MRF's Truth About Tanning Postcard 2021

There is no such thing as a "safe tan". The Truth about Tanning postcard discusses some common misconceptions about tanning beds and UV exposure. Melanoma.Research.Foundation CureMelanoma CureMelanoma

LOVE YOUR SKIN AS IT ALREADY IS. It’s never too late to stop tanning.

A safe UV tan doesn’t exist — intentionally tanned skin is actually the result of damage to skin cells. Too much ultraviolet (UV) radiation from the sun or a tanning bed causes as much as 90% of melanoma, the most serious form of skin cancer. A “base tan” does not provide adequate protection from additional UV exposure — sunburns can still happen. Using tanning beds before age 35 increases your chances of melanoma by 75%. The incidence of people under 30 developing melanoma is increasing faster than any other demographic group, soaring by 50% in women since 1980. Head and neck melanoma rates are increasing for males age 15–39. Males age 15–39 are 55% more likely to die of melanoma than females. It is important to do monthly self-skin checks, as well as get yearly skin checks by a dermatologist, especially if you have had sunburns in the past, to monitor your skin for anything that looks suspicious or has changed recently.

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