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The WE guide to family philanthropy How to make g i v i ng back a mean i ngful par t of your fami ly l i fe

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Putting the family in foundation

As part of our commitment to providing you with industry-leading education and strategic resources, I’m pleased to announce that Foundation Source has teamed up with WE—an organization and a movement that brings people together and gives them the tools to change the world. With a track record earned over the past 20 years, WE brings an expertise and proven approach to empowering millions of young people and their families to discover the issues that are most important to them and take action together to make a difference. Through the Foundation Source partnership with WE, you now have access as a client to a wide range of unique, turnkey programs and resources designed to engage your whole family—but especially the next generation—in working together for a better world. In this WE guide to family philanthropy , you’ll find youth and family opportunities, as well as personalized support, designed to inspire your whole family to move from “me” to “we.” Read on to learn more about WE's programs and how they can help you raise children who care and contribute. You’ll discover the many ways you can bring your family together to drive real change—within your families and your communities.

At Foundation Source, we’ve learned that one of the most important reasons for setting up a private foundation is the role it can play in bringing families together. For many of you, having your family involved in your foundation and its mission can be as important as making a philanthropic impact. While creating positive change in the world, your family foundation offers unique opportunities to connect across generations, foster shared values, encourage learning and collaboration, and create a legacy of good. And yet, we know it’s not always easy to engage your family—especially the next generation—in your philanthropy. That’s why Foundation Source, along with providing support services for setting up and running your giving enterprise, offers guidance on all aspects of foundations, including continuity planning and family engagement.


Susan Friedlander Calzone Chief Executive Officer, Foundation Source


Inspiring the next generation

The WE movement is what we wish we had when we were teenagers looking to contribute our talents, act on our passions and change the world—a turnkey solution for inspiration, ideas and programs to bring young people, schools, families and companies together to make it easy to get involved in our communities and deepen our impact. Since those early days, the WE organization has grown from a small group of family and friends into a movement of 3.4 million young people and their families who are committed to making positive social change. Through your private foundation, you've made the same commitment to making a difference, one that will create a legacy for generations to come.

But how do you encourage your children and grandchildren to feel a part of your family mission and take an active role in the foundation? We've learned through years of working with young people that you need a specific strategy to engage and empower them. Inside this WE guide, you'll discover inspiring and fun activities to bring your whole family together through service. Help your kids and grandkids discover themselves, their passions and their potential to lead by taking action together. Not only will you do good in the world by tackling some of our most pressing issues, you’ll grow closer to each other and to your community, bond through your shared experiences and feel a renewed sense of family purpose. We've had the honor to be involved with a number of families who have made a major commitment to giving back. Because every family is unique, we invite you to take the next step and contact your Foundation Source Private Client Advisor or email . A dedicated WE family coach will work with your family every step of the way to create a customized experience to reflect your interests and goals.

Thank you for taking this journey with us. Welcome to WE!

Marc Kielburger

Craig Kielburger

Co-Founders, WE


It's easy to get involved

As a Foundation Source client, you now have access to a wide range of fun and exciting WE programs, exclusive events and volunteer travel opportunities to involve your family in your philanthropy, including: ►► A dedicated WE family coach to help you build a customized family action plan and guide you every step of the way. ► ► Volunteer travel experiences for families and youth, working alongside community members on a sustainable development project while being immersed in local culture. (p. 6) ► ► Family activity kits , e-newsletters , articles and ready- made campaigns and resources for taking local and global action. (p. 5) ►► Access to WE Day , inspirational, stadium-sized events that bring together world-renowned speakers and performers with millions of young people and families to celebrate a commitment to service. (p. 10) Your Foundation Source Private Client Advisor will continue to be your primary point of contact for your day-to-day foundation needs. Your WE family coach will work with you to map out a specific engagement strategy for your family and provide your children and grandchildren with ongoing mentoring to help them discover their interests, learn new skills, access volunteer opportunities and identify courses and careers that align with their passions. Contact . And more!


Bond together as a family

WE family programs offer inspiring and fun activities to engage your whole family in your philanthropic mission. Together, you can unleash the power of positive impact. It all starts with your family’s commitment to giving back in simple, meaningful ways. WE programs appeal to all generations of your family, bringing them together to bond through a common family cause and providing the perfect way to instill cherished values in your children, children’s children and generations to come.

Get started

"Because of the demands of my job, I'll never win quantity of time with my children, but I'm going to fight to win quality of time award with my kids with our involvement through WE programs.” — Bill Thomas, Chairman, KPMG International, with his family on a ME to WE volunteer trip to India.

Use this turnkey WE Families starter kit, featuring a family activity book and discussion cards, to spark a conversation with your family about the issues that matter most to you and the actions you can do together to make the world a better place.


Family service trips offer special family programs and child care to accommodate multigenerational families and travelers of all ages. You’ll stay in bespoke lodges with all the comforts of home, and we can help extend your trip with optional add-ons like safari excursions, historic sightseeing or treks through the Amazon jungle. In addition to youth-only trips, WE provides family-friendly volunteer travel experiences for all ages. On a famly service trip to Kenya, Ecuador or India, you’ll bond with each other through unique shared experiences and create lasting memories with your loved ones. The trip experience is safe, comfortable and thoughtfully designed for all age groups. While working together as a family alongside community members on a sustainable development project (like building a school or a medical facility), you’ll be immersed in local culture and learn from community elders. You’ll not only witness firsthand how communities are coming together to help break the cycle of poverty, your family will be transformed by the experience and its lasting impact. Join us in Kenya and become immersed in the beauty of the Maasai Mara; traverse the Los Rios in the Amazon Basin by canoe and feel the joy and warmth of Kichwa culture; experience the vibrancy of India and take part in a Puja Prayer Ceremony. Learn and grow through family travel


Living WE: the Crown Robinson family CASE STUDY

"Our family has been profoundly impacted by our involvement with WE. We’ve traveled as a family to Kenya and India, and our kids have brought WE to their friends and schools. The inspiration, education, motivation and commitment to empowering youth is palpable. We believe everyone— families, students, teachers, schools and companies should experience the power of WE. We are honored and proud to be part of the WE family.”

