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With most of us spending more time at home over the last month, we thought we’d share some of our favorite ways to stay active, organize our space, and enjoy what we have at home. STAY INSPIRED AND WITH THESE ACTIV

THE $60,000 HEIST YOU’VE NEVER HEARD OF Crimeless Theft in Cyberspace In 2017, sometime between Sept. 11 and 12, a total of $60,000 worth of digital assets were stolen from people around the world. The conspirators didn’t hide their identities, and they faced no criminal charges. As it turns out, there are no laws against stealing spaceships in a video game — even if they’re worth thousands of real-world dollars. EVE Online is a massively multiplayer online game (MMO) that was launched in 2003, and it was on this game that the theft occurred. This science-fiction game is all about spacefaring, but one notable feature of the game is that it allows players to purchase in-game assets with real money. This attracts players who can spend large sums on the game, with some of the game’s largest spaceships costing $9,000. But one thing to note in EVE Online is that no matter how much you pay, once you lose an asset, it’s gone forever. Because of the risk-reward nature of the game, many players unite in huge factions for safety and to pool their resources. One of these groups, Circle of Two or CO2, was the target of the 2017 attack. Within a matter of hours, CO2’s bank accounts were drained and the space stations holding their fleets of ships were sold to their enemies. It was clear from the beginning: This was an inside job. The thief was CO2’s own head diplomat, a player called “The Judge.” For years he’d worked his way through the alliance’s ranks, only to use the access he eventually gained to rob it blind. But greed may not have been his only motivation. He’d had public disagreements with CO2’s leader called Gigx, and a rival faction was able to capitalize on this internal conflict. During an in-person EVE Online summit held in Iceland, representatives from The GoonSwarm Federation convinced The Judge to leave CO2 and commit the single largest robbery in gaming history on his way out. In the real world, The Judge’s actions were completely legal — currently, international law doesn’t treat such virtual objects as personal property. But this perception may be changing. As in-game purchases become more widespread in video games, legal lines have blurred, causing an increasing number of lawmakers to rethink what constitutes “ownership” in the digital age. But, for now at least, it seems like a good time to be a space pirate.


Always wanted to be able to do a pullup or improve your downward-facing dog? This is a great time to perfect it! Set yourself a challenge, like doing 50 pushups a day or three yoga classes a week, to work toward your goals. There are many free online fitness resources available too. Snap Fitness Mansfield created a 28-day fitness challenge to help keep people motivated. Mind Body Align in Mansfield has online yoga and mindfulness classes and training. You can find more at MindBodyAlign.com.


You know that shelf you’ve always said you would hang or the space you’ve said you would clean up if you just had the extra time? Well, now’s your chance! Choose a weekend to tackle a larger project, like a garage cleanout. Use the STEPS TO TAKE AFTER A CAR Get the Information You Need to Get the Com

There’s so much to think about after you’ve been in a car accident. First, you need to make sure you are okay. Then, you need to assess your emotional state. You might be dealing with frustration toward the other driver and fear about what happens next. It’s normal to feel a lot of emotions, but you can deal with the aftershock of what just happened and still process everything. A step that can easily slip your mind amid all this is documenting the scene of the accident and collecting information from the other driver. After you’ve made sure you and everyone involved are okay and called for medical help if needed, here are some steps to protect yourself and get the compensation you need after an accident.

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