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State University of New York, College For Teachers At Buffalo



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ELMS staff Co~Editors~in~Chief ....... . ...... . .. .. . . .. . . .. ... ...... Joan Boxer and Norm Plezia Business Manager .. . .... . .. . ..................................... Hazel Ensminger Advisor ..... . ....... ... . ...••........•....... . . . .. .. .. .. . .... ... .... Roland Wise Managing Editor .. .. . ... ............... .. ........................... Helen Taylor literary Editor ... .. .. .... . .... . .. . ..... . .•.. . ... . .•.. . ... . ........ . . .. Jack Hutzler Art Editor ......... ... .... . .. ... . ..... . ... . ... . .. .. .. . ...•. . .. .. Casey Kacprowicz Photography Editor ....... .. . . ..... .. .. ...... ...•........• . ............. Jim Clark Typing Editor ................... ........ .. ... .... ..... .. ......... Elaine Vertalino Index Editor ..... . .... ...... ....... .. ..................... . ....... Caryl Verta lino Don.Jay Studio .................... ... .. ........ . ...................... .. AI Si llato BUSINESS STAFF: J. Sibb ie, J. Howland, B. Corby, D. Maurer, J. Dpffy, R. Pukancik, P. Baldino, C. Taylor, S. Chazan, V. Russell, S. Go ldfarb, C. Jaffee, B. Young, P. Horton. LITERARY STAFF: J. Wuertzer, B. Johanson, E. Rothman, N. Talbot, J. Morrison, J. Henry. TYPING STAFF: B. Young, A. Guelli, N. Whal l, C. Grimaldi. ART STAFF: R. Rogers, R. Fox, R. Kersting, J. Napierski. INDEX STAFF: A. Zappia, B. Zucker. PHOTOGRAPHY STAFF: D. Arkland, J. Garthner, R. Gates, B. Vantine.

Belore The Rush . ..

A First Taste 01 State


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What Rush?




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A Fond Farewell

Greetings: A college yearbook is a publication, which while of ~alue when it first appears, continues to increase in value through the years. This issue of The Elms is no exception. Words and pictures contained in it make even present– day friends and acquaintances more real, and they con– tribute to the continuing of this rea lity into the future. To you who receive this year's issue, 1957-1958 has been filled with many memorable events. If asked to make a list of such events you each would probably prepare a different one, and yet something in all the lists would be found somewhere in this book. Many of the items on such a list would be made up of "fi rsts;" some of them would be "lasts;" but many more would be "firsts" rather than "lasts," This would be true because you are young; it will continue throughout your life if, regardless of your age in years, your intellect and spirit remain young. My every good wish goes to the Graduating Class of 1958. I leave the College, as you do, bound upon a new adventure for me, even as you are bound upon new ad– ventures. Bon Voyage and Happy Landings!

Very sincerely yours, Harvey M, Rice President






Row 1, R. Ebert. H. Klomp, W. Baker, H. Robison, F. Hollister. Row 2: R. lampkin, T. Eckert, G. Folk, N. Weaver, H. Peterson, Row 3: R. Smith, R. Durnin, J. Sherwin, C. Hofler, B. Gronewold, E. Brown.

Row 1: J. Piquette, J. McRae, A. Grabau, M. Cochnower, Row 2: 1. Farro, P. Homer, P. Hi lai re, D. Trueblood, R. Cherkouer, C. Rodney, W. Gragg.




Row 1: E. Lindemann, C. Tetkowski, R. Karcher, C. Heyman, D. Erickson, T. Thomas, S. Ctorles, E. Dakin, Row 2: J. Hubler,

G. Stork, N. Truesdale, M. Grossman, R. Reinhaltz, J. Bolinsky, R. Squeri, R. Wise,


Row J: C. Ball, K, Brown, C. Cook, H. Meyer, D. Cappiello, E. Neufhardt, R. Mi ller, B. Bowers. Ro ..... 2: H. Steffen, D. Bross-

man, B. Stcinzor, J. Fontana, E. Morrice, L. Callan, L. Poleszok, E. Russell, O. Harlan.




Row L H. Cowley, M. Grant, E. Douglo~, S. Crogun. G. Asproy, P. Weaver, J. Swayne, A. Roudebus h. M. Barkley, R. Buddenhagen, V. BUller.



'ow L M.

Concannon, M. Smith,

C. English, S. Sterrett, I. Sugarman, M. Jamison, H.

M. l. Gardiner, D. Moson, 1. Haines, L. Hanover, E. Douglas. Thompson, E. Gover, R. Sandstone, D. Trafton, A. Valvo, King. R. Muck, H. G oney. E.

Knopp, J. Bradley, M. SCali.

Thielking, M. Rosso. 'ow 2. C. HoR'er, l. Zimmer, V. Febel. P. McCabe, l. Romonink, W. loulC, ,. Bradley. S. iBrinsmaid.



Row 1: J. Adessa, M. LaRoque, L. Jones, G. Roach, J. Provenzano. Row 2: H. Coyer, M. Spaulding. L. Ko tzman .


vich, M. Wells, A. Fink, M. Wagner, R. Durnin, H. Trubov,

Row L l. Frazee, D. Edd ins. E. Ferm, O . Hertzberg, M. Carroll, E. Penn, S. Croyton, B. Gallagher, M. Blaustein, S. Dickson. Row 2, M. O 'Brien, B. Barnell, S. Wilson, l. Longe, A. Milano-


T. Moss, O. Robinson, H. Mann, A. Bobroff.

MUS\C Row I: J. Wincenc, S. Boyd, C. Eng– lish. Row 2, P. Boiley, C. Hoffer. P. Homer, W. Tallmadge.

Smith, C. Schuck. W. Greenwood. M. Fried, W. Grogg. j. Sherwin, 1. McRae, A. Graba u, P. Simonette. C. Messner.

Row 1: M. Cochncwet, J. Piquette, M. Goossen, f. Drew, A. Bradlord, B. Gronewold. Row 2; H. Klomp, D. Trueblood. R.




I ..


SCIENCE Row 1: D. Thielking, T. Eckert, G. La ug, M. Dupre, D. Tomcka. Row 2: R. Lampkin, L. Heidgerd, V. Nadolin· ski, C. Buriock, J. Urban, F. Harman, I. Tesmer, R. Fretz.



Raw I, C. Rodney, P. Hilaire, R. Eberl. Row 2: R. Cherkauer.




Row 1: H. Robison, B: Prudhomme, D. Rogers, M. Roesser, K. Whittemore, H. Peterson. Row 2: E. Richards, A. Sexton, E. Brown, E. Brunger, F. Hollister, R. Brown, N. Weaver. Not pictured: B. Thorsell, B. Stern, R. Crossley, G. Folk, R. Al bright, R. Redden. 16

M .


