Yeargan & Kert - October 2020


Business is competitive by nature. If competitors didn’t push our favorite brands to be better, they may not even exist. Our technology options would be limited without Apple’s ingenuity. Shipping options would be limited without UPS or FedEx. And access to our favorite athletic gear would be more limited if no one was pushing the top brands like Nike to innovate. Competition fuels our greatest inventions, but behind every great leader or business is a core network of like- minded people and innovators supporting them. Professional associations connect business leaders to fellow innovators in their industry without competition from local rivals. These organizations offer many benefits and little risk to business leaders looking to grow. If you haven’t yet joined a professional association, these three benefits just might get you to change your mind. EDUCATION AND RESOURCES Google is great for a quick answer, but when you need to learn something more nuanced, a simple internet search won’t cut it. Professional associations offer tailored, more in-depth help and resources like industry-specific training and webinars, how-to guides, and coaching. From peer advice and education to scholarly studies and reviews, associations act as a library of information for your industry.

NETWORKING AND MENTORSHIP Why reinvent the wheel when you can adapt it with a mentor? Associations connect you to leaders who have stood where you are standing and succeeded. You can learn a lot from their failures, wisdom, and guidance. You can also connect with peers in your position and bounce ideas off of them. You won’t have to worry about competitors “stealing” your processes, and you have an honest, go-to support team to help you refine them before presenting them to your team. PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT AND GROWTH A business is only as good as the leader managing it, and all business leaders have room for improvement. An association can give you the tools to get there. And as you continue to learn, you’ll discover personal and professional areas that can be further refined. This personal development only makes you and your business stronger. Are you still not convinced you should join an association? Think of it this way: Your competitors could be growing through their involvement in an association while you remain stagnant. Push forward and connect with your peers today.

Smart Purchases to Improve Your Home Office

GOOD, NATURAL LIGHTING Is your home office kind of dingy? Having back-lit computer screens isn’t always the only thing you need to set up a productive, well-lit workplace at home. Consider the lighting in your office — do you wish you had more natural lighting? You might be able to achieve more natural lighting by adding tall mirrors, which will bounce light around the room. If not, consider buying lamps with paper lamp shades or something else that will add a natural glow to your space!

need bins or tall shelves to sort and file away important documents, this is a perfect time to consider upgrading your office space with more organizational tools to increase space. AN ERGONOMIC KEYBOARD AND MOUSE If you don’t have one yet, these won’t cost you an arm and a leg, and they’re a major quality- of-life boost to your home office. If you’re spending hours over a keyboard, you’re going to want some comfortable padding beneath your wrists. It will make your keyboard more comfortable to type on for as long as you need to use it. Plenty of ergonomic keyboards and mouses are designed for exactly this.

Being able to attend court hearings from home has gotten many of us at Yeargan & Kert thinking: How do we make our home office even better? Upgrading your office chair is an obvious pick, but you should also pay attention to other details around your office. And with Amazon Prime Day (Oct. 5) coming up, here are a few things you could consider upgrading or splurging on to improve your office comfort.


If you have piles of stuff on top of your desk, ask yourself: Is it on your desk because you can’t be bothered to put it away, or is it there because you actually don’t have space to put all this stuff? Whether you need a bigger trash bin to throw out paperwork right away or

We hope this helps keep your home office in tiptop shape! Happy shopping!



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