Circumnavigation of Sicily with Zegrahm Expeditions

CONCLUSIONS A visit to Sicily is greatly enhanced by an interest in history, both ancient and modern. Infrastructure is not at the level of most parts of Europe so one must expect long bus rides between archeological sites and cities too. Since our journey was ship-based, we docked in ports and went inland to see many of the sites of interest. Sicilian food is plentiful but very much pasta-based. The prudent tourist will watch his intake or see his waistline expand. In the summer weeks of our trip, the weather is extremely hot and it is absolutely necessary to drink water copiously to avoid dehydration. That being said, Sicily is beautiful in many places (though we did not see the countryside at its best since we were visiting in the dry season and most plants were sere and brown. The views from many of the high spots in cities and countryside were impressive too. We found the local guides (tourist tour groups are required to hire local guides when visiting most of the sites) to be well-informed at each place. Whisper earbuds were very helpful since the streets are crowded and noisy so it is often impossible to hear the guide if one is not equipped with the hearing devices. There are beautiful beaches and resorts in Sicily according to the advertisements but our trip was not focused on beach activities so I cannot comment on any. We did visit two wineries to taste the justly famous Sicilian wines, but since I am not a wine drinker, I cannot discuss those visits with any expertise. I will say that the wineries themselves were located in lovely settings which were fun to explore.

So go to Sicily but prepare ahead by familiarizing yourself with the complicated history of this amazing part of Italy.


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