A toast to State to · 011 the yecrs, All the Icughter, ell the tecrs You hove mode our friendships great, We'll triumph through the years, With Hope a~new we'll face the storm, Beyond which stands your lofty tower That will be our finest hour. In years to come we'll look to thee, Yearning for your guiding light You'll not fail us Alma Mater, keep us through the night, When darkness comes and all hope dies, You will give us strength and power That will be our finost hour.






The members of Hille l are devoted to maintaining and understanding their colorful heritage. They are interested in bettering themsel ves, and by doing so are creating a consta ntly improving organization. Their calender of events included a joint party with University of Buffalo's chapter of Hillel, discussions on Judaism, and on Open House dance.



Row 1: D. DurJoch, N. levine, F. Simons, M. Lieberman, J. Bernstei n, L Hossner, S. Feldman, His torian, D. Popper, G. 501" M. Lossin. Row 2: M. Schneider, N. Garber, C. Rainey, H. Roberts. E. Fro nk, Chaplain , A. BogeR, Sociol Cha irman, B. Kaufman, Treasurer, L. lozer-

off, Corresponding Secretory, F. Lu koc%er, Vice-President. M. Krassin. Recordi ng Secretory. B. Yorysh, J. Cohen. Row 3: J. Erlang er, R. Wagon– ferd, C Hillmon, E. Schiffrin, P. Goodman, R. Levy, G. Lo nger, L. Trempor, S. Manning, It Frosler, N. R05en, C. Rothberg .



Row 1: A. Koch, l. Wetzel, Treasurer, R. Perthes, M, Wheeler. Row 2: P. DeVantier, P. Holmer, Advisor, Pastor Rowen, Advisor, M. Marcks, Secretary, A. Becken, President, l. Beckmann, Vice·Presidelll, D. Heidenreich, B. Muir, M. Gustahon. Row 3: M. Crom, B. Ku low, B. Horn, l. Schultz, J. Fase, D. Hatler, D. Roll, D, Funseth, E. Gobler CANTERBURY CLUB

Row 1: M. Rybo, N. Craig, R. Molison, President, K. Kommire, J. Middleton. Row 2, K. Thompson, S. VanHouten, J. Briggs, N. Walrath, S. Goy, K. Rose, M. Vitlo. Row 3: Reverend Richard B. Duneon, W.

Bliza rd. J. Ross, 1. Koc hendorfer, C. W illiams, S. Childs, R. Blockley, J. Schaab, A. Hornish.





Row 1, N. Talbot, B. Bare is, L. Hay, G, Yale, M. Grant, A. Holm– quist, J. Julian, B. Leffler, B. Rodrique, N, Ponlc. Row 2: R. Fairchi ld, 5. Bolt, Corresponding Secretary, L. Taylor, Recording Secretary, D. Dryer, Treasurer, E. Kahler, President H. Hamilton, S. Warboys, C. Anderson, C, Ross, J. Baker. Row 3: B. Gilbert. V. Cieszynski,. S. Walker, l. Curran, M. Bingel, N. Milbok. C. Ackland, J. Morrison, M. Connor,

J. George, J. Kolbow, H. Kreutz, M. MacKay, J. Schick, B. Wagner, C. Wo rk, S. Brownell. Row 4: L. Walke r, A. Bigelow, M. Adorns, M. LoMont, M. Bartholomay, C. Schuman, J. He nry, M. Reed, J. Roth, R. Qui les, C. Morris, N. Truax, C. Thomas, J. Quackenbush, J. Ron, G. Davis, C. Arnold, M. Shay, N. Mudge, M. Guenther, S. Patchen, M. Anderson, J. Morsholl, M. Wheeler, R. Perlhes .


It is the closely kn it union of individ ua ls, each seeking and working toward a better understanding of the spiritual, intellectual, and social aspects of student life, which makes the dub a succeSs. A full calendar, packed with events such as an open dance at Christmas, specia l masses and observances of relig ious rites and holidays, gives an opportunity for every Cathol ic student to participate.



M. Re, J. Mclaughl in, P. Kasperek, G. Rokem, P. Russ, J. Borrelli, E. McCabe, E. Raycroft, Row 4: B. Piotrowski, M. lenoci, B. Depowski, A. Storm, E. Ryba rczyk, M. Ryan, A. Je nkins, G. Frey, T. Smith, P. Hanley, M. Lepkowski, R. O'Herroll, R. Tabone, 1. Ward, S. Nob le, J. lelta, J. Zappia, C. Dorrance, M. Bonller.

Row 1: 8, Kantor, M. Marshall, R. DiVi to, G. Sarone. Row 2: A. SpillO, A. Flollagar, R. Pegnia, R. Palermo, J. Fiorella, J. Fuest, M. Stockschroder, M. Joy, C. Machedo, F. Manko . Row 3: M. Deluise, J. Fernolldez, G. Raimond, M. Grady, C. Geiger, S. Trusilo, J. Kenlledy, M. Hoff, B. logsdon, V. Jacques, K. Brown, Maika, V. Fields, L.


Row I: S. Pochla , I. Moscato, P. Marchese, C. Wroblewski, J. Cionetti, C. Brown, P. Fra ppier. Row 2: B. Peluso. R, Holmes, E. Wolf, S. Odrzywolski, J. Needham, L. l oesch, K. Kunzle r, K. ' Frey, M. Shannon, M. Cerquone, J. Stoddard. Row 3: P. Baldino, A. Versage, A. Derengow. ski, T. Tono, B. Sha ffe r, l. Campien, R. Plewinski, T. Cronin, M. Crowlcy, J. Smith, P. Hanley, G. Beder, E. Berger, K. Manley, e.

Rutko, E. Skolnik , M. lawler. Row 4, S. Ba ile y, J. Ca nna , F. Cappella no, P. G rant, P. Reisch, D. Romacki, J. Nowak, J. Reinlonder, J. Beauchamp, J. Kontos, T. Klier, V. Kazmierezak, l. Brown, A. Nueman , H, Stacatla, W. Sauer, T. O'Grady, E. Mock, E. Donovon, K. Clark, J. Sojewicz, T. Moquin, E. Momol, N. Syers, M. Wolf.

Row 1: P. Kennedy, Social Chairman, J. Horrigan, Treasurer, D. Me. G innis, Corresponding Secretory, P. Ho ley, Record ing Secretory, M. Mc. Mohon, Sociol Chairman, E. ldzieblo, Newmonile Edilor, M. Mantione, Editorial Chairman. Row 2: M. Embs, S. DiBona, G. George, D. Biller, 2nd Vice·President, Reverend M. J. Harrington, Chaplain, K. Whall, President, R. LoDeslro, 1st Vice·President, K. Luzio, e. Majewski, N. Whal/, B. Eddy, M. longan . Row 3: C. Nenni, N. McMahan, R.

