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Winter Camps Review


Just weeks ago, we watched staff and students prepare tirelessly for the arrival of campers for Snowcamp in New York and Pursuit Camp in Florida. Not only are they the best winter camps, they are hands down the most fun you can have in 44 hours. Everyone on campus gave all they had to provide campers with an amazing experience, and it was a joy to watch students who had never shared the Gospel of Jesus Christ help lead an individual to understand the Gospel for the first time. Watching students serve in the dish pit, the kitchen, housekeeping, maintenance, indoor and outdoor programs and so many other areas with joy and excellence was humbling to me! Our counselors, who are also students at the Bible Institute, poured their lives into campers every moment they could, all with a heart to serve. Oh, that these students never lose the joy of serving others! The commitment of staff and students to encourage and serve each camper as they took their “next step with Jesus” was incredible. The spirit on campus those days was full of a holy, exuberant joy. Students talking about life-changing conversations and moments of tears and laughter as they recount their winter camp memories never gets old to me. As an alumnus, I can vividly remember my Snowcamp experience – it made an eternal impact on my life and heart. I know the same happened this year for all our students as they served, learned, laughed and cried with campers and other students. I am so proud of each and every one of them; they made much of Jesus in every situation and moment. Most colleges are preparing students to make a living, but here at Word of Life Bible Institute we are committed to preparing students how to live. We are convinced when a student is involved in ministry and goes hard after Jesus in their studies, relationships and ministry, they then have learned what it is to live. Winter camps are a practical way to train students and prepare them for future ministry, all with an eternal impact. We served 2,284 campers in New York and 809 in Florida. There were 169 recorded decisions for Jesus in New York and 95 in Florida. There were 1,300 students in New York and over 600 in Florida who came forward during our dedication services to say; “I am all in for Jesus, committing all I have and all I hope to be to Him.” It is indeed a privilege to be part of what God did. I hope you are encouraged! To get a little taste of Winter Camp, click here to watch a Winter Camp Weekend in Review.

The Church at Odessa brought three unchurched kids to Pursuit Camp. They all made decisions to accept Christ as their Savior. They now regularly attend youth group and have brought other friends from their school.

Oscar and Samantha are two campers from North Carolina. After attending Pursuit Camp, they have decided to attend the Word of Life Bible Institute in Florida this fall.

Roger L. Peace, Jr., Bible Institute and Camps Roger Peace


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