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The fòible Family Magazine F orever , 0 L ord , T hy W ord is S ettled

I n H eaven PSALM 119 :89


'litJimM unitamt ¡unitmintminiimmiifo) OCT. 1923 (o

NO. 10


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LEADING ARTICLES IN THIS ISSUE Sovietizing the State through the Schools.-W. B. Riley The Church and the Schools........... John M. Maclnnis The Unchanging and Unchangeable Fundamentals......... ....................... James L. Polk The Baptist Bible Union....... ...................... T. T. Shields Manifestations of the Divine.................. . .F . E. Marsh Unity of Scripture Concerning Things to Come.. ........... ............A, C. Gaebelein

LOOKING FORWARD A Few Good Things for November

A Smart Young Man.....................................................Wm. J. Bryan Progress and Power of the Primitive Church............ A. T. Pierson Should a God of Love Have a Hell in His Universe?.......................................................A. C. Dixon A New Form of Blasphemy...................... .......... ..... Chas F. Reitzel Revelation—Experience— Service..............W. Graham Scroggie H H

The WrittenWord ( |j Inseparable f f The Living Word THY WORD IS TRUTH j o h n -17-17 I AM THE TRUTH j o h n - 1 4 - 6

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In th e A rticles of o u r In co rp o ra tio n is a S tatem en t of D o ctrin e of th e H istoric E vangelical F aith , w hich E very D irector. M em ber of F aculty, a n d H ead of D e p artm en t m ust Sign e ach Y ear,— Giving A ssu ran ce th a t O u r F u n d am en tal Position C a n n o t b e C hanged. OUR PROPERTY IS DEDICATED TO THE LORD. WE ARE HIS TRUSTEES WE COVET YOUR PRAYERS

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T he K ing ’ s B usiness M otto: “ I, th e L ord, do k eep it; I will w a te r it every m om en t: lest an y h u rt it, 1 will k eep .it d ay a n d n ig h t.” Isaiah 27 :3 .


TH IS MAGAZINE stan d s for the Infallible W ord of God. a n d fo r its g re a t, fundam ental doctrines. ITS PUR PO SE is to stren g th en th e faith of all believers, in all th e w orld; to s tir th e ir h e arts to engage in definite C h ristian w ork; to acq u ain t them w ith the v aried w ork of th e Bible In stitu te of Los A ngeles; an d to w ork in harm ony an d fellow ship w ith them in m agnifying th e p erson a n d w ork of o u r L ord Jesu s C hrist, an d th u s h asten H is com ing. Volume XIV October, 1923 Number 10

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Editorials:— Our New Magazine....................... ?........................................................................ 3 Religion or Romance....................................................................... :.................. 3 A Solemn Warning............................. _.................................................................. 4 Turning the T ide............. ......................................................................................... 5 A H eart to H eart T alk .........................................................................................19 Contributed Articles:— Sovietizing the State through the Schools— W. B. Riley........................... 6 The Church and the Schools— John M. Maclnnis.......................................... 9 The Unchanging and Unchangeable Fundamentals— James L. Polk__10 The Baptist Bible Union— T. T. Shields.........................................................] 1 More A bout the Bible Union in China— T. L. Blalock............................. 13 Manifestations of the Divine— A Summary of the Doctrines of The Book— F. E. Marsh........................................................................ 13 Unity of the Scriptures Concerning Thing to Come— A. C. Gaebelein.............■_............................................................. ] 5 O ld Fashioned Novelties............................_........................................................ \( > The Family Circle:— Fellowship and Intercession.................................................. 18 Comments on “C. E.” Topics........................................................................... ...........20 Children’s G arden ........................................................................................................... 21 Our Bible Institute in Hunan Province, China.........................................................23 Evangelistic Work and Experiences..............................................................................25 International S. S. Lessons............................................................................................... 30 The “Whole Bible” S. S. Lessons— Fundam ental.................................................. 38 Best Books.................................................................................................... :....................52 Current Comment .............................................................................................. 53

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D R . L. W . M U N H A L L E d ito r of “ T he E astern M ethodist.“

F o r over fifty y e ars it ha« been m y privilege to know intim ately th e m an w hose splendid, stro n g face a p p ea rs u p o n this page. H e left th e blacksm ith shop to respond to th e call of P re sid e n t L incoln and served th e full tim e of th e Civil W ar, engaging in 32 battles. A fte r his discharge, he p re p are d him self fo r th e profession of d entistry, b u t left th a t profession to devote his life to th e «ervice of th e L ord in w o rk fo r m en. H e w as th e S tate S ecretary of th e Y. M. C. A . of Indiana, an d afterw ard s gave him self to th e w o rk of an evangelist. F o r fifty y e ars his n am e has been on th e lips of C h ristian m en a n d w om en. A s a n evangelist to m en h e has had no equal, and th e g re a t M en’s M eetings held by him all o v e r this lan d have resu lted in the saving of thousand« of m en. W e believe m ore m inisters a re now an d have been in th e p u lp its of ou.r c o u n try th ro u g h his efforts, th a n th ro u g h th e efforts of a n y o th e r one m an. A t 80 y e ars of age he is still on th e p ro g ram s of Bible C onferences, going day a n d night, defending th e W ord of God and strik in g down its enem ies w ith th e Sw ord of th e Spirit. H e has given his le c tu re on “T h e Book of Books” h u n d red s of tim es to g re a t audiences, and th ro u g h his m agazine, “ T he E aste rn M ethodist” is doing a g re a t w o rk in h elping to. stem th e tid e of M odem iem am ong th e M ethodist b re th re n . It gives m e p leasu re to b e a r this testim ony to th e influence of his life u p o n m y own early life and experience in Y. M. C. A . w ork, an d to his ste rlin g qualities w hich have alw ays helped to inspire m e to co n tin u ed service.