Corless, l. Naneo, S. Percy, N. Marinucci, . M. Dehne, R. Boerschig, C. Doerr. B. O 'Neill, T. Harlach, J. Coyle, M. Mona gha n, P. McQuillen. 1. Pa lks, D. Ignatz, R. Roach, C. So/ron. Row 4: S. l icata, L Hutzler, e. laVallee, J. Haselmayer, 8. Kelly, A. Brodnicki, C. Kucho rski, A. Mi5kinis, C. Weigond, K. Overdorf, J. Panek, P. McGowan. B. Collins, C Eddy, J. Garibaldi, T. Carstens, D. Czajka, e. Reve kent, 8. Sapia, R. Na pieralski.


Row 1: B. Corby, S. Neva, President B. Allen, Treasurer J. Williams. Row 2: D. Heidenreich, ..I. Sibbie, R. Davies, Re-

cording Secretary, P. Brown, S. Chose. Row 3: 8. Corby, S.

Austin, D. Maurer.


Row 1: L. Ladestra, J. Stalke r, C. Milius. Row 2: B. Tamsey, D. Trost, Vice President, l. Repp, Treasurer, B. Zucker, President, S. Ward, Corresponding Secretory, 1. Ri ndfle isch, Recording Secretory. Row 3; S. Scheffer, P. WOlerslrol, S. lou, D. Schug, J. Jurczak, J. Boker. INTER-SORORITY AND INTER-FRATERNITY

lI:ow 1: H. Luff. Row 2; D. Dcnz, A. Malsrangelo, President, R. Pukoncik, R. Honeck, W. Springer, Secretory·Treasurer. Raw 3; J. Ward, J. Napierski, J. Creem, Corresponding Secrotary, B. Ogden.

These groups, mode up of members of 011 Fraternities ond Sororities, control the joint activities of the Greeks. Interest Parties, Rush ing, Pledging, and Initiation are some of their major functions. The annual G reek Ball provides on evening of fell owship for everyone, and helps in providing unity among the many members. Problems common to everyone are discussed when the councils meet, . and solving problems has proven to be much easier by working together.


Row 1; M. Ryba, M. Podia, B. Glad, Corresponding Secretary, S. Erckert, J. Rindfleisch, S. Kowal. Row 2, J. Stalker, J. Mitchell, M. Hicks, Recording Sene/ory, J. Millspaugh, Vice·President, R. Aquino, President, J. Acenowr, Treasure" K. Murphy, J. Kosinski, E. Berger,

J. Besenfelder, J. Covel. Row 3, R. loDes/ro, B. Mason, J. Was key, J. Gelder, M. McMahon, M. Hendricks, C. Mitchell, c. Milius, p. Cantwell, B. aehchen, M. Dietrich, G. Williams, P. Wiegand, R. Maiko, D. McGinnis.


Active in everything at the col/ege, the girls in red are well known for their spirit of sisterhood. The signiflcance of the red rose and white camellia is seen in the success of events 'such as Fireman's Bol/, Alphaquade, a Thanksgiving basket, and Spring Dinner Dance.


Row 1: C. Szymons~ i, J. Moscato, K. Gillis, S. Warboys. Row 2, S. Rubenstein, P. Kennedy, S. Bailey, C. Mastaris, C. Curthoys, D, Dillemuth, D. Pritting, M. KilloU9h, M. Grady. Row 3: A.

Bigcl6w, P. Ryon, S. Brownell, J. Britton, J. Komarek, J. Kolbow, N. Craig, C. Wroblewski, K. Kammire, P. Crampton, P. Holey.


A closely knit group of girls, with high a ims a nd gaols, is Alpha Tau. Evidence of their spirit con be seen in events such as their Christmas Party fo r orphans, which ranks high on the list of the year's activities, the Luella Chapman Award, a scholarsh ip to a dese rving independent co-ed, or the ann ual Tau Dreamtime dance, a gay evening for everyone who a ttends. The girls in yellow are proud to be a part of the organi zation and show their pride in displaying the ir flower, the yellow rose,


Row 1: N. Hvenniger, D. Heidenreich, A. LoPresti, C. Murray, D. Schug, S. Cosey, F. Snyder. Row 2: S. Stmpsan, J. Jurczak. M. Shay, Chaplain, M. Gloss, Corresponding Secretary, II:. Simpson, Vice·President. M. Spinner, Junior Treasurer, 1. McNab, Recording Secretory, M. Egen- 28

steiner, President, B. Muir. Row J: L Borkowski, C. Davis, L. lodestro, M. VanDyke, N. Taylor, R. Perthes, f. Geiger, K. Smith, C. Williams, G. Becker. Row 4: J. lees, A. Foyer, M. Hosner, B, Greenberger.


Row J: J. Ehrlich, M. Wheeler, M. Robinson, B. logsdon, C. Arnold. Row 2: 8. Reinhardt, J. Haselmayer, B. Edwards. J. Kranz, J. MOfShall, C. Blose, M. Marshall, C Dorrance. Row 3: l. Hulzler, S, Burack.

C. Gangnogel. E. SchifJrin, J. Bauer, S. Emmons, H. Kreu tz, A. Roth, e. Finaldi.


'ow " w. Heater, J. Panko, President, R. Smith, M. Guerry. 'ow 2. •• Perry, w. Maggio, M. Pirowskin, J. Go rlh ner, Chaplain. D. Bieber, Recording Secretory, S. Zimmerman, Sergeant-ai-Arms, •• VanHousen, G. R~ncker. PJedg~moster, OFFICERS w. Ogden. J. Hutzler, J. Rouhe, Vice-

R., Stein, H. Luff. Row 3: c. Orrio, •• Pukancik, A. Herrell, J. Foliszewski, J. Clark, D. Roll,

A. Shiren, J. Coppola, D. Knight, C. Hillman,

J. Dixon, N. Hoffman, R. ·O 'Brian.


Row 1: J. Rauhe, Vice· President, D. Bieber, Record ing Secretory, R. Von– Hausen, President, G. Runckel. Pledge mosier. Row 2: E. Axelrod, R. Louchren, A. Mastrangelo, Corresponding Secretory, J. Garthner, Chaplain, M. Pirowskin, Histo rian.





The red rose of. Delta Kappa is a symbol of brotherhood and fellowship. Whether it is in singing to a newly pinned couple, or in working toward the success of an event, the O.K. man is prou·d to be port of the maroon and white. Moments to remember are the Crystal Ba ll and Miss Var– sity Contest, annual concerts, publication of a student directory, Kappa Kapers; a variety show providing funds for the Dean Fretz scholarships, Spring Weekend; which serves as a farewell to graduating brothers, and a hello to new members.



Row 1: S. Fitzgerald, H. Taylor, 1vI. Feucht, E. Benson, Treasurer, J. Poncic, lst Vice-President, C. Soltys, 2nd Vice-President, L. Haywood, M. Pinzotti, Row 2: J. Toth, B. Tansey, P. Barrett, A. Saxton, Corresponding Secretary, P. Horton, President, M. Abate, Recording Sec-

relary. M. Connor, Chaplain. B. Kulow, Editor. Row 3: N, Nissen, B. Zucker, E. Kahler, M. Re, A. Lander, D. Dempsey, 1. Michel, M. Pickett, J. Welt, H. King, E. Donovan, J. Graham, D. Trost, B. Miller, J. Korkowicz.

