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The Secret to Getting Lucky How I Make my Own Luck, in the Courtroom and Out

Saint Patrick’s Day is coming up this month, which means that for the next few weeks, you’re probably going to hear a lot about luck — think luck of the Irish, lucky leprechauns, and the lucky color green. The concept of luck is something that comes up on a daily basis, particularly for us lawyers. People talk about a new piece of evidence as a lucky break, or an injury as unlucky. When we come home from the office, we count ourselves lucky to live where we do, safe from the natural disasters that have already hit so many parts of the world this year. Personally, I believe in luck, and I think it’s a big part of life and business. But I also believe that in order for luck to find you, you need to put yourself in a position to receive luck. If you put in the hard work and are persistent and patient, then you’ll probably get the benefit of luck—and if you don’t do those things, well, you probably wont. I don’t think that luck just happens one day. Instead, I look at it as a reward that comes later in life, after you’ve struggled to earn it. Take being a dad, for example. I have two young sons, and I consider myself incredibly lucky to be their father. Just last month, we all took a family trip to Florida and I got to wander around a zoo with them all day, just looking at the animals and enjoying each other’s company. I felt like the luckiest man alive, because it’s a privilege and a joy to be a dad! However, fatherhood (and before that, family planning) also takes a lot of work. My wife and I worked hard to get to a place where we were ready to have kids, and without that work and preparation, we wouldn’t be having this incredible experience as parents. It’s the same with most other things in life, from winning a fitness competition after months of dieting and lifting weights, to having your

A second stroke of luck, this time one that I created, helped us land the settlement. I didn’t accept what the other lawyers had said about the lack of insurance, and took the time to really look at the entire file. In the end, that work paid off and I found two uninsuredmotorist policies we were able to tap! A little luck and hard work later, and my client had a $125,000 settlement check. If you’re struggling with your own legal quandary and could use a lucky break, call me today. My team and I are ready to do the hard work other firms

number drawn at a raffle. Like the saying goes, you can’t win the lottery without buying a ticket.

There have certainly been cases where my clients and I have created our own luck in the courtroom. Not long ago, I landed a settlement of $125,000 for one of my hit-and-run cases. In that case, my client was in the front passenger seat of a vehicle that was struck by another vehicle, which then fled the scene. The client was injured pretty badly — he ended up with a sprained neck, rotator cuff, and knee because of the collision — and he was determined to get the compensation he deserved. Eventually he got that justice, but he had to work hard for it. He went through two other lawyers before he found me. Both of them told him that there was no insurance to go after, so he had no case, but I was willing to give his case a shot. From an outside perspective, finding me might have looked like a stroke of luck, but really it was the result of his hard work and persistence. He never gave up, and luck came through!

won’t and earn you the luck you deserve.

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