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Hello to our avid newsletter readers! I’m Jenny Mason, the Senior Associate and second-in-command here at Frye Law Group. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Kim and the other members of our dedicated team for a little over a year, and, during that time, we’ve put our heads together to approach every single one of our firm’s cases with cohesive tenacity in order to ensure the best possible outcome for our clients in the community. While my time at Frye Law Group has been excellent for a number of reasons, my heart sought out criminal defense a long time ago. Back in 1994, exactly 25 years ago, upon graduating from law school in North Carolina, I decided to move to Atlanta. I didn’t have any plans to pursue a career in defense, but, after the attorney I was working for brought me in on a couple of cases, I immediately realized this practice area was the right fit for me. In fact, it was during the very first case I took on that I discovered just how noticeable a difference I could make it my clients’ lives. The vast majority of people who are seeking out a defense attorney are navigating the justice system for the first time in their lives, so they are understandably stressed. But, once I am able to sit down and start solving problems with them, I can see some relief start to set in.

well as options to keep them out of custody and off of probation. The simple truth is that people make mistakes every day, but every single person, no matter who they are, deserves a second chance. Their mistakes should never equate to the sum total of their life, but, without a knowledgeable and passionate criminal defense lawyer, the judicial system can strip them of the opportunity to grow from those mistakes. In addition to being able to add value to Frye Law Group and work closely with an attorney I’d commended for years, I also thoroughly enjoy the location and focus of our office. With the office centered in Cobb County (where my family and I also live), I’m able to spend less time commuting and more time hiking, traveling, and trying out new restaurants with my husband and 10-year-old daughter. Furthermore, the opportunity to work for a firm that specializes in taking on Cobb County cases allows me to serve clients that live in the same area that I do, which means that I can relate to their situations with far more understanding. All in all, coming here has been, and will continue to be, an amazing experience. I’m so grateful to Kim and everyone else here at Frye Law Group for welcoming me into their family!

“The simple truth is that people make mistakes every day, but every single person, no matter who they are, deserves a second chance.”

Upon realizing that my passion lies in providing a strong legal defense, I did federal criminal defense for another firm in Atlanta and then served as a public defender in Fulton County for a number of years. I had my own practice at one point as well. While I briefly dabbled in personal injury law, my desire to eradicate indigent defense for those in the community brought me to Kim and her firm. I’d seen Kim in action in the courtroom on several occasions over the years and had always admired her enthusiasm and competence. When I learned that she was looking to add another attorney to her team, I joined as quickly as I could. At Frye Law Group, we accept cases that the majority of other lawyers turn away. For example, we don’t shy away from taking on cases involving sex crimes because we feel strongly about helping people understand how easy it can be to make a false allegation and how quickly a young person can be adjudicated as a delinquent when he/she did nothing wrong. In other types of defense cases, we spend ample time looking for alternatives for our clients in terms of treatment, as

–Jenny Mason

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