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December 2019

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Loving the People in Our Lives The Value of Family During the Holidays

The holidays are an important time of year, a time when loved ones come together to celebrate as a whole. It’s a time when old traditions are preserved and new traditions are born. However, while upholding traditions may be important during the holidays, there’s more significance in getting together with family members these few times throughout the year. When families spend quality time together, it creates stronger emotional bonds with one another. No matter how a family chooses to celebrate the holidays, those celebrations can be an essential part of growing closer as a family, thus creating and securing a sense of belonging with the people you’ve known for the majority of your life. Family allows you to take a much-needed break from everyday stresses. People tend to get caught up in their day-to-day lives without taking so much as a weekend for themselves. The holidays give people a chance to finally step away from it all, put down their phones, and enjoy the company of people they love. unconditionally, and give us their unwavering support when pursuing our dreams. Catching up with an aunt, spending time with cousins, or listening to the stories of a grandparent are wonderful ways to spend the holidays and build those connections with one another. Reconnecting with people you haven’t seen in months or even years can help you become closer than you were before. You can always rely on family; they encourage us when we’re feeling down, love us

day aside to give them a quick call, shoot them a quick message online, or mail them a holiday card if you can — let them know you want to reconnect. The relationships we build throughout our lives are important to us, and the holidays allow us to reflect on howmeaningful they really are. The love and acceptance we experience in these times are unlike anything we’ll experience elsewhere. At the end of the day, family and close friends will always be there for you, through the easy times and the hard times. This time of year is one of the best chances to appreciate how amazing our loved ones truly are.

The holidays also give us a chance to look at all the relationships we have, not just those with our family. As people grow older, it’s not uncommon for friends and acquaintances to grow distant with one another, and unfortunately, it’s uncommon for people to reconnect those distant friendships. Now is the perfect time to reach out to the people you feel out of touch with. Whether the person you’re trying to reconnect with is a family member or a friend, it’s never too late to try. Take a chance; set a few minutes of your

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