E. 131st Avenue PLAT Study



Robbins Manufacturing Site with a Community Mixed Use-12 (CMU-12) designation

0.75, the future land use designation of CMU-12 has a maximum density of 12 dwelling units/acre with a maximum FAR of 0.5, and a maximum cap of 650,000 square feet for the retail commercial component. If the CMU-12 property implements a Traditional Neighborhood Development project, a maximum density of 20 du/a and a maximum FAR of 1.0, with a maximum square footage of 750,000 for the retail commercial component is possible. The northwest quadrant of the intersectionwithN. 15 th Street may also transition from commercial/ services and residential to light industrial use. At the eastern limits of the project from Livingston Avenue to Bruce B Downs Boulevard, the future land use is shown as residential while many current uses are commercial. These uses are still consistent with the future land use, as locational criteria allow residential supportive commercial uses in some areas with residential future land use.

Future Land Use Future land use is a limitation of density and intensity and a general landuse designation. While the majority of the future land use approved along the proposed corridor did not differ considerably from existing patterns, there are areas where change is possible. Figure 2-4 provides the future land use designations for the areas located within 1,500 feet of E. 131 st Avenue. The map indicates that the majority of the heavy commercial uses now present at the western limit of the project near N. Nebraska Avenue could potentially change to Community Mixed Use-12 (CMU-12). The CMU-12 designation is very permissive in terms of allowable uses and could incorporate residential, commercial, office, research corporate parks, light industrial or other mixed-use projects. While the current zoning designation of Manufacturing allows for a maximum Floor Area Ratio (FAR) of


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