Active in co llege and campus life is the girl in green, 'Leaders in school and social affairs, they take pride in the sisterhood of the sorority. Helping hospital patients is their favorite work of good wil li Emerald Eve serves as an informal get together for all. Work in State Fair and Mov ing Up Day is looked upon as a matter of persona l pride by every wearer of the wh ite mum.


Row 1: J. Fernandez, P. lawrence, R. Meyers, M. Koge, J. Anderson, J. Middleton. Row 2: S. Noble, M. Adams, B. Depowski, S. Tuchohki, M. Ernst, M. MacKay, J Kofoed. Row 3: M. Shannon, M. Deluise, J. Zappia, R. Ferraro, D. Dryer, J. Morrison, M. Holman, C. Anderson.


Sincerity in all they do is the goal of the sisters of Pi Kap. They are well remembered for sponsorship of their annual Eye-Bank drive, and can be seen having fun with their Cake-Walk at State Fa ir. The highlight of the Mardi Gras is the crowning of King Rex, and the special Christmas and Easter projects are loved by all. later in the year it is a combination of sisterhood and hard work which produces a float for the Moving Up Day Parade. We al l know and salute the girls who wear the Blue and Go ld.


Row I: N. Bhrmreich, M. Curro, R. Russick, Pledgemistress, L. Repp, K. Erickson. Row 2: B. Brooks, B. Tomaka, J. Baker, E. Neuma nn, M. f lemming, F. Diodote, J. Wagner, Preside nt, 1. Wendel,. Vice·President, M. Grzech, Recording Secretory, V. Young, Ruocco, S. Sgroi, R.

Treasurer, E. Tinch. Raw 3: J. Youchzy, F. Manka, C . Boronf', J. Fischer, M. Andersen, Chapla in, C. Vertolina, Sergeant-at-Arms, J. Under– wood, M. Moran, l. Marvin, l. Will. Kneel ing: M. Kaczynski, S, Lou.


Row 1: V. Cieszynski, F. Coppeliano, E. Forrester, R. Carriero, M. Mantione. Row 2, M. Wa lsh, P. Roberts, 8. Hommer, G. Jablonski, D. Shelgren. J. George, l. Taylor, B. Batcheller. Row 3: 5. Harrer, L. Kaluza, R. Mouro, J. Van de Waler, S. Weisleder, J. George, G. Tomm, M. Przcmielewski.



Row " A, Verver., J, Nopicrski, B, Donn, 0, Raccvia, V. Pellegrillo. Row 2, J. Word, J. Crcem, T. Brown, D. Devjtt, R. Patterson, G. Clever, J, Chrishol m.



Row 1, V. Pellegrino, Recording Secretory, 8. Donn , Vice-President._ Row 2: J. Creem, Sergeant-ot-Arms, r. Brown, Chaplai n, J. Word, Corresponding Secretory, D. Devitt, Historion, G, Clever, Trecturer.


When the annua l Jinx-Burning banishes evil spirits from athletic events of the coming sports seasons, the men in grey get into the "swing" of another busy year. A chance to further varied interests is given to the Psi Phi man when he works on State Fair, the Moving Up Day float, and Autumn Annual Dance. The yellow rose is a proud symbol of Psi Beta Phi's brotherhood.



W Hi ll iker. Row 3, j, Westphal, R, Warner, j, Herrscher, L Semrau, R, Will, R, Cook, L Gage, R, Williams, W, Roth, L Dunn, W, lomb, N , Ordian.

Row I, R, Mol ison, (;, Wei nf urtner~ A, Schwa rzmueller, E, Stull, p, 5ugg, p, Marlin. 'ow 2, R, Jones, W, Quick, W, Springer, N, Plezio, D, Denz, R, Honeck, R, Je nnette, L Gmerek, R, Gasper, j, Teresi,



lI.ow I: R. Malison, Chaplai n, R. Jennette, Corresponding Secretory, O. Denz, President. Row 2: W . Springer, Member-at-lorge, P. Mortin, Sergeant-al·Arms, N. Plezia . Vice·President, R. Honeck, Treosurer, E.


WeJl known in almost every organization, and leaders in many, the men in blue lead an active campus life, The Whi te Rose Dance, exemplified by the .fraternity flower, and remembered by the crowning of a queen, is the highlight of a busy year. Events such as . Big Brother Night, White Elephant Sale, Alumni Weekend, and Cof-a-riety, make up a full calendar of activities. A social calendar, published twice a yeo" is the "date book" of our student body. It provides another opportunity for working together· in the brotherhood of Sigma Ta u Rho.



Row 1, J. Kennedy, Correspondi ng Secretory, D. COOK, Chaplain, J. Sztuk, A. Nelson. Row 2: S. Goldfo rb, R. Celalo, Vice-Presidei'll, S. Haas, President, J. Jor li nsk i, Recording Secretory, R. Root, Treasurer,

P. Miller, D. Dohor, D. Davy, D. Ao kcsson. Row 3: S. Word, M. Misulich, D. Scheffer, L. Joslin, N. La londe, M. Marlin, P. Waterstrol, Y. Minet, E. Abelli, C. Go llo, S. Zalewski .

The g irls in white a re known as the sisters of Sigma Sigma. The violet, as sorority flower, stands for the spirit of sisterhood felt by all of the members. Be it in working on a pro ject for State Fair, or on one for Moving Up Day, or hel p ing an orphan, great pride is toke n in its success. The highl ights of the yea r, along with p ledg ing, are an annua l Con cert and spring dinner dance.



Row 1: P. Bishop, J. Duffy, J. lelto, K. Patti, J. Higley. Row 2: M. Cer– quane, E. McDonough, A. Bergrr,on, D. Pilorro, B. Fletcher, J. Carr, C.

luidens, S. Caridi. Row 3: C. Jaffey, S. Ott, V. Russe ll, M. Borzillcri, S. Chazan, C. Toylar, J. Bolondo, E. O'Neil, M. Hesch.



With the passing of Amendment Number One, Buffalo Sta te's fu ture in the area of expansion is enevitable. State's Campus consisted of five buildings in 1931 i administration, vocational, gym, school of practice and president's home. In 1950, the college Union and res idence hal ls were con– struded. . Butler Library was completed in january '952. A new dormitory will be ready for occupancy in September 1958.


M. Guerry. Row 3: E. Kohler, G. Weinfullner, R. Jennette. Not Pictured: S. Zimmerman, R. Aquino, P. Geiger, A. Schwa rzmueller, D. Neil, G. Hein.

