Naked Clean February 2019



THE EVOLUTION OF NAKED CLEAN Several years ago, I had some health issues that sent me to the hospital twice with a contracted throat — I couldn’t breathe. I couldn’t figure out what was causing it, but we thought maybe it was a food allergy. It wasn’t until I spoke to my brother-in-law, who has a PHD in toxicology, that I learned about the reactions our bodies can have to certain chemicals. He mentioned bleach and suggested I might be reacting to some very harsh chemicals in our house. He was on to something. What triggered my reaction wasn’t a food allergy but a combination of bleach and ammonium. Mix these two chemicals, and you wind up creating a gnarly gas — they’re actually ingredients found in one of the lethal gases developed during WWI. Our maid was using the combination to clean our shower — first with bleach, then with Windex. I had a particularly nasty reaction to it, but it wouldn’t make anyone feel great. That experience was a big eye-opener, and it’s the reason behind Naked Clean and why the maids we refer use nontoxic cleaning products. Not only are these cleaning products better for your health, but they’re also better for everyone involved in the cleaning process, including the maids. Nontoxic products don’t hurt their hands, and they no longer go home with headaches. That’s how it all started. Of course, it was one thing to recognize the benefits of nontoxic ingredients to our health and another to find green products that clean well. Baking soda and vinegar work to an extent, but on tougher messes and stains, you need something stronger. I started investigating and found a woman in our area who was developing a degreaser from ingredients like the rinds of grapefruit and limes. It’s very effective, and smells about as amazing as you can imagine.

About two years into Naked Clean, we discovered the biggie: probiotic cleaning! Instead of killing every living thing by using harsh cleaners, probiotic formulas promote the good microbes and keep the bad germs at bay — like those behind the flu and other diseases. This applies not only to viruses, but also bacteria. Probiotic cleaners keep cleaning for several days, long after your maid is done. When we first experimented with them, we found that probiotic cleaning whitens grout and tile naturally without leaving behind a toxic residue, so you can let your toddler crawl on the floor — and, let’s be honest, lick things they’re not supposed to — without having to worry if they’re ingesting toxic chemicals from cleaning products. That’s why we’re here today. We know a clean home is important to you. We also know you don’t have the time to clean it. We love that we can give you a healthier, cleaner home and use our business to create opportunities for lower-income people at the same time. You can think of Naked Clean as a matchmaking service: By connecting you with a maid who cleans your home to your customized preferences, we provide you with a clean, healthy home while giving them a sustainable living wage. Our network of experienced worker-owners has grown to over 45 maids. Many of the maids go from zero- income situations to earning an income that supports both them and their families. We host pizza parties once a month so we can just get together and connect. The maids are proud owner-workers who take pride in the work they do. Through Naked Clean, we’re part of a community. We’re proud to be part of it, and we’re glad you are, too.

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–David Leonhart


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