T H E K I N G ’ S B U S I N E S S

we have held to the original price, and shall continue to do so for all who renew before the end of December, after which it will be. advanced to $1.25 per year. We do not want to lose a single subscriber, but we do want every subscriber to secure for us one or more new subscribers. This will not be difficult for you to do, and it will mean everything to us. Do it now ! Sample copies will be mailed to any address desired. Read the editorial in this issue entitled “ A Solemn Warning” and then join us in earnest prayer and ef­ fort to save what we can N O W ! RELIGION OR ROMANCE

OUR NEW MAGAZINE After several months’ consideration, it has seemed wise to change the form of our magazine. We have anticipated that some of our good friends would pre­ fer that we retain the smaller size, but are fully per­ suaded that after they have looked this number through and sensed our purpose and desire, they will agree with us. We are adding some new departments which we trust will be of real value, especially the “ Comments on the Christian Endeavor Topics’:’ by Rev. V. V. Morgan; “ The Children’s Garden” a page especially for


the children, conducted by Sophie Shaw Mèader; “ The Family Circle” for prayer and intercession, by W. R. Hale. We are also favored with additional help in the Sunday School Department: Thè Exposition of the In­ ternational Series will be by Dr. Frederic W. Farr Pastor Calvary B a p t i s t Church, Los Angeles, who has with such acceptance given the Devotional Com*j ment. Rev. John A. Hub- b a r d, Superintendent of Men at the B. I. 0. L. A. will now write the Devo­ tional Comment, and “ Com­ ments from the Commentar­ ies” will be given by Mr. H. G. Dean, while Miss Mabel Merrill will continue her splendid helps for the elementary grades. In the Whole Bible Sun7 day School Lesson Course, the exposition of the lesson will be by. T. C. Horton, the ‘‘Comments from the Com­ mentaries” by Rev. V. V.

In the July issue of “ The Forum” Newell Dwight Hillis contributes an article under the caption “ Religion or Dogma” in which he pays a well-deserved tribute to Mr. Bryan, which we take great pleasure in giving to our readers. Dr. Hillis says: ; “F o r th irty years Mr. B ryan has been a kn igh t of th e new c h i v a l r y , un sheath ing his sword again st th e saloon, war, starvation wages, class privi­ leges, avarice an d greed; a sword, also, th a t has often flashed in defense of th e poor, th e w eak and th e despoiled of every race and land. His courage, his sincerity an d his l o y a l t y to conviction are known of all men. Some men have been tim id, b u t Mr. B ryan has never been afraid to espouse an unpopular cause. A lead er upon th e battlefields

Our NeW BusinessManager We are glad to introduce to our readers Mr. R. H. Richards who has come to our help in the Business De­ partment of The King’s Business, Mr. Richards has had a two-fold experience which eminently qualifies him for the work he has undertaken. For years he has been a practical Christian layman, living out a Chris­ tian life and helping his fellow men, and at the same time has been a suc­ cessful business man in positions which have demanded large ability. We rejoice in his decision to devote his whole time to The King’s Business and are sure our readers will be glad to take him on their hearts for prayer.

of reform , he has many victories to his credit. No m an of his generation has addressed so many m illions of people, and today, w ith unim paired streng th , h e is going u p and down th e land defending th e fa ith of th e “F und am en tal­ ists.” Even th e larg est halls in our towns are thronged w ith crowds anxious to listen once more to th e music of th e finest vocal in strum en t of our generation.” Space does not permit us to follow the long argu­ ment of Dr. Hillis against the doctrines for which Mr. Bryan contends, but most of our readers are aware that he takes his place with the:Modernists, lives in the study, is not well acquainted with men as they really are, nor with conditions as they exist,_for if he were thus conversant with men and conditions, be would certainly change his views,' descend from the

Morgan, and the Elementary lessons by Kate _H. Haus. Our desire is to make it a real Family Bible Magazine which will carry something of interest and help for every one in the family. We have published the magazine at a financial loss, hut have recognized it as one of the agencies com­ mitted to us through which we have been able to min­ ister fo thousands of hungry-hearted people, including many pastors and missionaries, helping to stimulate their faith, intensify their love and increase their de­ votion in the service committed to them by the Lord. Many pastors have testified to its value in their own lives and its help to their flock, and we have therefore considered it a good investment for our Master1. Other magazines have advanced their prices but


T H É K I N G ’ S B U S I N E S S


world ship is caught in th e Gulf S tream of God’s P rov i­ dence, and is going on tow ard a more genial climate and a glorious harbo r. No m an is strong enough to tu rn th e ship from its course, and w hether th e pessim ist w ants to o r not, he is compelled by gravity an d God to go on tow ard th e ideal commonwealth and th e Golden Age, fo r th e re is an unseen P ilo t on th e deck who steers by th e stars— and th e goal is God!” No doubt Dr. Hillis means well. It all sounds won- drously, marvellously poetic,—but his words are as

fleecy clouds, bring his aeroplane to earth and sense the heart throbs of a dying race. Just a few sentences will reveal his views: “Then th e old views fled away, as bats and owls and creatu res of th e n igh t flee when th e sun stands upon th e horizon. God ceased to be a “ consum ing fire.” God was no longer a bundle of th u n d e r bolts, a sheaf of tornadoes. The th rone of iron—ju stice and penalty— softened! Jesus revealed God as th e g rea t burden-bearer, th e Mighty Ma­ je stic H eart, pulsating life th roughou t th e universe. Going

