C+S February 2021 Vol. 7 Issue 2

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february 2021

NAHB International Builders’ Show february 9-12 – virtual

PTI Miami Certification Week 2021 february 1-6 – miami, fl

The 2021 NAHB International Builders’ Show (IBS) will be a virtual event. The IBSx Virtual Experience will introduce, showcase, and display the must-have new products, tech, and innovations that savvy builders, remodelers, and other residential construction industry pros will want to include in their upcoming projects. https://www.buildersshow.com/ Forum topics center around one of the SDC’s goals, in addition to Technology Showcase presentations, that highlight new and innovative equipment, materials, and applications that are/will be available to the concrete industry to assure its continued advancement and improvement. https://www.acifoundation.org/technology/forums.aspx Virtual SDC Technology Forum 49 february 9-11 – virtual The DFI Middle East Conference is the region's leading technical conference in the field of foundation engineering. The fifth edition of the conference provides an opportunity for the region’s geotechnical engineering practitioners, academics, and suppliers to exchange information and present the latest developments in the field of foundation design and construction. http://www.dfi.org/dfieventlp.asp?13436 Education for both conferences will be accessible across numerous device types on a robust platform that provides access to live and pre- recorded content. Education will feature timely content presented by knowledgeable experts that provide real world solutions to industry problems including plenary sessions, roundtables, fireside chats, technical papers, poster sessions and short courses. Attendees can network online with specific industry topics, speaker engagement, roundtable discussions and participate in trivia night. The platform also provides one-on-one interactions through text and video chat capabilities. Attendees can also share their biography, social media and contact information with peers to stay connected post conference. https://www.ieca.org/IECA/IECA_Events/2021_Events/21_Annual_ Conference/Registration.aspx March 2021 DFI 2021 Middle East Conference february 16-18 – virtual IECA Virtual Annual Conference & Expo february 22-25 – virtual

PTI is now offering all 2021 scheduled workshops for Field Personnel Certifications in a one week format in different cities and regions around the United States. During the certification week attendees have the opportunity to earn up to 3 PTI Certifications in ONE WEEK. https://www.post-tensioning.org/certification/ fieldpersonnelcertification/scheduledworkshopsregistration.aspx President’s Series: Strategies for Effective Quality Control february 3 – virtual If you've ever had cause to think that structural materials are outside of the public eye, consider how strongly concrete is associated with the DC area. Concrete is a powerful, versatile, and economical material, but persistent modeling challenges and logistical complexity in the field leave many engineers with questions. To further explore these considerations, The Younger Members Group invites all SEA-MW members to tune into a panel discussion and get answers to some of your questions on concrete. https://seamw.org/event-4120322 Prevention of problems is better than having to cure them. The webinar will discuss the latest techniques in Quality Control applied to large scale projects with case studies. Concrete constituent materials evaluation with case studies in several projects in the Middle East will be discussed. Case studies will include alkali-silica reactivity, asbestos, high density aggregate weathering, high chloride materials content, cement type, and quality of cementitious materials. Discussion will also cover concrete mix design, selecting and balancing the right properties: compressive strength, flowability, pumpability, and modulus of elasticity. https://www.concrete.org/store/productdetail. aspx?ItemID=W2102&Format=ONLINE_LEARNING&Language=E nglish&Units=US_Units The congress theme is ‘Resilient Technologies for Sustainable Infrastructures’. The Congress will provide the latest in technology and practice to enable structural engineers to design resilient and sustainable structures. The theme is reflected in the technical papers and invited presentations, which will cover the following topics: Earthquake engineering, developments of codes and standards, bridge engineering, multi-storey buildings, durability, rehabilitation and modification of structures, forensic engineering, sustainability, performance-based fire engineering, digital technology and fabrication, innovative forms, technologies and materials, Performance under multi-hazards. https://iabse.org/Events/Christchurch-2020/Event Special Topics in Concrete Design & Construction february 2 – virtual IABSE Congress 2020 (postponed) february 3-5 – virtual

An Overview of Salt-Scaling Damage march 2 – virtual

Damage caused by de-icing salts, known as salt-scaling, is a major contributor toward repair costs related to transportation infrastructure. Such damage consists of the removal of small chips or flakes of material at the exposed surfaces of concrete elements. To increase the service life




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