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AUG 2019

Since August is National Golf Month, it’s the perfect opportunity to consider how this popular game can help us be more successful in other parts of our lives. For anyone who’s had an important meeting on the green, you know the connection between sport and business. Golf is a challenging and rewarding pastime, not unlike starting and managing a business. It requires calmness, discipline, and perseverance, some of the same characteristics of an effective leader. Here are three lessons we can take from golf to utilize in our business journeys. THERE’S NO SUCHTHING AS AN OVERNIGHT SUCCESS. Sure, you can have some nice swings, and Lady Luck (or, more accurately, the perfect gust of wind) might grace you. But relying on luck isn’t sustainable in the long term. Just look at Tiger Woods. His comeback has been years in the making; it didn’t happen overnight. He dedicated himself to his goal. Similarly, if you want to bring your business to the next level, you can’t rely on luck alone. You need to have an overarching strategy and be intentional about each move. Especially when it comes to the financial side of your 3 Ways to Up Your Golf Game and Your Business TEE UP!

determines how you perform. When those challenges present themselves, the people who succeed are those who rise to the occasion and make the most of what they’re given. Particularly when it comes to your taxes, there are so many ways you can be strategic and opportunistic with what you get back. Working with a skilled tax strategist to create a game plan will help you make the most of the opportunities available to you. As you suspected, you don’t have to be a golfer to utilize these lessons in your business. They’re applicable to anyone wanting to improve their game, from the tee to the conference room, much like this bit of advice: “In golf as in life, it is the follow- through that makes the difference.” Inside the newsletter, learn about the provision in the new tax code that could affect your next business meeting and how to identify deductions that help you keep more of what’s yours for 2019. -Jeff and John Zufall

business, you need to work closely with an advisor, specifically one versed in tax strategy, if you want to succeed and take your game to the next level quarter after quarter. This brings us to the importance of discipline in golf and business. DISCIPLINE IS AN INGREDIENT FOR SUCCESS. To succeed in golf and business, you need to focus on and dedicate time to improvement. Discipline is key to getting better and ultimately succeeding, whatever that looks like for you. From waking up early to get on the course to reading strategy and connecting with mentors you admire, discipline is crucial. MAXIMIZE EVERY OPPORTUNITY. You approach the ball, and it’s in the worst possible spot. You’re pinned between a sand bunker and water. You take a breath as you consider the best angle. In business and in golf, it’s rare that you’re going to be set up for the perfect shot every time. Often, how you respond to those adverse conditions

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