Row I, M. lawler, G. Kloph, 1. Ra uhe. Row 2: M. Egensleiner, Secreta ry, l. Silvo roli, Preside nt, B. Zucker, Vice-President, R. VanHousen, Treasurer,


A hus h falls over the dar kened auditorium. It is the day of Alpha Tapping. Applause breaks out and another OUi– standing junior or senior is recognized for leadership and service to the college. Alpha Honor Society encou rages well ·directed activities, promotes high standards in existing organizations, and recognizes effective leadership. This organization co-spon– sor the l eadership Conferences held in the Spring and Fall.


E. Zimmerman. Row 3: A. Scnwar%mueller, F. Kcnline, H. Taylor, A. Woile, A. Becken, J. Wuerlzer, J. Acenowr, E. Koh ler, P. Kolulok, C MUfloy, t. Griffin, M. Grant, M. Dienstbier, H. Steiger, D. Denz, 1. Unde rwood.

Row 1: L Dozoretz, A. (roden, C. Dorrance, B. Bricmont, R. Simp~on, N. Shoemaker, S. Morlan. Row 2: F. Manko, C. Zim– merman, President, S. MoscowilZ, Vice-President, M. VanDyke, Secretory, A. lander, Treasurer, J. Zefers, R. Sugarman, Counselor,



Composed of jun iors a nd seniors in the upper academic fourth of the college, Kappa Delta Pi is an honor society in Education. This organization recognizes high scholar. ship and outstanding contributions to education. A candidate for membe rship must reveal exceptional in– terest in education and must also ha ve desirable personal traits and leadership qualifications. Their activities consist of service to the campus, which includes sponsoring the Dean's Tea, to which those making the Dean 's list are invited. It also maintains the academ ic assistance prog ram.

Row 1: E. lagowski, E. Berger, A. Montgomery, V. Ruocco, M. lawler, B. Glad, 8. Gugino. Row 2: M. Ralicki, l. Repp, M. Dietrich, H. King, l. Haywood, K. Erickson, G. Colebert. Row

3, M. Connor, R. VanHousen, G. Rundel, T. Queena, L. Cardillo, L. Leve, M. Gray, V. Schmidt, J. lamphere, L. Dunn, M. Gr;tech.


Industrial Arts upper-classmen who have an academic av– erage in the upperholf of the class arc invited for mem– bership into Epsilon Pi Tau-the National Industrial Arts fraternity. The purpose of its organization is to promote scholar– ship, exchange of ideas and preparation for a more suc– cessful career in this fie ld of edu cation. Throughout the year they work toward this goa l-especial ly at their an– nual Spring Conference, and in the maintenance ot a fi le of professional materials and information.


gelo. R. jones, R. Ping, A. McAllister, A. Sleeper, P. Muck, G. RUllckel, R. VanHousen.

Row 1: E. Neuthardt, H. Steiger, President, S, Tuttalamonda, Vice·Presi. dent. R. Mertens, Recording Secretory, D, Denz. G. Anderson, Treasurer. Row 2: H. Sniolecki, J. Panko. J. Szczypkowski , D. Kowalski, A. Maslran·


Row l: D. Eddins, Adviior, M. lodd. Pre$idenl. J.

Fisher, History. Row 2, D. Poyne, Secretary.

Gamma Lambda Chi is the women's honora ry literary so– ciety. Its members are selected on the basis of ability in fields of creative writing. This society recognizes and promotes creative litera ry achievement, advances the abili ty to criticize literary works, fosters appreciation of litera ture and sponsors literary ac– tivities.



T. Diver, I. Corio, Recording Secretory. Row 3; R. Baumgartner, R. Duncan. ,T. Harlach, S. Kamakawiwaole.

Row 1: D. Treffinger, K. Yeager. Row 2; Mr. Trueblood, Advisor, C. Stingle, E. Kozacki, Corresponding Se<:relory, C. Mthro, Treasurer,

This debate and fo rum organization is designed for those students who are inte rested in developing the art of speech. Participation in inter-school deba tes and speech tourna– ments, as well as regula r speaking and readi ng practices, give the members a chance to develop and perfect. their techniques of speech and debate.



Upperdass Home Economic students compose Phi Upsilon Omicron. High scho lastic standing, leadership abi lity, and pro– fessional promise are qualifications necessary fo r acceptance into this national honorary fraternity. This organization maintains a file of instructiona l ma– terials, and it also supports the academic assistance pro– gram. This year wil l mark the celebration of the 50th anniver– sary of the organization.


Row 1: M. Gray, E. Stewart, A. Cole, C. Luidens. Row 2: A. Hagen, President, E. Koh ler, P. Watson, Vice·President, M. Dunn, Chaplain, A. Miskinis, Record ing Secretary, M. Grant, Corresponding Secreta ry, G .

Ryersc, L. Griffh Row 3: M. Moran, M. Dienstbier, J. Zefers, Y. Castd· lion, l. Meidenbauer, M. Shay, S. Shutts.


Sigma Upsilon is the men's honorary literary society. Membership is based upon academic rating in English, and creative writing abilities. The purpose of this society is to strengthen the natural ties that bind those who enjoy good literature and to aid them in the ability to write. During the year, they hold Reader's Hours at which members and guests read and interpret literature.


Row 1: D. Derrick, Corresponding Secretary, F. Matthews, Recording Secretory, P. Oehler, President, W. Gagnon, Vice·President, J. Hicken,

Treasurer. Row 2: R. Forsyth, M. Hunt, F. Dunn, D. Jettas, T. Harris, L. Travers.



Row I: B. Bommer, R. Allen. M. Lassin, K. Rickard, D. Dudoch, A. Koch, J. Voig t, J. Scolze"i, S. Schnell , J. lamphere. Row 2: R. Mazur, J. Hubbs, M. Schott, S. Apfel, J, Erlanger, F. Lukoczer, E. Wellenc, P. DeVantier,

N. Dove, 1. LewiJ, B. Elliott. Row 3: J. Cata ldo, M. Grossman, J. Beau. cho mp, J. Ke lkenberg, B. Moyo, J, Bak, J. Millett, S. Steffen, R. Smith, C. Maure r, A. Naish.

This organization is interested in develop– ing and broadening creative activities and abilities in its members. Their lead ership in the arts promotes student interest in art and in art education. The club sponsors speakers, fi lms, and studio classes for furthering these goals. Each year the Art Education Club spon– sors a trip to the New York City Art Con. vention for its members. This organization also presents a scho larship to worthy art stude nts from the proceeds col lected th rough the an nual art auction and Costume Ba ll .

5 1


Row 1: F. Lukaczer, P. DeVontier; l. Miller, J. Lello, P. "Bell. Row 2: C. DeSalvo, D. Dufloch, M. Hamilton, COHcsponding Secretary. W. Springer, Treasurer, D. Prilli ng, Vice-President, 1. Teresi, Vice-President,

M. Marsha n, S. Chose. Row 3: R. Pra tt, C. Luidens, J. Cl o r~, C. Litchfield, M. Sepcrch, l. Dunn, B. Moyo, J. Mitchell, A. Bergmon, S. Wo rd, E. Dob– bins, D. Dempsey.


