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March 2019

I f you want to succeed in your career, it’s important to put your head down and work until the results are inevitable. But if you want to succeed in life, you need to be present, flexible, and willing to let your guard down every once in a while. Over the years, I have met and befriended countless people throughmy journey in law, and I have grown a reputation as a dependable and tenacious worker for my clients and friends alike. Yet something a lot of my clients may not know about is my life beyondmy legal practice. This Marchmarks 27 years of marriage for my wife, Amy, andme. That means 27 years of relentless love and support, nomatter the situation. I imagine that my life would have ended up totally different if we’d never met, and the lives of so many others would have been changed as a result, but luckily these are problems I never need worry about. I first met Amy at a college alumni function when I was a resent graduate and she was in the early years of her undergraduate degree. At the time, I worked at First National Bank in Omaha. After dating for a year, and after coming to the realization that she still had three years to go in her nursing degree, Amy helpedme hold on to the drive and confidence I needed to go back to law school and we both pursued our passions in graduate work. It was during the final year of our academic careers, that I decided she was all I wanted for the rest of my life. After going to dinner and popping the question, the wheels were set inmotion for really starting our lives together and we were married on March 21, 1992 over our final spring break. Little did I know that her role as the catalyst inmany of my life’s most important decisions was just getting started. After we got married and moved to Omaha in 1992, Amy took up working for the University of Nebraska Medical Center now known as Nebraska Medicine, while I began my legal

ones who push you to be greater, and be greater to the ones who stick with you. Amy andmy two girls have always made sure that I do for my family what I do for somany other families inmy work. By having the hard conversations and utilizing the simple processes made available tome from years of experience in law, we will never have to worry about themhaving to go without, if anything ever happened tome. These are the gifts I want to pass on tomy clients. Every person who has even one person to care about them should see to it that they are up-to-date in their plans for the unforeseen future by bringing peace of mind to the ones they care about most.

career. She remained both my rock and my muse as we had two beautiful daughters together — Samantha (Sam), now 25, and Morgan (Mo), now 22 — and began our lives as a family. The closeness and ever-constant support of my family are the driving factor in why I do what I do for my community. Anyone with a family will understand where these passions come from, always wanting to give them the world at any cost. Taking care of my family andmaintaining harmony is extremely important tome, and that has always overflowed intomy practice. The majority of my clients aim to do the exact same thing. We want to be able to provide for our loved ones nomatter what unforeseeable situations arise. When I sit down withmy clients and discuss our goals for the future, my motivation is always tomake things as easy as possible throughout the process of planning your estate and affairs. We’re both on the same page, with family harmony taking the utmost priority.

-LeRoy Peterson

If I’ve only learned one thing in all these wonderful years, it’s that you should stick with the

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