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and What Stays the Same What Changes

It’s funny to think how much the challenges of running your own business stay the same, even after more than seven years of operation. No matter how dedicated we are at KAT Construction to constantly evolving and expanding our processes, offerings, and service, for me, many of the sticking points remain unchanged. Though I wouldn’t label them problems, exactly — those get ironed out over time and shift with the seasons — the obstacles inherent in owning a small business persist and keep me on my toes, constantly prepared to make little adjustments to the course of the company.

work on receives the full attention and expertise at our disposal.

Occasionally, though, customer demand gets so high that it gets difficult to find reputable subcontractors to actually do the work. That’s been the case lately, which has prompted me to start setting up a separate company we

can use to hire out our own personally vetted team of subcontractors. This will further improve the standard of the services we provide and enable us to be more flexible with emergency work. If we need a roof up within two days, our own subcontractors will be available right when we need them. It’s an exciting move that I’m hoping to fully implement within a month or two, and one I think will provide immense benefits to our customers. As we move into spring, a lot of positive changes are coming to KAT Construction. Though it’s always a little humbling to look around and realize how much we’re growing and changing, I’m thrilled to continue driving the business forward in the coming years, both for our clients and for our team.

Entrepreneurs are a special breed of human, for better and for worse. Sometimes you look around and realize not only how many members of your team depend on you for the livelihood of themselves and their families, but also how many customers count on you, and it almost gets a little overwhelming. And though KAT Construction is a robust, stable operation today, when I took the business full time in 2013, it wasn’t always clear if it would survive. In those days, every month was a tightrope walk. No longer could I depend on a regular paycheck from a supervisor every two weeks. It

was on me to build a financial foundation from the ground up. Honestly, in the beginning, that was a pretty scary prospect, but it was also thrilling to know that I was accountable only to myself and my team. Even today, every once in a while, I realize there’s basically no fallback to the business except for maybe a career at the local McDonald’s. But that’s just more motivation to do great work for the people we serve. The most basic aspects of the company’s survival depend on the incredible people who entrust us with the restoration of their most precious assets, a fact I take very seriously. I do everything I can to ensure that every house we

–Keith Thompson




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