Row 1; V. Morando, J. Shanahan, P. Lucza k. R. Holler, R. Hyndman, K. Eigenmann, T. Ahern, J. Merlo. Row 2; D. Kirkwood, B. Mokski, C. Schultz, 1. Gorthner, R. Logan, Co·Chairman, R. Wes!over, Secretary, A. Gracie, Treo5urcr, R. Horton, Chairma n, G. Runckel, J. Haley, T.

Tona. Raw 3; M. Guerry, W. Ma jewski, M. Cenemas, H. Meyers, D. Davis, J. Coppola, A. Sinnigen, R. louchren, D. Kcorsing, F. O'Shei, B. Manning, E. Schultz, K. Freeland. A. Bea;, R. Krug.


The letters BCM stand for boosters of col· lege mo ral. The members of this worthy organization are noted for participation in various sports, and great college spirit. Highlighting the ir activities are a dinner donee, parties, booth at State Fair, Moving Up Day float, and participation in the an– nual Leadership Conference.




Row 1: E. Mock, E. Zdzicblo, Secretory. J. Slalk~r, Pr~siden '. J. Boker. Treasurer, S. Caridi, K. Meycrhons. Row 2: B. Mason, J. Mitchell. M. KiJlough, G. Barone.

oJ .'


The Ear ly Childhood Education Club is com– posed of future teachers whose aim is to stimulate and maintain the interest of stu– dents in the early childhood curriculum. The a im of this organization is executed by use of fi lms and speakers. The group works on worthwhile projects and holds wo rkshops in order to provide more of an opportunity for interested students to learn abou t fie lds of particular interest.




It _





Row 1: R. Sharpe, Vice-President, N. Kroth, J. Droit, President, R. Hyde, Treasurer. Row 2: B. Bareis, Secretory, B. Ackerman, A. Scheibel, J. Wendel, S. Weisede r, C. Thomas, S. Caridi, H. Ensminger.

Formerly called Future Teachers of America, this organi zation has made great strides on State's Campus. SEANY is affiliated with the National Student Education Association and New York State Teachers Associa tion. An– nual conventions, and periodica l discussions are designed to promote desirable profes– sional and educational qua lities among, stu– dents entering the teaching field. The group tries to encourage high school students to enter teacher training institutions.


Row L M. Grant, K. Thompson, B. Kaufman, e. Arnold, M. Guenther, S. Shutts, K. Kunz ler. Row 2: M. Hoff, J. Zefers, M. lenoci , D. Darrow, E. Ross, V. Jocques, e. Andersen , e. Delfs, 8. Trusilo, G. Robins, M.

Grady. Row 3: J. Higley, M. Seaman, A. Riebennacht, J. letla, M. langan, e. Salrorl, V. Fields, l. Hossner, C. Williams, M. Close, S. Civill, J. Fust, J. Borrelli., A. Derengowski.


The Home Economics Club is a professional organ ization which IS affilated with the American Home .Economics Association. This group provides a variety of stimulating pro– grams and projects which enab le each mem– ber to lake an active part. The annual activities of this group include the editing of a cook book, wh ich this year centers around casserole dishes, and a Christmas socia l service, th is year to be d i– rected at the Cerebral Palsy Home. Many speakers of interest are invited to Buffalo State by this organization and this year they have included a· grooming con– sultant, a fashion co-ordinator, and an in– terior decorator. The promoting of better international un. derstanding is one of the most outstanding a ims of the Home Economics Club. Each year a twenty-five dol lar scholarship is given to a foreign student, who is studying Home Economics at the college, by this out. stand ing group of women.

Row L l. Griffin, Secretory, J. Sibbie. Row 2, A. Cole, Publicity Choirman, J. Kolbow, M. Dunn, Vice-President, M. Shay, President, L. Taylor. Row 3: P. Watson, S. Patchen, G. l abouseur, Treasurer, G. Ryerse, B. Miller, E. Koh ler, A. Hagen .


The purpose of the Industria l Arts Club is to enrich and extend personal and professional growth. Annual, activities of the organization are widespread. During the fall and spring the club holds a picnic. The annual Industrial Arts Conference is an event wh ic h the club members plan and execute. Industrial Arts. enter into the festivities of college life with a float for Moving Up Day. In the future the club is contemplating ideas for new activities. These in– clude mass production of industrial arts teaching aids and projects.



Row 1: C. Scofield, K. Guy, Corresponding Secretory, E. Drake, R. Gates, E. Axelrod, H. luff, J. Gorthner, Recording Secretory, G. Runckel, R, Stein, W. Kohnken, D. Buyer, R. W iegand . Raw 2: T. Hobart, S. Doggett, J. Clark, l. Whitelaw, 1 Hill, D. Bieber, R. Perry, J. Panko, President, R. Pukancik, E. Ahrens, C. Tona, T. Beachy, A. Yersage, D. Cappiello,

Advisor, K. Brown. Row 3: H. Steiger, B. McClellan, F. Norton, G. Bertsch, B. Clark, C. Braun, A. Bous, H. loveless, T. Klier, J. Faliszewski, A. Fischer, R. Embling, W. VanCise, G. Anderson, T. Boyd, F. Kibeklsbeck, R. Barn. we ll, E. Hoch, D. Brossmon, Advisor, D. Metz, D. Fa rrell.



Row I, J. Michel, C. Soltys, N. Gibbs, R. Chmielowski, J. Kennedy. M. Przemielewski, E. Berger, B. Glad. Row 2, l. Borkowski, B. Young, B. Edwards, S. Noble, J. Rei nlondcr, Treasurer, A. McConnell, President, E. Mosvidal, Vice-President, M. Curro, Corresponding Secretory, J. Hosel· moyer, O . Neville, A. Bogoff, Y. Schoenfeld. E. Bedmen, J. Strauch.

Row 3, B. O'Neill, E. Dougherty, M. Kennedy, J. Dunn, A. Babcock. C. Mo rris, E. Bevocqua, L. Cheecholk. M. Ernst, M. lepkowski, R. Davies, A. Alkinburg, J. Milliman, E. Cittadino, J. Kochendorfer, E. Gobler, H. Erickson, R. Reinig.

All students interested in the education of exceptional children are eligible for member* ship in I.CE.C. Twice a year ' this council pions and executes a party for retarded children. An annual library d isplay, and con– ference are the highlighting activities of the year.



Row 1: A. Johnson, A. DiMatteo, l. Phillips, F. Anderson. Row 2: A. 800(5109, A. Arendt, R. Forsyth. President, P. Hudson, Secretory, 1/:, Brennan, Treasurer, T. Eckert, Advi50r, E. Wilson, B. Parker. Row 3:

C. DeSalvo, A. Kamakowiwoolc, F. Judge, M. Villo, M. Lawler, W. Kissel, V. Miller, E. Wilk.

Students who are interested in developing their sc ience skills beyond those in the class– room find the Science Society the ideal place to meet and exchange ideas. The regular meetings are designed to center around cur– rent and recent developments in all areas of science. Incl uded in the society's activities are field tr ips, discussions, movies, and a State Fair Booth.



