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The Gilbert Gazette IN HONOR OF OUR 6TH ANNIVERSARY New Patients, New Staff, New Architecture

There is something about fall that makes the world slow down. The hustle and bustle of summertime is over, and that means that families are settling into their back-to-school routine. Instead of spending afternoons splashing in the local lake, families are cuddling up on the couch as the leaves drop from the trees outside. With this seasonal slowdown, businesses often have a hard time maintaining motivation and momentum, but here at Gilbert Physical Therapy, we feel fortunate to be experiencing the exact opposite. In fact, this year, we are celebrating our six-year anniversary, a momentous occasion that is not only a huge cause for celebration but also gives us the opportunity to look back and reflect on the changes we’ve undergone since the day our clinic opened.

or rehabilitation methods as their main objective, our team members believe that building relationships with clients is the most important aspect of PT. Because we work hard to preserve a comfortable family atmosphere among the staff, we ensure that our patients feel like they are an integral part of our family. Patients should feel like they can trust us, they should feel comfortable, and they should feel like they belong. In addition to expanding our staff to help manage growth, we are in the final stages of planning for our clinic remodel. The prospective plan is to relocate some staff offices in the building to open up the gym area for our patients’ benefit. Our internal emphasis is on patient care, and we want the architectural layout of our clinic to match; patients matter just as much in our building as they do in our hearts. While the celebration of our sixth anniversary allows us to reflect on the maturation of our clinic, it also gives us something to look forward to. Six years from now, we will hopefully be able to look back and commemorate the growth of our staff, the changes in our building, the advancement of our technology, and the continued trust from our patients. Here’s to six more!

newest physical therapist. We also hired Matt Cox, PTA, to help us assist the patients who need us. Keep an eye out for a spotlight on Matt in later editions! While hiring great new employees like Abby and Matt is both exciting and necessary, we take the process of training seriously; getting new employees to fit seamlessly into the pre-existing team is conducive to our overall growth and success. The existing staff members have done a phenomenal job of not only enthusiastically helping with the influx of patients over this past summer, but they have taken on the responsibility of guiding our new members to model their mindset. Our staff makes it their daily priority to reach our No. 1 goal: ensuring that the clinic’s focus is always on the patient. While other physical therapy clinics might tout treatment



In the past six years, our staff has gone from four to 15 members, a shift that demonstrates the continuous influx of patients seeking help with journeys to recovery. In fact, our patient base has grown every year since 2012. Because we firmly believe in the individualization of rehabilitation and treatment methods according to each patient, we knew we needed help to maintain our values. If you caught our July edition, you read about Dr. Abby McMillan, DPT, our

–Dr. Michael Gilbert, DPT | 1

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