meaningless as words could possibly be. He is not in any sense de­ scribing conditions as they exist today. Gov­ ernments have not be­ come just; much mod­ ern music . instead of being a “ chariot of sweet song” is a dis­ cord of horrible jazz; read the popular maga­ zines and books and then decide for your­ self whether ‘‘litera­ ture is running every­ whither telling H is sweet s t o r y g o l d may have “ become splen­ did” as Dr. Hillis as­ serts, but certainly only a small portion of it finds its way into the coffers of the churches, and a smaller portion still is g i v e n for preaching the Gospel to the unsaved. Dr. Hillis is a typical Twentieth C e n t u r y prophet, with eyes fast closed to the real fkcts, as revealed in the secu­ lar newspapers and magazines. Contrast the peaceful picture he por­ trays with that given in 2 Tim. 3 :l-5: “This know also, th a t in th e la st days perilous times sh all come. F o r men shall be lovers of th e ir own selves, covetous, boast­ ers, proud, blasphemers,

to God fo r w e a r y , troubled men, was like birds going tow ard th e oasis, w ith fountains and fru its. W h at Jesus was for a b rief tim e in P ales­ tine, He said H is F a th e r was in all ages and worlds. W hat He said on th e Cross, “Forgive them fo r they know no t w hat they do,” God was always saying every­ where.” Was be? Well, then, why did Jesus say in Luke 16:23: “ In hell he lifted up his eyes, being in torments,” and again in v. 31: “ If they hear not Moses and the p r o p h e t s neither will they be persuaded though one rose from the dead,” and why did He say in John 3 :36 “He th a t believeth on the Son h a th everlasting life; and he th a t believ­ eth no t th e Son shall no t see life; b u t th e w ra th of God abideth on him .” Again, Dr. Hillis says: “He (Jesus) touched childhood, and children became like un to th e an ­ gels of God. He touched laws, and they became hum ane; governments, and they became ju st; marble, and it became warm ; music, and it be­ came a chario t of sweet song, an upw ard rising prayer. He has touched

The cartoon carries a true and much-needed lesson. The hand—not the head-S-is in evidence. It may be that of a preacher or it may be a teacher. You see the hand,—but back of the hand is the head, and back of the head (were your spiritual eyes open) you would see the form of the fiend who invented the first lie concerning God’s Word, and who is the author of every lie ever breathed by human lips or penned by human hand denying the validity of the Bible. Look out for him, for he is a foxy foe and plays a loaded dice.

disobedient to parents, un th ank fu l, unholy. W ithou t n a tu ra l affection, trucebreakers, false accusers, incontinent, fierce, despisers of those th a t are good, T raito rs, heady, high-m inded, lovers of pleasures more th a n lovers of God; Having a form of godliness, b u t denying th e power th e re ­ of; from such tu rn away.” A SOLEMN W A G ING M A Weekly News Letter, published by a group of business men in California, carrying the title, “ Better

gold, and it has become splendid. Today, pain ting in terp rets His beauty, arch itectu re builds houses fo r H is worship, money has become th e almoner of bounty tow ard th e poor and th e weak; lite ra tu re is runn ing everywhither telling His story; eloquence has dedicated itself to th e new Orpheus, whose music is indeed world music, and whose symphony is fo r all races, and ages, and worlds. * * * * Nor is th e re any room le ft for pessimism. A discouraged m an may fall from th e M auretania; it is no t a large ship b u t God’s e a rth is a big ship, 7000 m iles in diam eter. The pessim ist cannot fall off th a t ship, gravity will n o t le t him . Today, th e


T H E K I N G ’ S B U S I N E S S

been done in some of our universities and other schools is now bearing fruit in our own country.” We want to add to these statements another Government finding. There are in the United States now 50,000,000 inhabitants under 21 years of age. Now take the 46% per cent of our population which the Government says could not be relied upon to help defend our nation, but are antagonistic to its rule,—add to it those of this 50,000,000 who will come to voting age during the next ten years, and what will the pros­ pect be,—remembering that there is no touch of the Bible upon the hearts and lives of these young people in our public schools but, on the contrary, much of adverse criticism, and that a large part of them never attend church or Sunday School? We appeal to you to carefully consider these astound­ ing facts and pray and labor as never before for a revived church. TURNING THE TIDE The tide is coming in. The tide is strong. It is against God ; it is against the Bible ; it is against the Church ; it is against authority ; it is against morality; it is against civilization. The sweep of this tide in our land is tremend­ ous. It has gathered force so rapidly that it almost staggers one to contemplate the power of its surging waves. What can we do ? The shores are lined with children—innocent, unaware. Young people are playing their games. Students are pleasantly picnicing on the sand. Men and women are oc­ cupied in the pursuit of pleasure. Even the church is there—feeding, feasting, having a good time, selfishly rejoicing in her safety. But—the tide is coming in! We can see it! We have been up in the watch tower, with God’s glasses, and looking out! We can see it! We had read a prophecy of such a tide. We believed it would come some time, but not in our day. But there it is—a great tidal wave! What can we do? Can the tide be diverted? Can it be stemmed? Can we erect a breakwater against it? We must do something- Who will help? The Church must be warned. It seems a pity to break in upon their delightful, self-satisfied, selfish pleasure, but we must remind them that they are God’s watchmen, His life-guards, and it is their business to warn of danger. We must take the children to a place of safety! We must tell the boys and girls to follow! We must sound the alarm along the shore ! We must urge all of God’s prophets and preach­ ers to lay off with the fairy tales and pretty poems and sound out the story of the Cross. We must recognize fully that every man and woman who denies God’s Word—whether in the church or in the world—is an enemy, and we must reprove, rebuke and warn, as we see the day ap­ proaching. We must put our hearts, our souls, our means into this movement. The tide is on! Thé night comes! May God hear our cry and help us to DO IT NOW!