Row 1, C. Merlo, J. Hubbs, Y. Hansell, M. Goossen, J. Canna. Row 2, S. Russell, J. Rubino, D. Gross, A. Koch.

Speech·Arts Board acts as coordinator of Casting Hall, RTVG, and Nu Kappa Alpha . It controls activities of its member organ iza– tions, and promotes interest in the speech arts.


Row I; R. Knauer, J. Ma rsala, C. Kacprowicz, W. Zabrclsky, J. Coscia. Row 2: J. Fiore lla, C. Di Pasquale, R. De Penlu, E. Dobbins, F. Sci"ascia, President, J. lamp, l. Fabiano, B. McClellan. Row 3: D. Horton, A. Vcr·

sage, N. Cfaglio, M. Gia llomborda, R. Gates, 'H. lett, A. Kamakawiwoole, T. Queena, J. Carnevale, It Reinig, E. Triesky, D. White, R. lovell.

Vet's Club is composed of those students who have served in the Armed Forces of the United States. Activities of this organization incl ude social outings, dances, general "get togethers," and d iscussions pertaining to educational and pro– fessiona l qualities.
















Row L P. Bofz, President, l. Borneman, S. Howley, V. Tabb, S. Apfel, K. Renshaw. Row 2: S. Nutt, Treasu rer, P. Frappier, Vice.Presid; nt, R. Fairchild, J. Cermak, C. Kolkowski. Row 3, H. Kapla n, 8. Kotch, Secretary, S. Childs.



Row 1, G. lobouseur, J. Sespico, President, 1. Sibbie, Treasurer, C. Ross, J. Coldwel l. Row 2: S. Conklin, J. l ewis, A. Bostian.



j 'r






Row 1, 8. Gugino, J. Cermak, J. Pellegrino, B. Ackerman, N. Wa lrath . Row 2: C. Westfield, N. Mudge, S. Mitchell, 8. Richardson, K. Brown, Secretory. J. Golli, President, G . Harter, Vice-P resident, S. Patchen,

Treasurer, B. Bricmonl, R. Gelole, O. Neville. Row 3: B. VonCraigh, B. Zucker, S. Childs, A. Howard, D. Shelgren, J. Acenowr, T. Wagener, V. Jacques, N. Craig, A. Bigelow, A. Feucht.

I ~ ,


C.U.B. is the governing body of the College Union. It formulates policy and arranges so– cial, and educationa l functions. The board is made up of- faculty, and student representati ves. There are a number of committees set up by the boa rd which sponsor social activities such as the Thanksgiving Activities, Christ– mas Week Activities; Jam Sessions, exhib its, and instructiona l programs. The Personal Committee and the House and Grounds Com– mittee are connected with C.U.B. The C.U.B. also sponsors the Campu s Workship, or Art Workshop, as it is known. This space is avai lable for organizations working here on campus.






Row 1: R. loDeslro, G. Ha rter, S. Bailey, Corresponding Secretory. J. Brilton, Recording Secretary, C. Mosloris, C. Szymanski. Row 2: R. Ferraro. R. Gelolo, 1. Pancio, President, T. Boyd, Treasurer, J. Woskey.

Vice-President. Row 3: D. McGinnis. L. Ta ylor, G. Lobouseur. S. Conklin, B. Bricman!.



K. Myerehons. R. Bradley, J. M<:Ncss, R. Mertens, A. MC."liister, Vice· Chairman, l. Ca lla n, K. Szulgit.

Row I: J. Keipper, M. Morris, Treasurer. Row 2: B. Mertens, J. Urban, (hoirma n. E. Re ynolds. G. Asproy, Row 3: M. Ego, Secreta ry,

Th is is the group which oversees the use of the College Camp, located near Franklinville, N.Y. This board forms the policies that regulate the procedures followed by the groups visiting the camp. They a lso set up the schedu le for the camp weekends held by the various organizations on campus in a manner which gives everyone an opportunity to avail themselves of the camp.


Row 1, B. Stack, M. Mantione, Treasurer, C. Ostanski, M. Lawler, Chairman . Raw 2, G. Klopf, C. Campbell, S. Knapp, E. Stull. Not Pictured, N. Weaver, D. Brossman, J. Canna, A. Dix, F. Dunn, L. Haywood. CONVOCATIONS BOARD

This is an organization which works to bring to our cam– pus the very best in educational and recrea tiona l convo– cations. The members try to develop a diversified program for the year, featuring wei! known personages. Both faculty and students are represented on this board.


Row 1: J. Zanin, R. Zipp, V. Coppolo, J. Merlo, A. Sinnigin. Row 2: K. Freeland, H. Meyers, D. Davis, F. O'Shei, J. Brown, S. Austin, R. Louchren, L. Katzman, Coach.


BASKETBALL The most active and popular sport to be found on this campus is basketba ll. Th is year marked a highl ight in the activities of the team, by -having al l home games played in our own gym. The team's success depended on a comb ination of skill , sportsmanship and endu rance. These factors were d isplayed by our " hoopsters,"



Row 1, J, Kudla, J. Ganci, C. Innocone, D. Robinson, S. Kosikowski. Row 2: C. Hughes, D. Kirkwood, R. Morabeli, F. Payne, D. High, K. Madi50n, R. Regal, E. Evans, D. Michalak, Coach.

Row 1: J. Rindfleisch, Captain, J. Duffy, Vice President, S. Craft. Row 2: p, Botz, N. lalonde. Row 3: P. Frappj'er, H. Taylor, Treasurer, G. Williams, President.



Fast and furious, with action at all times, ten– nis always finds ardent fans and participants. Many hours of practice are required by team members to develop speed and skill which makes for a w inning team.

Row 1: S. Rodomski, M. Burzinski, R. Sprenger, H. Dowski. Row 2, C. Gorfin kcl, H. Sengbusch , Coach, R. Olear.


Row L S. Fra ine , W. Gagnon, B. WessiJ, D. Bessel. Row 2, J. Pox, J. Hughes, G. Shupe, Caprain, B. Knopp, A. Naish, B. Murray, Cooch.



Foil, winter, spring- they are" all seasons of practice and competition for the indoor traCk team. The post season was high lighted by many outstanding events. In on invitational at Washington, D. c., and at the Kn ights of Columbus meet in Cleveland the Stote team fin– ished third. Joe Bessel and the mile relay teom both fi nished third in the ir respective classes at the Canadian A.A.U. in Ham ilton, ant. At Union College George Fisher placed sec– ond in the 1000 yd. run, while Jim Hughes come in third in the 600 yd. run.


Row 1: J. 8essel, B. Wessil, D. Bessel, G. Shupe, Captain. Row 2: D. Ellis, W. Va n Tine, G. Fisher, J. Hughes, A. Naish, 8. Murray, Cooch.


