2015-16 SaskEnergy Annual Report


On behalf of the SaskEnergy Board of Directors, it is my pleasure to join the Minister Responsible for SaskEnergy, the Honourable Jim Reiter, in presenting the SaskEnergy 2015-16 Annual Report. Amid changing commodity markets and increased levels of financial restraint for Saskatchewan Crown corporations, SaskEnergy delivered strong financial results in 2015-16, while continuing to fulfill its safety and customer service mandates. Clear priorities, thorough planning, and a culture of efficiency — the foundation for these achievements — are well-established throughout the Corporation and evident in the Board’s discussions with SaskEnergy Executive and management. Among the many factors influencing the Corporation’s success, perhaps none is greater than SaskEnergy’s emphasis on fostering dialogue with its customers and stakeholders. This approach underpins any project or initiative SaskEnergy undertakes, and is perhaps best exemplified in the strength of the Corporation’s relationship with communities along Last Mountain Lake, where system remediation work is ongoing. As someone with deep family ties to the Regina Beach area, I am proud to support SaskEnergy’s commitment to safe operations in these communities, and thank everyone involved for their professionalism and understanding. Looking ahead, the Board will continue to align SaskEnergy directions with those of the larger Crown sector, focusing on customer service, rate management, financial sustainability, private sector engagement, infrastructure investment, and building an effective workforce. At the same time, the Board will seek to identify and enable further SaskEnergy collaboration opportunities to deliver value to customers and to the Government of Saskatchewan. I would like to recognize the contributions of Dr. Denis Jones, who completed his term on the Board in early 2016. The Board is committed to the effective stewardship of SaskEnergy, and thanks the Executive team, management and employees for their contributions this past year.

[Original signed by S. Barber]

Susan Barber, Q.C. Chair, SaskEnergy Board of Directors



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