E. 131st Avenue PLAT Study


which 16 are in the top 10 percent for average weekday boardings and alightings in the system. For more information on the HART Routes please see Figure 2-7 . In addition, the Bull Runner, a transportation system operated by USF both on and off-campus mainly for students, faculty, and staff, provides access to the E. 131 st Avenue corridor via Route D. This route runs from the campus to the University Mall, the UATC and residential areas along N. 22 nd Street. For a Bull Runner Route D map and more information about the service, please see Appendix VI . A forthcoming transit service in the E. 131 st Avenue area is the Tampa !p Transit Circulator “Uptowner,” scheduled to start service in 2019 or 2020. The Uptowner is a partnership between HART and FDOT, and will navigate a 7-mile loop around USF and neighboring destinations such as the Moffitt Cancer Center, the V.A. Hospital, the UATC, University Mall, and others. Along the E. 131 st Avenue corridor, the service will run from the UATC to N. 22 nd Street. The Uptowner is shown on Figure 2-7 as a dashed line.


HART bus stop sign for the 59 and 275LX Routes along E. 131 st Avenue near the VA Hospital

The E. 131 st Avenue corridor generally sees more transit use than other areas of Hillsborough County. The HART UATC has the second highest number of boardings and alightings in the system with 6,437 average weekday riders, behind only the Marion Transit Center in downtown Tampa. The Metro-Rapid, a bus rapid transit service running from the UATC to downtown via N. Nebraska Avenue sees 572 average weekday boardings and alightings at the UATC, which are not counted in the UATC count. In total, there are 8,917 weekday boardings and alightings at the 41 transit stops in the study area, out of


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