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10 FAMOUS DOUGHNUT SHOPS Celebrate National Doughnut Day with Something Sweet

I certainly hope that everyone has been staying safe in these difficult times. As I am writing this on April 30, we are waiting to see whether the statewide shelter in place order is lifted tomorrow. Marion County has already extended their local shelter in place order through May 15, and the courts are closed until at least May 18. Jury trials are tentatively scheduled to start back up on June 1. We’re definitely living in a different world right now. There’s a lot of uncertainty as to what things are going to look like when they resume normally. Some of the local restaurants near our office have already thrown in the towel, and many more are just barely hanging on. My sincere hope is that by the time you read this newsletter, we have a greater amount of mobility allowed to us and that your favorite establishments manage to reopen. Court hearings are nearly exclusively being done remotely but are still progressing. We’ve been able to help people with getting their driving privileges reinstated, getting their records expunged, and getting people released on bond. Stay strong and remember that we’re here to fight for you.

the delicious doughnut-croissant hybrid, which was named one of TIME Magazine’s best inventions of the year! Every month, the boutique bakery sells a different flavor of sweet, flaky cronut alongside other wacky treats like avocado toast ice cream sandwiches, gingerbread pinecones, kiwi sorbet bars, and frozen smores. 3. Britt’s Donut Shop in Carolina Beach, North Carolina In the age of tech and plastic, Britt’s Donut Shop is a boardwalk oasis. The seasonal, bright white shop has served classic glazed doughnuts since 1939 and accepts only cash. As one Yelp reviewer wrote, “Britt’s is an example of quality over quantity. You don’t need 1,000 different doughnut types; you just need one great doughnut. I dough-nut say this lightly, but that is literally: The. Best. Doughnut. I’ve. Ever. Eaten.” 4. Scream’n Nuts in Alpharetta, Georgia There are very few ways to improve on a doughnut shop, but adding ice cream is one of them! At Scream’n Nuts, diners can pair their doughnuts with small-batch ice cream, either side by side or with the ice cream stuffed inside the doughnut! Doughnut bread pudding, loaded doughnut shakes, and

Did you know that Friday, June 5 is National Doughnut Day? It’s true! There’s no better time of year to eat your way through a delicious ring of deep-fried dough than in the early summer, when the sun is shining and iced coffee really hits the spot. First created by a New England sea captain’s mother in the 19th century, doughnuts are a beloved national treat. From coast to coast you can find amazing local doughnut shops offering everything from traditional glazed doughnuts to unique sugary creations. Here are 10 of the best doughnut hotspots in the United States. 1. Beach Donuts in Clinton, Connecticut The dough recipes at this award- winning outpost have been kept secret for more than 70 years. As one reviewer wrote on Trip Advisor, “In this era of mass-produced doughnuts, Beach Donuts turns out some real beauties. Large, fluffy, or cakey as you wish, sweet or not so much, and really delicious.” If you ever find yourself at Beach Donuts, be prepared to wait in line!

2. Dominique Ansel Bakery

in NewYork City, NewYork Do you remember the “cronut” craze that swept the nation back in 2013? Well, this is the shop behind

-John Razumich and Joe Delamater

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