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KNOWLEDGE BEANS a human resource newsletter issue no 46 | May 2012


EMPLOYEEENGAGEMENT: THEMAGICRECIPE Tanmoy Bandyopadhyayshareshis insights

EMPLOYEEENGAGEMENT –A NEEDOFTHEHOUR Mohanish Choudharihighlightsthenew successmantra


Employee engagement is not just about employee satisfaction or employee happiness but beyond that. It is about involvement and commitment with the organization and work at a higher emotional level. Employee engagement does not operate in a legal or statutory framework. The legal framework just gives a guideline of the benefits that can increase employee satisfaction and comfort but may not drive employee engagement. To feel a part of the organization the employees need to connect at an emotional level, be committed and involved in the organization. They should feel proud of what they do and where they work. EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT: THE MAGIC RECIPE TÊTE-À-TÊTE TanmoyBandyopadhyay

Tanmoy is an accomplished HR professional with about 15 years of rich and varied work experience as an organization development specialist, strategic business partner, HR operations leader, coach, mentor and trainer. He has worked with both Indian and foreign multinationals. He brings in, a strong global perspective having successfully led Global Tiger Teams across APAC, EMEA and Americas on key HR transformational challenges.

Some of the key drivers of employee engagement are:

Type of work Organization culture Policies and processes of the organization

Great work relationships with manager and team Professional and career development opportunities CSR and a greater cause


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Shubhangi Bhosale , Consultant, Atyaasaa Consulting Private Limited, is an enthusiastic Human Resource professional with 2 years of experience in the field of Training and Development,AssessmentCentre,EmployeeEngagementandOrganizationDevelopment.She is an avid researcher and writer and has worked on various research projects with world class companies. 'Employee engagement' has been a burning topic in the corporate circles. It's a buzz phrase that has captured everyone’s attention. It is a topic that employers and employees alike think they understand, yet can't fathom in its true sense. Knowledge Beans focuses on howemployee engagement is the need of the hour” Neha Pant , is the Head of the Project Management team at Atyaasaa Consulting Private Limited. She is a Science graduate from Delhi University and a post-graduate in HR and marketing. She has worked in Delhi as a high end skill trainer, and has looked after the learning and development initiatives of different corporates for about three years. At Atyaasaa she manages projects on HR consulting, training and OD. Share with us your views and opinions on the theme – “Managing Gen Y.” Do send us a 300 word article sharing your views and opinions on the theme, along with your photograph in jpeg format and brief profile.

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