America Federation,” presents some facts of such vital interest that we are presenting them to our readers: A Problem “ The bane of civilization has always been racial im­ poverishment.' How to deal with this is a most serious problem now confronting the American people. Our population, composed of one hundred and ten millions, is roughly graded as superiors, intermediates and in­ feriors. The superiors represent 13% per cent, or 1,485,000. Merging into this superior rank are 4% per cent, graded as talented, thus making 5,985,000 upon whom, according to the inevitable action of natural law, devolves the burden of intellectual and moral leadership. Of the intermediate and inferior groups, 40 per cent compose the former and 46% per cent the latter. The conservation of law and order may be safely entrusted to the sturdy common sense and loyalty of the millions who form the 40 per cent of our citizenry. These added to the 13% represents 53% per cent who are facing the menace of the 46% per cent wherein lies our greatest danger. These facts are not pleasant to contemplate. They are based upon the statistics on file in the war office as a result of the exhaustive findings of the draft; but the time has come when they must be considered seriously. We have the anomaly presented of a host, equal to nearly one-half our population, composed of the in­ capable, the envious, the discontented, the criminal, who are filled with hatred against civilization and progress, and ready to rise in revolt. They are led by a group of implacable and desperate men, who nat­ urally belong in the superior grade, but who have abandoned it because they think they see in the Soviet revolt against civilization, the opportunity to overturn and obtain control of this government. They are the ones to be deal,t with summarily. They are the high grade deficients of the Benedict Arnold type. De­ prived of their leadership, the ground swell of revolt would very quickly disappear.” (Do not fail to note that these are facts not fancies, compiled by our Government authorities.) Communism vs. Religion “ Whether clergy or layman, whether religiously in­ clined or just moralists, the sentiment not alone of America but of other nations should be aroused by the statement coming from Moscow that the English, American, German, Russian, and other delegates of the Executive Committee of the Third Internationale are agreed ‘that the Communists must destroy religion and bring the world to a basis of scientific, materialism, which includes unconditionally the propagation of atheism. Indisputable evidences have been furnished by literature and speakers in this country, as elsewhere, that these groups are advocating the abolishment of Christianity as the first step in the overthrow of civil­ ization, upon the ruins of which they expect to erect the world empire of the Proletariat. One of the tragedies of it is that even in this country, among the number who are giving sympathy to the Soviets of Moscow, are clergymen who preach the Gospel on Sundays and assist in the promotion of Sovietism during the week. This reflection upon some members of the ministry we know to be true, and the seed-sowing which has

T H E K I N G ’ S B U S I N E S S P 5 g 5 g ^ g g W q s S ? q ? W g 5 m .1g S S lS?5?5gg5Sgg.5g5g5BB5g5g5g5Bg5?g5?5H5E5g5g5g5g5a5BSaSgB5HSgSe5E5g5g5H5H5g5i1S!5ï5E5g5g5H5g5Z5g5g5i!5g5H5g5g5g5g525B5E5g5gSag C o n t r i . d u t e c A r t i e . e s n fa faaafaa D25H5E5H5H5H5RW,ìH‘ì?_q?>^Wlq?q?qpq?qP5R5S5E5PIP,^^^,ì?q?,ì?SH5H5H5a5H5E525a525H5H5H5H5H5H5E5H5255a5HS25E5H5H5Eb'd5HbibiIbiic!Ii'dhd5HS25P5HSH5H5H525H525H525H5E^§gSa5H5H5cJ So^ i e t i z i ng t ke St a t e Tk r o u g k t ke Sckool s By Dr. W. B. Riley Executive Secretary of the World’s Fundamental Association


A Warning to the American People Against the Menace of the Atheistic, Anarchistic and Inhuman P ropaganda of Socialism and Bolshevism in our Schools.

and confidence th e Russian Soviet Republic. The Pennsyl­ vania S tate Socialist Convention cabled to Lenin and his cabinet, “Your achievement is our in sp iration .” There are hundreds of papers being published in America today th a t have one objective, and one only, and th a t is Soviet­ ism; and th ere are thousands of professors in th e Universi­ ties of th is country whose w ritings and teachings alike are a deliberate attem p t to pu t over th is same Soviet program in th e States. In America th ese Soviet em issaries a re a m ultitude. The m ajority of the leaders have had eith er th e ir en tire course, or th e ir post-graduate work, in German universities. They have brough t back from these infidel centers a m aterialistic philosophy th a t knows no o th er god th a n N ature. P an th e­ ism is th e ir only theism ; and by th a t they do not mean a personal God, manifesting Himself in facts and forms, bu t an unconscious and blind force a t work, no t only in th e world b u t in the universe, the general direction of which follows th e law of Darw in’s suggestion, and knows neither Divine control nor Deity-existence. The A ttorney General of New York affirms th a t th e secret agents of Lenin are found in (h a t State, backed by a fund of $500,000 to be used for propaganda purposes. These agents have been circularizing in shops and factories, and many secret meetings were held, culm inating in an open session of th ree days in th e Lyceum building. The chief purpose of th is convention was said to be to absorb into the Bolshevik movement members of th e I. W. W., all an arch ­ ists and radical socialists. At th e D epartm ent of Justice at W ashington, it was adm itted th a t a code index of more th an two thousand red ag itato rs existed in Chicago, Philadelphia and o ther large centers. While they have dared, even under th e eaves of the W ashington Capitol, to hold th e ir open meeting and arden tly affirm th eir plan to overthrow th e present democ­ racy and bring in the Russian regime, leading Senator Thomas to declare,: ‘.‘our Democracy is : in g reater danger today from th e forces let loose in Russia, th a n it was when Germany took up arm s against G reat B ritain and F ran ce,” and Senator Weeks to insist th a t “th e Ameri­ can people do not understand th a t th e real purpose behind th is propaganda is th e overthrow of th e ir Government, and un til they do understand, it cannot be stamped ou t.” Surreptitious Methods The m ethod of th e Sovietist is as su rrep titiou s as his object is sinful. In Russia, having captured control, he fights in th e open, and brazenly demands of th e w orld’s nations recognition, bu t in all countries where a strong

