tidying Up with Marie Kondo.” Needless to say, it’s been inspiring. Our family has been going through the house and finding things we don’t need anymore. It’s remarkable how refreshing it is to get rid of clutter. In Burien, there are a couple of “Buy Nothing” groups, which are part of the Buy Nothing Project. The project itself was founded in Washington in 2013 and has since gone global. If you want to give something away, it’s a good alternative to Goodwill or Value Village. I can post a picture of an item I want to get rid of and people can request said item. It’s just a great way to give away free stuff, and give it to people who can really use it, whatever it may be.

I’ve also been working on getting my 14-year- old son in that same decluttering mindset. As a teenager, he grows like a weed, so that means he goes through a lot of clothes. I’ve encouraged him to go through his closet so we can donate the clothes he can no longer wear or hasn’t worn in a while.

As we’ve been decluttering, my son asked about displaying his magic

equipment, books, and his many card decks. He’s into magic, sleight of hand, and illusions, and likes to show off his collection. He wanted more bookshelves, so I said, “You have to get rid of anything you don’t use or need, then we can bring in more.” There’s a trade-off to decluttering, and I try to lead by example rather than pushing him to clean his room. And it works! The house is cleaner than it would otherwise be — and all this decluttering makes the house easier to clean year-round. When it comes down to it, decluttering is one of the healthiest things you can do in the spring — aside from getting outdoors and getting more physical activity. Decluttering takes a real weight off your shoulders.

–Dr. Orit Hickman • 1

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