State's track team is one with a reputation and history of consistent winnings. The 1957~ 58 season proved to be a successful one. Members of the team spend many hours in preparation for a mee t, and put much effort into successful events.


Row I, M. Axelrod, R. Stein, G. Runckel, Captain, F. Heidle, F. Cordaro. Row 2, J. Rauhe, J. Garthner, A. Versage, 8. Heater, H. Meyers. Row 3, J. Panko, Manager, Z. Deputllt, H. Temple, F. Conrad, M. Pirowskin.

Row 4, D. Kirkwood, Manager, J. O'Neil, A. Krawchuk, J. Cla rk, M. Guerry, S. Zimmerman, C. Torch, Assista nt Coach, S. Monspeo ker, Coach .


" • •




\ .


Row 1: W. Hub'er, V. Marando, D. Deinhart, M. Axelrod, Manager. Row 2: J. Kontos, A. Bean, Captain, G. Kontos, T. Colegrove, M. McNeil. Not Pictured: R. Kissel, Assj'stont Manager, l. Zongerlc, Coach.



State's mermen have prove n tha t swimming is an art which combines agil ity, strength, endura nce and will power, with physical fltness and love for the sport. After a successful and eventful season we con look back with pride on the swimmi ng and diving records of our teem.



Row 1: B. Murroy. Cocch, B. Wessel, W. Gog non. Row 2: G. Shupe, D. Ellis, D. Cesse1. Row 3: J. Pox, G. Fisher, J. Hughes. B. Kno pp, Captain.



l. Kafzman, K. Freeland, B. Ottowitz, B. Scutter, J. Shanahan.



Row 1: T. Beachy, D. Zwolinski, D. Hansen, H. Wolfe, Z. Zonin, J. Merlo, l. Katzman. Row 2: R. Hyndman, A. Poul, W . Majewski. C. Schultz. A. Sinnigcn, M. Eberwein, V. McGovisk. 86

Row 1: K. Brown, P. Worren, P. Bdl, SIle., N. Hurtienne, Treas., J. Fischer, G. Becker, Pre$., S. Fitzgerold. Row 2: M. Prezemi·elewski, M. Morris, E. Berger, H. Kreutz, M. Spoulding, Adv., M. Holman, J. McCoffery, A. Storm, N. Tolbot. WOMEN'S ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION ATHLETIC BOARD

Row I: K. Brown, G. Fisher, Pres., N. Talbot, Sec., J. Fischer, Treas., M. Axelrod. Row 2: P. Bell, G. Beck.er, R. Stein, J. Hughes, B. Kno pp, S. Fritzgerald.


, I

Women students have a well rounded intra– mural and recreational program including fencing, archery, basketball, badminton, field hockey, swimming, volleyball, bowling and golf. In ter-collegiate playdays are welcomed competit ion for State's female athletes.




I ,

I , I



The main purpose of this council is "to de– velop democratic ideas, and an understanding of mankind, becoming to a person In the field of education. " Current problems affecting peoples of the world, and involving human relations are ex– plored by means of panels, movies, and lec– tures.

Row 1, J. Cohn, H. Brown, G. Ma ul, l. Haywood. C. Stein, E. Cotten, K. Thompson. Row 2: l. Metofsky. B. Yorysh, N. Rosen. P. Bangui'c, Dr. A. Burrell, l. Brown, B. Thnsell, $. Tobo– chnid, B. Young. M. Schroeder. Row 3: B. Stern, E. Riddick, L. Stanton, B. Siock, E. Richards, Dr. N. Weaver.


One of the newes', and most popular o rgani– za tions on campus is Radio and Television Guild. It is comprised of students who are interested in the broadcasting med ia, and ore seeking a chance to fu rthe r this interest by actual practice. The outsta nd ing contribution of RTVG is a disc-iockey program which brings the latest in music and campus -activity to State students.

Row 1: B. Quick, D. Gross, C. Stelter, M. Roy. Row 2: R. Nagoo, M. Ki rk lo rld, Secretory, C. COrliglio, Treasurer, R. Smith, Advi'sor. Row 3, M. Schroeder, P. Krol, K. Johnson, F. Dunn, l. Skidmore, T. Shannon, J. Rubino, M. Kennedy.


"to de· i in the of the ore ex~ and lee·

Row 1: R. Ruocco. M. lawler, 8. Gronewold. Row 2: P. Rando ll, 1. Carsten, A. Swinden, J. Soxer, H. Ensminger. Row 3: C. Schuck, H. Klomp, 8. Jensen, W. Grogg.



Row 1: J. Teresi, F. MOlllco, A. Nowolc, R. Nagall. Row 2: M. Schroeder, K. Thompson, T. (orslcll, N. Rothwell, M. lowle r, Editor, R. Ruocco, Editor, E. Zdzieblo, A. Alki llb urg, A. Vervell, N. To ylor.

RECORD A campus newspaper is ~he pride of every col lege. The RECORD, a weekly paper, was first 'published In 1913. It has grown steadily, and today it is a competent voice of the college.

" ml __ _ ~ I


Row I: D. Durlo(h, N. Rothwell , A. Nowa k. Row 2: N. Rosen, A. Alkinburg.


J. Teresi, R. Stei n, l. Semrau.



Editor, Caryl Vertalino, Index Editor, J. Hutzler, l iterary Editor. Not Pictured : E. Verta lino, Typing Editor.

Row 1: N. Plcz io, Co-edilor, J. Boxer, Co-editor, H. Ensminger, Business Manager. Row 2: H. Taylor, MOl1oging Editor, J. Cla rk, Photography


Memories one cherishes after graduation are quickly brought to life by the ELMS. This book is a written and pictured ex– pression of State. It is a summary of. memorable schoo l activi– ties and situations.


roy ~ .


~ ~






E. Ve rta li na

Row 1: J. Henry, N. Talbot. B. Corby. H. Enzminger. Row 2: B. Corby, J. Howland, J. Hutzler, D. Heidenreich. J. Sibbie.

J. No pierski. C. Kacprowicz. R. Kent, R. Kersti ng.

----- --.-

C. Verlalino, J. Clork.


State students who possess abilities and interest in creative writing can find an outlet for their orig inality by submitting poetry, prose or essays to Elm Leaves. This annual anthology of literature is encouraged by contests and awards to can· tributors of outstanding work. Elm Leaves is also richly illus– trated by student artists.


Row 1: G. Maul, H. Klomp, Adviso r, M. Ladd, Editor, D. Payne. Row 2, l. Metofsky, J. Fisher.



Music Board governs the actIvIties of musical organizations at this col lege. The board is represented by various musical organizations and music department facu lty. Chief functions of the board include coordination of mem– ber organizations, and regulation of expenditures.

Row ], R. Simpson, G: Ressve. J. Tutlle, K. Erickson, C. English. Row 2, J. Wincenc, W. Otlowitz, W. Lomb, S. Boyd, J. Gelsomi no, A. Sinnigen, P. Schle hr. H. Eriel:son.


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