“The preaching of th e cross is to them th a t perish, foolishness.’’ (1 Cor. 1:18.) ■ regard th is as the most Im po rtan t subject now Nellermoe’s Bill presented to th e Minnesota House of R epresentatives in F eb ru ary ,’ 1923, was a deliberate, even open attem p t to Sovietize th e University of Minnesota, knowing full well th e final social and political effect of poisoning th is educational fountain; and it is no t forgotten th a t th a t bill died on general orders by th e narrow margin of a single vote, 62 to 61; and th a t b u t for th e intellectual ability and moral convictions of one man it m ight be the law of th a t commonwealth a t th is moment. There are those among us who do n o t believe th a t this: propaganda is making progress in our midst. Such men are either ignorant of modern movements, or w ilfully indiffer­ en t to th e evidences about us. Lenin, himself, speaking in Moscow, said, “The power th a t has crushed Germany is also th e power th a t will in th e end crush England and the United S tates.” And th a t power is planting its dynam ite at many American points, placing its largest charges a t our educational centers, and calmly w aiting th e tim e when it can ligh t th e Darwin fuse and w itness th e demolition.: Henry Campbell Black, in his notable address on “The Menace w ithout our Gates,” or “Bolshevism’s A ssault upon American Government,” rem inded us of how th is move­ ment has made its power felt in every p a rt of th e world; in Roumania, and all the Baltic Provinces; in Switzerland, w here it created a high breed of in trigu e; in Portugal, where recent outbreaks were th e consequence; in Scandi­ navia, where kings found it difficult to cling to th e ir thrones; in Finland, where it has fru ited in th e foulest way; in Den­ mark, where though less successful, it is both aggressive and confident; not to mention its ravages in Germany, its rise in France, its recent successes in England, and finally, its increasing powers in America. The I. W. W. has long represented th is sentim ent here and new organizations, under varied names, are now giving more concrete form to it. The S tate Socialist Convention in Illinois a while ago demanded th a t th e American Govern­ ment should recognize th e Bolsheviki of Russia. The State Socialist Convention in Minnesota adopted resolutions en­ dorsing th e policies of the Bolsheviki in Russia, and th e S tate Socialistic Convention in New York greeted w ith joy

before th e world fo r consideration. I realize the app aren t extravagance of th u s describing any single subject, b u t you may be my judge as I unfold th is theme— “Sovietizing the S tate th rough our schools.”

T H E K I N G ’ S B U S I N E S S


Charles A. Elwood, professor of Sociology in th e Uni­ versity of Missouri, whose book is also used as a tex t book in Minnesota University, teaches th a t religion is no t a ' revelation, b u t grew ou t of ancestral worship ( p .1 1 7 ) . And th a t “ the fam ily is being created by th e very conditions of life itself,” failing to recognize th e Divine au th o rity for the same:—and th a t “n a tu re has developed in man in telli­ gence” (p. 69), refusing to give God th e glory. But to m ark progress in infidelity, one needs to read Ross on “ Social Psychology.” 1 He holds th e experience of conversion to scorn; Accounts fo r it on hypnotic grounds (p. 16 ); explains Divine healing on th e ground of m ental suggestion (p. 27 ); also insists th a t th is may explain th e m iraculous element claimed for th e life of Christ; says th a t in “saintly visions and revelations one is influenced by au to ­ suggestion” (p. 28) . On th e .same ground he explains “the apostles and evangelists,” and th e expression of “ pro­ phecy,” th e creation of “ powers and persons” (pp. 166-7).' The gift of tongues is held to some scorn, inspiration to an equal amount, as is also the guidance of th e Holy Spirit (pp. 167-8), and he th ink s “ th e two main sources of all these phenomena are th e subconscious and th e social en ­ vironm ent’;^:1(p. 68). The g rea t awakening in colonial days, th e g reat revivals of 1800, 1830 and 1858 were only the resu lt of “ social suggestion” (p. 70). The extensive prayer meetings of 1873 were “a m ental contagion” (p. 71), on a level w ith the Dutch mania for tu lip s th a t took place in 1643, th e “Ho, for Texas” movement, th e Cali­ fornia gold fever, the negro exodus, th e K londyke rush, all of a piece— products of the “mob m ind.” He expresses his fear to go fishing w ith “ a prayer meeting C h ristian” lest he ta k e “ a fit and tu rn th e boat over.” He holds th e holy communion of the Christian to scorn and sees “it in an ancient rite ,” and, by a sacrilege unthinkable, “where prim itive man eats his god.” He says, “ the archaic sp irit of religion is attested in th e settlem ent of disputed points by appeal to the Bible’" (p. 272). It is little wonder th a t in the debate between H arvard and Yale th e defense of Sovietism proudly quotes from Prof. Ross in the following words, “The cu rren t notion of th e second or Bolshevist revolution is th a t it was th e work of a handful of extrem ists who captivated th e Russian masses w ith th e ir idea. Under th e pitiless pelting of facts, I have been driven to the conclusion th a t th is is u n tru e; the robbed and oppressed masses moved tow ard th e goal of th eir unfulfilled desires like a flow of molten lava th a t no human force could calm or tu rn aside.” Prof. Ross reduces th e teachings of th e Bible to a level w ith “w izardry,” speaks of a “chosen people,” evidently meaning Israel, as “a legend” of “ an ethics basing its norm on hum an n atu re and the n atu re of th e social organiza­ tio n ” and as “superseding th e alleged commands of Deity” — (m ark th e adjective, “ alleged commands of Deity” ) “ the precepts of ancient sages, the customs of th e fath ers, and edicts of Mrs. Grundy.” In o ther words Mrs. Grundy and God’s commands are on a common level according to Prof. Ross (p. 293). On p. 298 he reduces the Divine rig h t of kings, th e verbal in sp iration of th e Scrip­ tu res, and th e Ptolemaic system to a level of th e same absurdity. On p. 305 he says, “P u t together all th e effects of all the ath eists who have ever lived and they have not done so much harm to Christianity and th e world as has been done by the narrow-m inded, «onscientious men who persecuted Roger Bacon.” . On p. 336 he says, “The piling up of innum erable points about th e tex t of th e P entateuch impeaches eventually th e ir Mosaic au tho rsh ip .”