— Steve Robinson and Janet Crown CEO, Reimagine, and Philanthropist, Crown Family Philanthropies


Connect your family to a WE Village When your family connects to a sister village, your kids will begin to learn about the world and experience different cultures and communities. Access to education, clean water, health care, nutritious food and a family income are the five key pillars to helping families lift themselves out of poverty. In supporting WE’s international development model, WE Villages, your family will be paired with a community to help empower them to create positive lasting change. Through your WE family coach, you’ll receive regular

community updates, be able to track the progress of WE projects and have the opportunity to visit the community on a family service trip to experience firsthand the community’s transformation. These opportunities can support your family’s own development—helping your children or grandchildren gain a new perspective by connecting with a children’s school in a sister village, or inspiring the whole family to improve your Spanish-language skills while connecting to a sister village in Ecuador.


LivingWE: the Sandberg-Goldberg family CASE STUDY

Sheryl Sandberg and her children joined the WE organization on a cultural immersion and service trip to the Amazon region of Ecuador. The journey included spending time with the local community, such as visiting the home of Don Vargas, a local farmer. They sat together outside of his home, eating his proudly grown fresh-cut fruit. Don Vargas had lost his daughter to water-borne illness years earlier, but thanks to sustainable development, his children are now healthy and strong. Inspired by the journey, her family made a commitment to support a new WE Village, providing a community with the five Pillars of Impact— education, clean water, health care, food security, and opportunity. As a part of the commitment, they are establishing a farm that will offer women the opportunity to earn an income for their families through the growth and production of fair trade cacao. Back home, Sheryl and her family have worked with a WE family coach to get more deeply involved and turn their ideas into action. Her children have raised awareness about their sister WE Village by gathering friends together to host a visiting WE speaker and they have researched and given presentations at school. They’ve also raised money for the community in creative ways, including selling cookies and requesting donations instead of birthday gifts. The family plans to return to visit their sister village in the future. By taking action together, they’ve made a big difference to children and their families a world away.


Share the Power of WE Day After experiencing WE Day, your children will never be the same. They’ll be inspired and energized by world renowned speakers and award-winning performers, and moved by everyday heroes with real life stories of change. They’ll discover new causes and new ways to take action. They’ll feel the rush of connecting with thousands of kids who share a passion for making a difference.

You can’t buy a ticket to WE Day—your kids can earn their way by taking action on one local and global issue. They’ll join over 200,000 young people who attend WE Day each year in 16 locations across North America and the UK, and millions more who will experience WE Day through live-stream and national primetime broadcasts.



Jacob Tremblay

Prince Harry

Kelly Clarkson

Sabrina Carpenter

Malala Yousafzai

Martin Luther King III

Celebrate WE Day Family WE now offers a special version of WE Day, created just for families, in select cities. WE Day Family appeals to all generations and features powerful stories of kids and families making a difference together. Bring your extended family and join other families to share and celebrate your commitment to positive social change. Learn more at .

Lilly Singh


Raise kids who care and contribute

Through WE youth programs, young people see the world through a whole new lens.

There are WE programs and resources for every stage of your child’s development and interests, from their early pre-school days through to college graduation and beyond. ►► Youth Trips: traveling with their peers on an life-changing volunteer trip, young adults work alongside local community members on a WE Charity development project. ►► WE Schools: a free program that enables you to bring service-learning education into your child's classroom. ►► AP with WE Service: the academic rigor of College Board's Advanced Placement courses combine with WE's service learning model to enable high school students to apply their learning to solve real world problems. ►► Take Action Camp: a traditional, fun-filled summer camp for kids with a focus on leadership through service. To learn how your child can get involved in WE youth programs, please email .


Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft, and his daughter with Marc Kielburger and Wilson Meikuaya on a ME to WE volunteer trip in Kenya

"Our family has been involved with WE for well over a decade and we have witnessed first-hand the sustainable growth and impact of the work overseas and at home. We are very excited to see the WE movement continue to be a force for good in our world and for our children.” — Mike and Karen Stone Family Foundation Foundation Source client

"As a family, we have learned that there’s no better feeling than the one when you have truly helped someone. And there’s nothing more inspiring as a parent than to see your children do good in the world." — Stephanie Argyros, Argyros Family Foundation and Co-Chair, WE Day California

"WE empowered our boys when they were in middle- school to become the agents of change needed in society. Marc and Craig Kielburger have been the most amazing role models for our boys so that now, as adults, giving back and remaining active in their community is fully and deeply ingrained.” — Reni and Shantanu Narayen


At Foundation Source, we encourage our clients to make philanthropy a family affair. Inside this WE guide, you’ll discover inspiring and fun activities to engage your whole family in your foundation mission. Help your kids and grandkids discover themselves, their passions and their potential to lead by taking action together. Not only will you do good in the world by tackling some of our most pressing issues, you’ll grow closer to each other and to your community, and feel a renewed sense of family purpose. Empower your kids to make a difference

Connect with your WE family coach

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Take the next step and contact your Foundation Source Private Client Advisor or email . We'll connect you with individual support from a WE family coach to work with you to develop a customized experience to reflect your family's interests and goals.

WE Charity is a registered charity in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom. WE Charity United States Tax ID: 501 (c)(3)-16-1533544 | WE Charity Canada Tax ID: 88657 8095 RR0001 | WE Charity United Kingdom Registered Charity Number: 1138645

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