E. 131st Avenue PLAT Study


D. Neighborhood Section Recommendations Recommendation 1B: Create an urban residential fabric with transit supportive densities and walkable neighborhoods via T-4 designation in the central part of the corridor. The T-4 designation would be most appropriate on the central portion of E. 131 st Avenue fromKey Largo Road to west of N. 22 nd Street. The Neighborhood section of E. 131 st Avenue is represented by yellow in Figure 3-8 . With predominantly residential uses interspersed with neighborhood commercial operations like corner stores, the existing land uses in this area mesh well with typical T-4 development. The inclusion of provisions such as a minimum setback of 10 feet and a maximum setback of 15 feet with a mandatory build-out of 65 percent of the lot frontage will help create a unified neighborhood context. Other provisions of the code such as side and rear yard setbacks, height restrictions and parking location requirements will create a built environment with consistent with an urban residential neighborhood. Themandatory build-to lines and shallower setbacks will act to address some of the issues not being solved by current zoning designations, including overly large setback, the prevalence of blank walls, and gated compound entrances acting as the most prominent features throughout the corridor. These conditions result in more of a connected suburban environment, and lead away from a compact urban environment.

Recommendation 3B: Reconstruct the central portion of E. 131 st Avenue as a T-4 Residential Typical Section (Key West Road to west of N. 22 nd Street). The new typical section for this portion of the corridor is designed to support the residential and neighborhood commercial uses associated with the proposed T-4 zoning category. This typical section features two 10-foot travel lanes with shared lane markings for cyclists, nine-foot parking lanes, five-foot planting strips with space for street trees, and eight-foot sidewalks. The wide planting strip will allow for street trees to be planted closer together, creating a tunnel effect to slow motorists on E. 131 st Avenue. Where left turn lanes are required, on-street parking can be excluded to continue the provision of multimodal features such as bicycle lanes, sidewalks and planting strips. This improvement would also address a sidewalk gap on the south side of the roadway between Key Largo Dr and N. 15 th Street as well as substandard sidewalks on other portions of the roadway. For a graphical representation of the typical section, please see Figure 3-9 .



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