cen tral government : exists, his methods are secret, his approach' su rrep titiou s, his purpose red revolution. A w itness called before th e Senate comm ittee testified, “ 1 have inform ation given me in P etrog rad th a t already the agents of T rotsky and Lenin have been sent to th is country and th a t they have in operation a cen tral bu reau of propa­ ganda. This propaganda is as insidious as false, and I am amazed th a t our people have not tak en it seriously.” When th e w ar was over and our boys were retu rn ed to th e States by the m illions, many of them failed to find im ­ mediate occupation and these secret agents stealth ily a t­ tempted in a thousand instances to render them dissatisfied, critical and rebellious. The American Legion was th e Rooseveltian answer to th a t secret sowing of discontent. • This all leads me to th e main point of th is discussion, the place where emphasis must be put if we are either to appre­ ciate th e meaning, or m ark progress- in our position to th e same, namely The School Is Its Medium The Soviet recognizes th e controlling power of education. Her outstanding leaders today are those professors, in our modern universities, who are natu rally m aterialistic in th eir conception of th e universe and who in th eir devotion to the Darw inian theory dare to dethrone God in th e presence of His worshippers. Raymond Robbins is an out-spoken socialist, and he is a thousand fold more acceptable in th e average university circle th a n is th e most eloquent of con­ servative Christian orators. Prof. Scott Nearing was born in America, bred in our schools, and became a leading university professor; yet “The Times” names Mr. Nearing a Bolshevist. You know perfectly well w hat men have led th is movement in Ger­ many, and how from th e position of professors L iebknect and his conférés have accomplished not only an overthrow of th e German Government, b u t influenced all Russian thought. I have purchased lately five books, four of them employed as text books in th e S tate University of Minnesota and one in North High School, Minneapolis. (1) “Crimi­ nology” by Parm elee; (2) , “Sociology and Modern Social P roblem s” by Elswood; (3) “Social Psychology” by Ross; (4) “Social Evolution” by Chapin; (5)' “America’s Social P roblem s” by Burch and P atterson , and every one of them denies the Christian faith, feeling th a t th e defense of Dar­ winism is not sufficient w ithout so doing, and some of th e ir sentences are the most sacrilegious and scornful th a t I have ever, seen in print. Chapin says, “The b ru te m ind was gradually converted into the human intelligence” (p. 108). “Morals are nothing bu t the conviction implanted by th e social group in th e m inds of its members of th e propriety of the m anner of life imposed by it upon them ” (p. 118). “So in th e individual and in th e social m ind was born a t last th e idea of self, or personality, as a conscious life, soul or spirit, dwelling in the body, bu t distinct and separable from it.” This quota­ tion he follows w ith a discussion th a t shows he has no con­ fidence whatever th a t th e soul is imm ortal, and likens the Christian faith to th e Ind ian ’s conception of dream s, the Algonquin’s “ shadow” or th e Salu’s “ghost” (pp. 265, 266). Burch and Patterson, in th e ir volume “American Social Problem s,” used in high school, make morality and religion mere animal evolution, ta lk of th e tim e when man was incapable of determ ining w hat was moral and immoral, thereby sweeping out the Decalogue and all th e o ther claims of Divine law. (Let me say th a t th e North High School has one professor who refuses to hold recitations on certain chapters in th is book.)

