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physical therapy and rehabilitation November 2017

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MY HOME, MY COMMUNI TY A Career in Physical Therapy Lets Me Give Back F or generations, my family has called Flint, Michigan, home. My grandfather on my dad’s side moved here from Pine Bluff, Arkansas, to marry my

“When I set out to find my career, I knew I wanted to walk down a path that would allowme to return and give back to my community.”

grandmother, a Flint native, and both of my maternal grandparents lived in Flint their whole lives. As for myself, this is where I was born and raised. This is where I have made friends; attended school; met and married the love of my life, Samantha; and where we plan to raise our son, Jerome Adams III. Flint has always been my home. There are people here who genuinely want to help each other. In high school at Flint Northern, a man I knew by the name of Floyd Clack gave me a bunch of scholarship applications to help me get the money I needed for college. This act of kindness helped steer my life to where it is today. People like Floyd have helped push me to my best. When I set out to find my career, I knew I wanted to walk down a path that would allow me to return and give back to my community. In my youth, I was drawn to a career as a physician or a physical therapist. Both are fields centered around helping people, and they present the opportunity for a unique type of problem-solving. I enjoy the challenge of a new problem, and there’s no problem as worthwhile as improving a person’s health. In the health field, someone comes to you because they aren’t feeling well. It’s your job to listen to how they are feeling, figure out the cause of their grief, and devise a plan of action that will help them get well again.

Ultimately, I took the leap into physical therapy after a personal experience with a pulled hamstring and sprained ankle in my younger days. I went to physical therapy to help my recovery and realized the field was amazing. Watching my physical therapist work, I thought to myself, “I could do this all day and love it!” Physical therapy helps a person heal without drugs or surgery, and that really appealed to me. I tested the waters with a “Careers in Health” course at the Genesee Area Skill Center, where I saw what it was like to work on the PT floor, and the experience confirmed that PT was truly something I could love doing. I completed my doctorate in physical therapy at the University of Michigan Flint, and in my 10 years as a PT, I have been able to help countless people and solve plenty of problems. To be honest, one of the biggest problems I’ve tackled is balancing being a physical therapist and being a business owner. In school, I learned a lot about human anatomy and caring for patients, but I didn’t learn as much about marketing and managing a business. That said, it has been an incredible experience. In the six years since I started the practice, I’ve grown as a PT and as a person. I’ve been able to really hit the pavement and build lasting relationships with my patients, and I’ve been able to move my practice in a direction that will best help my community. It’s been a fascinating journey, and I am still just getting started.

-Dr. Jerome Adams



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