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MARCH 2019




Don’t Look Now, Your Best Opportunities Start Today

As if you needed another reason to love springtime in our area, you may be surprised to know that spring is hands down the best time to put your house on the market. With the winter chill letting up and the grueling heat not quite settling in yet, it’s the perfect time of year to make those much- needed changes before your summer gets into full swing. You’d be hard pressed to find better deals on the market than during this unique window of opportunity. Birmingham is a city people want to start a life in, and we’ve got plenty of life to give. After years of providing our services to the Birmingham market, we’ve found that most buyers tend to enter the market in the delicate window between February and May. You typically see the highest yield right after Super Bowl Sunday, but there’s no better time than right now. It’s during this compact time of the year that you’re most likely to hit the largest buyer pool. After that, the buyers seem to trickle in slowly during the offseason. If you wait until July and put off the easy process of listing — and we do make it easy — then you’ll likely have to settle for a lesser return. It boils down to supply and demand, but there’s a few main reasons for the influx in sales this time of year. Simply put, our area’s sales revolve around three things: the school year, family life, and the medical profession, particularly UAB. With school years ending, summertime provides ample opportunities for families to make their moves both in and out of the city. That’s just the natural flow of things. Once a family puts their house on the market, it’s bound to get snatched up almost immediately, especially if it’s within a good commuting distance to downtown Birmingham. “Birmingham is a city people want to start a life in, and we’ve got plenty of life to give.”

Families want a place they can call home. They want a place they can cultivate and better their lives in while not having to worry about spending their days wasting away in traffic.

Then you have the medical profession. The medical industry is the largest employer in Birmingham, and three of the top 10 employers are hospitals, with UAB at No. 1, Baptist Health System at

No. 3, and Children’s Health Center at No. 8. Residents typically get placed for employment contracts around March 15 every year, which further increases the demand and frenzy during the spring months. The better the location, the less you have to worry about this sort of thing, but I’d be willing to bet that you’re still missing out on thousands of dollars by not following the seasonal trends of migration into our city. The good news is that it’s never too late. With LIST Birmingham, you can make every season feel like your season with an easy-to-use process of buying and selling that allows you to take control of your real estate destiny. No matter what your reason is for being here, just know you’re in the right hands.

-Melvin Upchurch


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