T H E K I N G ’ S B U S I N E S S


The Climax of Blasphemy But I bring you th e climax when I quote from Parmelee on “Criminology.” To him “ sp irits” are “ hypothetical beings” only (p. 16 ), “ alleged beings” (p. 17). He says of Jesus Christ cursing the fru itless fig tree, “This is like th e child or savage who trip s over a stone and th en strikes it in anger because it h u rt him .” He says of th e Christian religion, “It Was derived from Judaism , th e magical notion” of the uncleanliness of sex has been combined w ith and has re-enforced “ th e ascetic ideal of p ropitiating th e Deity by expiation and purification th rough chastity” (p. 23). He believes th a t certain serious m istakes have been made in “ th e introduction and execution of penal laws,” due to the “ m istaken conception of Christians th a t sin is transgression of the Divine law” (p. 33). He doubts “if irreligion is a potent force for crim e” (p. 107).- He speaks of th e Hebrew Yahveh, our God, as a “stern and vengeful God.” He writes,: “th e Christian doctrine of th e forgiveness of sins possesses this evil influence because it dissem inates the grossly erroneous notion th a t repentance absolves a per­ son’s responsibility for th e imm orality of his p ast conduct. I t would be difficult to find a more anti-social and immoral religious doctrine” - (p. 109). He declares “th e dogma of the forgiveness of sin still gives currency to th e belief th a t th e effect of an act can be wiped out by repentance and remorse alone, or by th e absolution which follows peniten­ tia l acts, despite th e fact th a t the biological and psycho­ logical sciences have ta u g h t us th a t the effects of any act, w hether sinful or otherw ise, upon th e organism and per­ sonality are indelible” (p. 115). He affirms “Religion and Science are irreconcilable” (p. 113). He declares th a t “ nothing in hum an cu ltu re is more archaic th a n religion, because it professes to teach absolute tru th , and to inculcate immutable rules of conduct-—conse­ quently religion has always been a powerful force for repressive legislation, and therefo re a prolific cause of evolutive crim inality.” He raves against th e circumstance th a t th e Christian religion has been officially recognized in America as the n ational religion (p. 471 f ). He declares th a t it is a piece of effrontery and a violation of th e Constitu­ tion when th e courts declare th is to be a “Christian nation ,” w ith constitutional rig h ts or religious freedom which it is th e ir special duty to uphold. To quote his exact language he says, “D isrespectful mention of God, Jesus, and other alleged sup ern atu ral beings is prohibited in various parts of th is country, in spite of th e fact th a t these beings are reputed to be strong enough to defend and avenge them ­ selves. In th is fashion is violated th e fundam ental and inalienable hum an rig h t of free speech, and th e courts are furnished th e power to in terfere, if they so desire, w ith the spread of liberal ideas and th e refu tation of archaic beliefs” (p. 476). Feb. 15th, 1923, edition of th e M anufacturers Record says sanely enough: “We cannot m ain tain government and discipline in hum an affairs by sta tu te s or by th e police power. W hat keeps m ankind in o rd er is th e conviction of a h ereafter and a belief in th e principles of rig h t and wrong ta u g h t a t th e m other’s knee. Once a g re a t body of th e citizenship acts on th e assumption th a t th e re is neith er divine purpose in th e universe no r divine laws th a t m ust be followed, life resolves itself in to a m ere b ru ta l struggle for existence. Evolution has well nigh wrecked every land th a t has adopted it. “ Civilization can stand, in a measure, economic b reak ­ downs and financial debacles, b u t when you b reak down and destroy m an’s temples of reverence, his reg a rd fo r holy things, his belief in religion and h is hope of etern ity , you

simply rend asunder th e very foundation on which society rests.” If our children are to be taugh t, from fou r to eigh t consecutive years, such God-denying, Christ-repudiating, Bible-scorning theories as are in these te x t books, let us not forget th a t thereby th e la st plank will be laid fo r th e platform on which th e Soviet propaganda will eventually parade its atheistic, anarchistic, and inhum an philosophy before th e world p, and let us note well th e circum stances th a t— Its trium ph in America is th e overthrow of th e C hristian State. If we are ready for th a t, le t us approve these tex t books and ,in sist th a t they be retained in the teaching c u r­ riculum of university, normal, high schools, and even grades. If we are ready for th a t let us applaud th e ath eistic teacher who tells our children th a t “ it is foolish to believe in God,” ;“ a m ental dereliction to believe in th e Deity of Christ.” Let us cite them to Van Loon w ith his villainous infidelity and parade H. G. Wells as a g reat au tho rity , and quote from him these words: “The Socialist no more regards th e in stitu tion of m arriage as a perm anent th ing th a n he regard s a sta te of indu strial competition as permanent. Socialism repudiates private ownership of th e head of th e fam ily as completely as it repud iates any so rt of private ownership. Socialism, in fact, is th e state fam ily; th e old fam ily of th e private individual must banish before it, ju st as th e old w aterworks of private enterprise, or th e old gas company.’V--’ When the fam ily is gone, and God is dethroned and th e moral codes of th e Bible are held to be no more binding th an a deliverance of E ast Indian dervishes, our own loved country will come into the present Russian experience; infidelity, m ental and moral; rapine, plunder, robbery, these will be universal and as we look back to th e days when our fath ers lived and loved, w rought and rejoiced, because they believed God, we will have a comparison th a t will involve a con trast as deep and strange as th e con trast between Hell and Heaven. The L iterary Digest of March 22, 1919, carried an article entitled “Bolshevism’s Heaven on E a rth .” I t rem inded its read ers of the fact th a t th e Soviet government commis­ sioned fu tu rist artists to paint sky blue th e en tire T heatre Square in Moscow, and to suspend snow-white lan tern s from th e trees in im itation of clouds, a symbol of “ the heaven on ea rth ,” employed to celebrate its advent to power. But once th a t advent was working, Russian fugi­ tives laid before th e Overton investigating comm ittee facts th a t made “ life look like a nightm are in a lunatic asylum .” Poverty, sickness, distress, starvation ; churches converted into th eatres, where h arlo ts and profligates held nightly revel, homes into houses of d eath where a b attalion of Chinese executed th e will of the Soviet government in th e destruction of lives out of num ber; th e invention of cruel­ ties such as have no t existed since the days of Nero, and yet th is is w hat some men are preaching, and some profes­ sors are teaching. God forbid th a t we should be silen t while America is th u s being menaced and th e imm ortal souls of all men are being th u s imperiled. ' , : ,^ 14 . ^ ^ M A WARM EMBRACE FOR THE K. B. The Superintendent of a Union Rescue Mission in Ohio has th is to say about The K ing’s Business: “Now may God’s richest blessings re st upon th a t m aga­ zine. How we all welcome its team ing pages, filled w ith God’s Word. I never rea d i t a t arm s’ length, b u t hug it close and from my platform tell my bunch of ‘rough-necks’ w hat Jesus would have me tell them and say ‘T h at’s K ing’s Business.”

