Programme Update BioSecurity

Lawrence Gavey, Programme Manager

T he Biosecurity Technical Working Group met on 23rd August 2019. Issues discussed included the National Farmed Animal Health Strategy and its synergies with the AHI Biosecurity Programme such as biosecurity training and tools; calf feeding hygiene; cleanliness scoring of pre-calving cows; draft SOPs in Biosecurity in calf health and husbandry for herdowners; draft Biosecurity guides for contract rearing for animal owners and landowners. The Biosecurity TWG also considered ways for greater coordination between AHI programmes and TWGs and reviewed its membership processes.

Programme Update CalfCare

Dr Catherine McAloon, Chair, CalfCare Technical Working Group

I t was with great pleasure that I had the opportunity to chair the recent meeting of the AHI CalfCare TWG. This group has completed some very effective work in the area of calf health to date from the early days of AHI and has been instrumental in disseminating education and best practice in calf rearing in Ireland. The group would like to extend its sincere thanks to the outgoing chair Dr Ingrid Lorenz for her outstanding contribution and success in building the group from its foundation. The TWG recently met where they identified an ambitious work programme in the area of calf health and welfare in Ireland. The first priority area is the work programme for the upcoming on-farm events on calf rearing in January 2020 in partnership with Teagasc and the Co-op’s, where calf health and well-being will be a focus. In addition, work on evaluation of current and future calf housing requirements is underway as well as a longer term focus on contributing to the calf health and welfare discussion in Ireland.

More details are to follow on the upcoming on farm events in the winter edition of the AHI newsletter.



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