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Switching to SeeWhy ®

We switched to using See-Why cyclamen for our 6x9cm mini-cyclamen carry pack a couple of years ago. We found that the synchronicity of flowering across the range, combined with the compact habit of each plants means we can grow the plants directly in to the mixed pack.

How you benefit

SeeWhy ® lets you plan and produce more efficiently and saves time, money and effort. Worry-free production – that’s our promise.

Natalie Porter Happy Plants

Developing compactly – perfect harmony between flowers and plant

+ Aligned flowering windows within and between colours Developing uniformly – high uniformity within 3 weeks

+ Worry-free production with our early cyclamen Developing early – up to 7-10 days faster plant bulking

"The efficiency this offers us over picking over huge batches to of individual pots to find colour, then manually putting together packs each week makes a significant difference to our workload each week, as well as to our bottom line"

+ Stays compact even in full bloom


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SeeWhy ®

SeeWhy ®


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