T H E K I N G ’ S B U S I N E S S


T ke C hu rch and the Schools Dr. John M. Maclnnis Teacher of Philosophy of Religion in Bible Institute of Los Angeles

The church is, -fundamentally, an educational in­ stitution. Its charter is two-fold—evangelistic and educational. “ Go ye - -, - make disciples;” that is evangelism. “ Teaching them;” that is education. An untaught disciple is contrary to the New Testa­

Therefore, the church should be vitally interested in education. To be indifferent to it would be to betray its own nature. The only adequate education is a Christian education. In a country like ours, it is the only logical and strictly scientific education. We are

ment ideal. When either one of these principles is neglected, the church be­ comes weak and one-sided. A normal church is a church that is interested in evangelism and in edu­ cation. A normal Chris­ tian is a “ taught” or “ educated” Christian. Christianity never put a premium on ignorance. It saves an ignorant man, but if the New Testament program is followed, it never leaves him ignor­ ant. To leave children ig­ norant, is to go directly contrary to the explicit command of our Lord. History bears out this thought. Every great re­ ligious awakening is fol­ lowed by educational ac­ tivities. Pentecost was followed by the activities which produced the New Testament—the greatest teaching and the greatest literature in the world. The Reformation pro­ duced the great creeds of modern history. What­ ever we may think of them, no man can reason­ ably deny that they were the expression of a sin­ cere desire to teach a generation that was born in a great religious move­ ment. The great revivals in our own country were followed by the founding of colleges and schools. This is no accident. It is the genius of Christianity.

not now thinking about an education in the dif­ ferent sciences, but of an education that is sound in the sense that it is adequate and efficient. This conviction is sup­ ported by the following facts: First: Historically, our nation ought to be Chris­ tian. It was bom of a Christian passion and im­ pulse. The fathers of our country before leaving the Mayflower declared their intention to estab­ lish a commonwealth that would help advance the interests of the kingdom of God. So clearly is this writ­ ten in our history that the Supreme Court of the United States has offici­ ally declared that we are historically a Christian nation. That is our legal standing. Second: No man can therefore efficiently teach American history without constant reference to Christianity a n d t h e Bible. You could no more u n d e r s t a n d the United States of America apart from the Bible than you could understand Turkey apart from the Koran. Christianity is the life that made possible America. If Christianity is sectarian, so is the United States. The Bible sup­ plied the mould in which

One Woman’s Work It is always inspiring to recognize th e pos­ sibilities invested in th e life of one individual worker for th e Lord. We are th ink ing now of a little woman upon whose h ea rt God laid th e work of paraphrasing th e Book of Psalms. This was no easy service to undertake, b u t th is good woman accepted the task and year afte r year, as th e Lord led, bu t never except on Sunday afternoons, she applied herself to the labor of love and moulded into poetic form th e wonderful words of David the shepherd King. We ta k e pleasure in quoting th e following testimony from h er pastor: “ I w ant to tell you how highly I appreciate your work. The paraphrasing is accurate and tru e w ithout being merely repetitious. Indeed, a large p art of th e excellence is due to your using the fam iliar words. The .unerring in ­ stinct to catch th e sp iritual meaning is rare and remarkable. The beauty of tne rhythm is most felicitious, and I congratulate you tru ly and from ihy h eart. It m ust have given you many hours of delight to m editate over and reset th e beautiful words of the P salm ist. I t is th e achivement of a worthy life time. May God bless th e book to th e com fort of many saints, and to th e storing of th e minds and memories of many children w ith th e beau­ tifu l words of the Psalms. I wish these Psalms, as arranged by you, m ight be set to worthy music and sung by all the churches of every nam e.” WILLIAM L. McEWAN, P asto r Th ird P resbyterian Church, P ittsburg, Penna. We are sure th a t no one could possess this volume of “The Peerless Poems of David, the K ing,” by Miss Jane Copley, and pore over its pages w ithout imbibing from its deep fountain many sweet and sublime messages. And we commend to our readers both th e book itself and th e example of p atien t endeavor, through a long life, to produce a work which should m inister to the lives and h earts of others. May God’s richest blessing rest upon Miss Copley.

In this country, education is essentially the child of the church. No one familiar with our early his­ tory would deny this. Schools were founded in order that men might read and understand the Bible, and intelligently carry out its teachings in everyday life. A school without the Bible was unthinkable to the founders of American education.

its outlines were cast. That is not theory, but history. It is just as impossible to teach American litera­ ture apart from constant reference to the Bible. A man who has not a fairly intimate knowledge of the thought and imagery of the Bible cannot possibly intelligently appreciate our literature. This, in a more real sense, is true of English literature in gen-

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