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One of the best ways to create memories with your friends and clients is to send them a gift. It works especially well outside of the holiday season when nobody else is buying presents. Sending a gift “just because” can have a massive impact on your business relationships and growth. AWine With Deep Roots HOW TO BUILD DEEP RELATIONSHIPS WITH FRIENDS , CUSTOMERS , PROSPECTS , AND PARTNERS WITH A UNIQUE AND MEMORABLE GIFT

taste our lineage in every glass. We work tirelessly in the vineyards and cellar to make something we’re proud to put our name on. We even include the Kelly family crest on our bottles. Imagine being able to hand your business contacts a bottle of wine with your Kelly family name on it. Simply handing it to them will put a smile on their face. They’ll never forget who gave them the wine — it’s right there on the bottle. Talk about a gift straight from the heart! companies that’ll custom print wine labels for me?” I’ll tell you why. The wines offered through those programs are industrially produced garbage. Any goodwill you build in giving the gift will be undercut the moment they drink it. Your business is important to you. Wouldn’t you rather represent it with award-winning wine instead of shoddily customized two-buck chuck? “Sure, that’s a great idea,” you might say. “Why don’t I just use one of those

That is, of course, if you send the right gift. A boring present is a thoughtful gesture, but nothing more. It will be forgotten or discarded soon after it’s opened. A great present, on the other hand, will be remembered. Wine has brought people together for as long as humans can remember. It’s referenced in books by Homer and the Bible and has become a joyful part of our shared history as humans. I’d like to offer you the chance to give the gift of a wine that’s part of your own family heritage. As Kellys — or Kelleys or O’Kellys — we’re all related somehow. We may need to go back centuries to find our links, but I promise they’re there. I’ve traveled to Ireland multiple times to explore our roots, and our ancestry shows up in our wine. Kelly Family Vineyards is about creating wines that pay tribute to our Irish heritage and the beautiful land of the Napa Valley. It’s a true family operation, and you can

You want to give a gift that they will admire and be impressed by — one that comes from a vineyard with your Kelly family name. They will certainly never forget it, and if you are able to share a bottle of Kelly Family Vineyards with a friend or business associate, you won’t be embarrassed bringing gold medal-winning Kelly Family Vineyards wines. To get yours, visit KellyFamilyVineyards. com and sign up for the Allocation List, as these wines are produced in very small quantities. When we have a new release available, you will be the first to know.

Gene Kelly


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