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issue no 46 | May 2012

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employees engaged. They are close to the action and know how to involve and connect with their team members at an individual level. The HR business partners can play a very important role in building manager capabilities and helping business leaders increase employee engagement through various initiatives. Having fun and social activities does connect and involve employees but their commitment may still be lacking if they don’t connect with the organizational goals and their own development. A few things that keep the employee engaged are: Internal job rotation/transfers to enable growth within the organization

Challenging projects and job assignments Professional and career development support Recognition and reward mechanisms to inculcate success behaviour patterns Open and innovative culture Continuous and open channels of communication Mentoring and coaching programmes

Employee engagement is like a mix of spices. If you have the right mix in the right proportion it adds to the taste. Some people leave people and some leave organizations. It mainly happens because some of the spices are missing. They feel the taste outside is much better than the taste inside. Organizations approach employee engagement in very prescriptive manner and offer a slew of training programmes, fast promotion and attractive benefits to retain an employee. Programmes just for the sake of it will not keep the employee engaged. Employee engagement initiatives have to be really deep and catering to the needs of the employees. It’s important to understand how to create an emotional connect and increase involvement of the employee. Communication is the key and the manager plays a very important role in keeping the Inventa Electro systems (N) Pvt. Ltd., Nashik is a multi product venture holding a brand “Om-X LED lighting solutions.” Employee retention and engagement plays a vital role in the organization as in manufacturing job becomes monotonous in nature. Employees’ positive or negative attachment towards the job, colleagues and organization profoundly influences their willingness to learn and perform at work. This is crucial for reducing attrition and retaining employees for the betterment of the organization. Thus employee engagement is distinctively different from employee satisfaction and motivation. Out of the total workforce, only 31% of employees are actively engaged in their jobs. These employees work with passion and feel an intense connection with the organization thus helping it grow. Research on employee engagement indicates that: 88% of highly engaged employees believe that they can positively impact the quality of their organization's products, compared to 38% of the disengaged employees 72% of highly engaged employees believe that they can positively affect customer service, as against 27% of the disengaged employees

There is no magic recipe for employee engagement. Every organization’s challenge is different. It is very important to understand the organization dynamics, employee need and the limitations while making a customised engagement programme. Employee engagement is continuous process and leaders will have to continue working on it in this dynamic market place and changing employee expectations.




Mr. Mohanish Choudhari shares his experience in the field of people management with the Editorial team of Knowledge Beans. Mohanish is a passionate Mechanical Engineer with an extensive experience in marketing and operations at senior management level in auto component industry. He currently holds the position of Director at Inventa Electro systems Pvt.Ltd.

68% of highly engaged employees believe they can positively impact costs in their job or unit, compared to 19% of the disengaged employees Employee engagement deals with activities which improve employee perceptions of job importance, clarity of job expectations, career development opportunities, regular feedback and dialogue with seniors. Engaged employees demonstrate the willingness to stay with the organization and commit time and effort to help the organization succeed. It helps to improve the relationships with peers, superiors, and subordinates, perceptions of the ethos and values of the organization. At Inventa the following initiatives are taken to encourage employees: Recognition of employees with awards, appreciating and motivating them to perform better Encourage proper dialogues with the seniors, finding out the expectations from the employee by the company in order to develop a bonding with the organization Recruiting through employee references Creating a learning work culture Celebrating festivals and distributing gifts at every function Encouraging and initiating employee development activities

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